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Coming Attractions

Posted on Thu Jun 24th, 2021 @ 12:51pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Lieutenant Commander Jason Myers & Linza (Lin) Esni & Joquer & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison & Lieutenant Roxa Onaix & Lieutenant Veznia MD PSyD & Chief Petty Officer Lisa Terrix

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: everywhere!

They started to appear on tables in the lounge but soon spread to other communal areas aboard the ship. Rectangles of brightly coloured paper.

RAGER @ THE DEITY was emblazoned across the their top third. Each letter a different font. Below that, hand written and presumably replicated from an original, came the details:

'The Astraea Classical Music Society presents: 1900s Night!

Featuring the ACMS Band along with the vocal talents of Ensign Deloris Grant and Lt. Commander William Rogers.

A night of music and celebration of all things 20th Century Earth from the turn of the century to the millennium. So put on your glad rags, zoot suit or denim jacket and prepare to party like it's 1999! '

The bottom quarter of the paper is cut into a series of small strips each bearing the date and time of the event.


The place was a room in Engineering that was just for officers when they needed a few moments of silence and just a drink, non-alcoholic of course. Sometimes it was used for bouncing ideas off of each other away from enlisted personnel. Evelyn was in there just to grab a drink of water and saw the paper, tented on the single small table and she picked it up, reading it over and chuckled. "What will people think of next?" She put the paper down where she found it, but it was missing another of the strips when she did and walked back out of the room.


Linza wasn't sure what to make of the colored paper that was...everywhere. She'd seen them on her security rounds, seen them when she was trying to relax at the end of a day. What was this anyways? People were talking about it, but she was still confused. The paper didn't explain anything to her either. "What is this," she mumbled to herself as she sat drinking in the lounge.


Roxa had been made aware of the up coming ceremony and replicated the perfect dress. A blue sequin dress that was floor length. She would wear her hair up and the perfect jewelry that her mother gave her when she graduated Starfleet Academy.


Will looked over the bright, colorful paper. The things seemed to be popping up everywhere (well, fortunately not literally everywhere, but it sure seemed like it at times - he must have passed at least 4 of the things so far today already, and the day wasn't even half over). It was for a "rager" (now there was a word he hadn't heard since his Academy days) to be held at the Deity, with a 20th century Earth setting (the 20th century on Earth certainly had its perks, but sometimes Will thought it was overrated as a whole).

"Still, knock yourselves out," he muttered as he moved on.


Despite Joquer's best efforts to keep the brightly colored papers off of tables in the Astro Lounge (as the upcoming event was to be held at the Deity, his main competition), eventually, even he couldn't keep up with the sheer outpouring of flyers, for it seemed that every table he cleared, someone else would just leave a stack of them on another table.

Eventually, the flyers tore down Joquer's will to ignore them enough that he finally stopped to read one that was destined for the replicator to be recycled:

"Rager?" He muttered. "Pssh, like I'm supposed to know human terminology... 20th century night... Well, I suppose a pre-warp era party could be a little fun..."

After glancing around, making sure nobody was watching him, Joquer tore off one of the "tickets" on the bottom of the flyer before adding it to the stack of them in the replicator for recycling. He'd hold a staff meeting later in the day, highlighting that Astro Lounge would close early the day of the event to give staff the option to attend if they wished, after they completed their duties and obligations to him first.


Shaille handed the flyer to Koh as soon as she walked into their quarters. "Have you seen this?" she asked. "They're all over the ship. Rager at the Deity, sounds like it could be fun. We could do one of those cutesy coupley costumes? What do you think?"

Koh gave Shaille a glance, and a smirk, "There was one on the canopy of my fighter. They're almost at the level of an infestation." he regarded the flier again. "Oh yeah, I think we could do it. But, whoever it is, they'd have to be a couple of, oh what's that word.... daijin, you know... Great People, yeah." his smirk transformed into a soft smile. "Badasses."

Shaille grinned. "I think I have an idea."


