Lieutenant Roxa Onaix

Name Roxa Onaix

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Sat Oct 23rd, 2021 @ 5:39pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 7.5 in or 171 cm
Weight 119 pounds or 54 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description While on duty Roxa usually wears her hair in a ponytail or pulls it up somehow, she's kind of a low maintenance kind of girl as she dedicates most of her time to her duties. Roxa also doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and some would consider her kind of tomboy-ish. She has been known to let her hair down and put on a pair of heels, but it doesn’t happen often.


Father Captain Vat Onaix - Commanding Officer - USS Summers
Mother Commander Rixna Onaix, PhD - Chief Counselor - USS Summers
Brother(s) Ensign Vanrun Onaix - Security Officer - USS Venus

Personality & Traits

General Overview Roxa is a very dedicated Starfleet Officer, she is quite laid back, but takes her duty very seriously. She takes the safety of her crew, command team and the entire Federation very seriously and would give her life to protect them.

Rox usually sticks to herself and gets labeled a loner, especially if it’s a new assignment. She has to be very guarded about what she says around friends and has to earn the trust of the command team, or feels she needs to.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Dedication to Starfleet
+Expert close quarters combatant
+Efficient with most weaponry

-Dedication to Starfleet
-No personal life
-Has a hard time killing/with death
Ambitions Roxa would like to continue to advance her career among the ranks of Starfleet Intel. The Intel Officer would like to lead more covert or black ops missions.
Hobbies & Interests Roxa works out daily, she either runs, hits the gym or takes a swim. She feels it’s part of her duty to stay fit and continue learning forms of hand to hand combat. The young Betazoid is very interested in continuing to learn and study the Betazoid religion.

Roxa enjoys cooking, music, and time in the holodeck.

Personal History Roxa was the first born to the newly married Lieutenant Junior Grade Vat Onaix, the Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Merlin. His wife, a counselor of the same rank, fell in love aboard the Excelsior class starship and brought Roxa into the universe.

Rixna took the first year of her daughters life off and they stayed aboard the Merlin while Vat went on to be promoted to Lieutenant. Not long after Roxa turned one her mother went back to work serving as Assistant Chief Counselor aboard the USS Merlin.

It was in Roxas first primary school year the USS Merlin was damaged, losing one of it’s warp nacelles and having to keep moving toward the nearest starbase until it was rescued by a friendly ship and towed to safety. Starfleet decided to keep most of the crew together and reassign them to the newly refit Defiant Class starship and assigned to mostly patrol The USS Viper. Now Lieutenant Rixna Onzix served as Chief Counselor and Helm Officer and her husband Lieutenant Commander Vat Onaix Chief Operations Officer and Executive Officer.

During their time on the smaller USS Viper, Roxa lived with her grandparents. They raised her all the way through middle school, until her parents took a few months leave and then transferred to the Excalibur Class Starship, the USS Texas. The family would stay on the Texas for several years and add a little brother to the ranks.

Of course the new baby took all of Roxas attention from her parents, she went from being an only child to being almost completely ignored. She found herself taking out her aggression in the holodeck, either sparring with a master teaching her some sort of hand to hand combat or punching a punching bag. She was very athletic and very competitive throughout her last years aboard the Texas. The first chance Roxa gotr she applied to Starfleet Academy and chose the Security and Tactical fields as her primary study.

She had also started working with some of the Betazoid teachers to hone her telepathy and learn more about Betazoid religion and teachings. It kind of made her an outcast, but she was a quick study and had time for both. On one of their final year shake down cruise courses the cadet team worked side by side on a now classified mission and were all processed as possible recruits for Starfleet Intelligence and only two of them were offered a fast track training program that would have them prepared in as little as two years, if they could hack it.

Both Roxa and her friend Mary Beth accepted the training and after only a year and a half were starting their first mission as Starfleet Intelligence Operatives under the lead of Captain Vincent and the crew of the USS Sisko a Defiant class starship that went on several dangerous missions that are all deemed classified. Roxa and Mary Beth both enjoyed their positions and both felt like they were getting plenty of action to not miss their original desire of becoming Security Officers.

When things went terribly wrong and the Sisko was ambushed and boarded by a raiding party the crew defended the best they could, but the sheer numbers of pirates overwhelmed them quickly and rather than the entire crew being murdered they surrendered. The Command crew were however muereded, the raiders that were a mix of several races, including human and klingon said it would be a fine example to the rest of the crew.

Just a day later Roxa and MB had a plan formulated and made their way to engineering, killing the few raiders stationed there and retaining control of the ship via engineering. They managed to shut down the warp engines and weapons and within hours a fellow Federation ship rescued the crew. Both Roxa and MB were promoted, Roxa was now the Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer and Chief Tactical Officer and MB was promoted to Chief Security Officer after being transferred to the USS Medusa, a Prometheus class starship.

After several successful missions and a few not so successful missions aboard the Sisko it was damaged and needed to be placed in dock to have repairs made. Deciding the crew needed to remain active, Starfleet split most of the crew up. Roxa was transferred to the USS Horton as Chief Intelligence Officer, the Akira class heavy cruiser was the largest vessel she had ever served on. The crew of the Horton spent the first several months in deep space chasing down a large group of Orion raiders that had been causing Starfleet lots of issues recently.

As the crew of the Horton continued their missions over the next several years, they started to work very well together. They were often sent on classified missions and completed them very successfully. Onaix was key in one of the crew’s last missions together, using her telepathic abilities to discover the truth behind a plan to take over the USS Horton and start attacking Federation assets. When the plan failed the rogue operatives aboard the ship decided to destroy the ship and caused a chain reaction that destroyed half of the ship.

After a few weeks medical leave the remaining crew were all reassigned. Roxa was to be Chief Intelligence Officer, aboard the USS Astraea, she was thrilled as the Astraea would be the most advanced ship the Intelligence Officer had ever served on.