Staring at the paper, Abigail shook her head slightly, unable to help but smile. It seemed that these flyers had been littered all over the ship, everywhere she went people were talking about this 'Rager'. Her first instinct had been to shut it down, but after what had happened with the Dalacari, it seemed that this was probably a good idea after all, a chance for everyone to let their hair down and have a little fun. Activating the console at her desk, Abigail typed in a few commands, watching as an array of images appeared on her screen. Yes, it could be fun indeed and she knew exactly what her costume was going to be.


Ichiko regarded the flier idly. She was familiar of course with her own world's history, but showing up as a famous warlord or even a philosopher wouldn't be appropriate to the time period. It was Earth's history, naturally, so the rabbitess brushed up a bit on her knowledge. Every image burned into her mind, every bit of history, every word, every phrase... she needed to be sure this was something she was ready to carry with her forever, but for the good of the ship, for the crew, she'd add this period of time to her recollection. She'd add it to Forever... From the turn of the 20th to the end, she glanced through the fashion hits and misses, the mistakes and the double takes. She started to form a mental image, but the important part was comfort. Humans didn't have fur, so whatever she put together had to work, and had to work with her fur.

So leggings and stockings were right out.

Denim. Low cuts. Leather. Big hair. Humanity didn't know which direction to go during this tumultuous period in their history.


Callisi glanced at the flier. Did she want to really socialize that much? She didn't want to seem more out of place, so she'd give the options a quick once over. 1900's, eh? Lots to choose from. Man they loved their bright colors, didn't they?? The cyclopean rabbitess focused her search throughout the later part of the era, not being enthralled with the concept of the early 1900's concept of what women were expected to wear. She didn't do frills or lace. Then, the proverbial clouds parted, and a beam of light of inspiration shined down upon her. A concept of attire she could get behind, outfits she could wear with dignity AND could pull off, summarized in a singular word. A glorious word...



It was later in the day in Engineering as Lisa went into the officer's lounge, someone had to clean up after them after all and she felt it was her duty. She grabbed the pair of cups and a piece of paper off of one of the tables and clicked her tongue in reproof, then out of curiosity looked over the paper. A smile crossed her face, then broadened at the thought of what could happen at one of those get togethers. It wasn't like it excluded non-commissioned officers, so why not? In fact, she actually had something in her closet that was tucked away for something that required civilian wear of a semi-formal nature, comfortable and well... Green. True to her Irish nature, she loved the color green and this was sparkly and had some emerald gemstones in among the sequins.

The cups went back into the replicator and she swiped a washcloth across the tables as she tucked the paper into a pocket. Dancing, fun and perhaps just an overall good time. Why not?


Jason walked in a bit later after finishing reports. He'd gotten the dates a bit wrong with his costume but it was just 6 years off, not much of a thing. Besides, anything reminiscent of one of his more favourite centuries in Earth history was going to be a good time. He chuckled a bit as he took the replicated sonic screwdriver out of his suit pocket. He decided to go as a time traveling explorer from an old earth TV show. "Well... Allons-y, I guess."


Veznia was absolutely giddy. Though she hadn't been on Astraea for very long she had already come to think of it as home. When the notice about the celebration came through the Counselor started to research fashion of Earth's 20th Century and found a few options in the database and replicated them to her size so she could try them on.

The first option was from the 1980's, it was a recreation of an iconic look by the pop singer Madonna. It was all white, reminiscent of a wedding dress but with a particular edge to it. Veznia looked at herself in the mirror and admired the spunk. Despite the admiration, it wasn't for Veznia.

She tried the second ensemble. It was also an iconic outfit worn by a pop star but from the 1990's, Scary Spice aka Mel B. She was a member of the iconic girl group the Spice Girls. This outfit was entirely animal print. The low rise bootcut pants and bikini top with a velour leopard print. The dramatic floor length overcoat was made from the same material but adorned with black feathers at the collar and the sleeves. It was from a time girl power and Veznia was feeling it. Though she wasn't sure if it was the one.

The third was, again, an outfit from an icon. This one was from the 1980's as well, worn by Cher to the 58th Academy Awards. It was a dreamscape of feathers and sequins. The ensemble, topped by statement headdress, was an avante garde two piece set designed by Bob Mackie. It was breathtaking and it was exactly what Veznia was looking for. Finally!


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