Linza (Lin) Esni

Name Linza (Lin) Mai Esni

Position Security Officer


  • 49 Mission Posts

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Thu Jun 8th, 2023 @ 1:44pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description -Muscular but skinny
-Long arms and legs
-Hair normally worn pulled back half way, but messy


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tal Esni
Mother Ivy Esni (Rosine)
Brother(s) Bence Esni (Older brother)
Sister(s) Tiana Esni (Older sister)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview From Starfleet Career:
-Is extremely good at her job of being a tactical and security officer and can focus on the job when necessary
-Works way to much on attracting the eye of whatever guy catches her eye, even pushing boundaries to do so
-Gets too comfortable at times around others

Other Info:
-Birthdate: October 21st, 2360
-Rank: Ex-Lieutenant
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Strong tactical and security abilities
-Very protective of those she is needing to protect
-Hand to hand combat skills

-Personal boundaries
-Thinks she will always get the guy she wants
-Wears emotions on sleeve

Personal History Linza was born to an already family of four in 2360. Having an older brother and sister, she found she had a lot to live up to. Both were already in middle school when she started school, and she was always compared to them. She was never able to make a name for herself except getting in trouble for fighting. None of her teachers would listen to the fact that she was trying to defend herself or others each time she as caught, they only saw that she was the one with her fists balled up and someone else on the ground.

She found that she could only care for herself, and decided that no one else was going to care about her. She was mostly ignored by her parents other than being told she did this or that wrong, or that it wasn’t how her siblings did it. Most of her summer vacations were spent in her room or sneaking out to just get away and have some fresh air.

Sick and tired of being compared to her perfect siblings, Lin kept to herself once she she hit high school, though the fighting still occurred. One other thing caught her eye as she hit her teenage years: boys.

Instead of fighting, once she hit sophomore year, Lin ended up missing classes and being caught in compromising positions with multiple different boys around school. She finally got her head on straight her senior year and, with the ambition to join Starfleet hitting her, got her grades up and managed to be in the top ⅓ of her class.

Knowing right where she wanted to go in Starfleet, and with her parents practically pushing her out the door the moment she was done in high school, she went into the tactical and security field, part of her fighting history being able to be put to good use. The one thing she couldn’t shake: her sexual desires. She managed to stay out of compromising positions, though did have quite a bit of fun, and found that Starfleet was an amazing fit for her. She also took more advanced medic training because, in the end, she still did want to take care of others in the ways she was not taken care of.

When she finished Starfleet Academy, Linza found a ship, the Carsten, that was looking for extra security officer, and saw it as a good place to spread her wings. She as in a large group and never got a ton of recognition and felt that it would be like her childhood all over again. It wasn’t until an away mission where her medic training played a huge part on top of her security training that caught the eye of others.

Earning a promotion for her work on tha mission, the captain of the Azarias sought her out and wanted her in the ship’s tactical department, with backup in the security teams when necessary. She often ended up on the night shift on the bridge, but she enjoyed this. The Azarias also brought back the familiar desires and there were more than a few flings over her three years.

Once more, she earned a promotion but this time she looked for another position, wanting to try her hand at maybe a chief position, or at the very least an assistant chief. The Navin caught her eye and she was accepted to be their new chief tactical officer.

Adjusting to the new sleep schedule, going from the night shift to the Alpha shift, was tough and took almost a month to not be completely exhausted. But she got there, and also found herself in a relationship with the chief science officer. There was something between them that made it so they couldn’t seem to keep away from each other. Unfortunately, this caused an old recurring issue: things happening where they weren’t supposed to. A warning was placed on both of their files and they quickly broke it off after a heated argument, him blaming her for the warning on his record before he transferred away.

During the last year and a half on board, Linza kept her head on straight and focused on her work, her quick thinking on many missions allowing the crew to escape with no casualties when all hope seemed lost.

Starfleet recognized her with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and, when the Navin was decommissioned, Lin was offered a few chief positions, but decided on the Rishi.

However, her time on the Rishi didn’t last long, and nor did her promotion. She was supposed to be on the bridge, covering tactical while the ship was on a standing yellow alert due to their patrol. This was not the case, as instead she was tucked away in the weapons control room with the first officer. More than a few accidental panel presses occurred which sent the ship into red alert with no warning, and armed the phasers and torpedoes.

It wasn’t until the captain overrode the lock that was on the door did they realize how close they were to accidentally firing the weapons. Less than a year into her posting, Lin, as well as the first officer, were sent back to Starfleet Command for a disciplinary hearing. Linza lost her recent promotion and was demoted back to Lieutenant. The only reason she wasn’t stripped of her rank and sent back to Starfleet Academy was due to her skills. But they needed to put her somewhere, as they had no where at Command for a sex crazed tactical and security officer who seemed to be losing her grip on controlling herself.

Finding an opening for her, she was shipped off to the Opportunity, where Starfleet granted her the chief positions, only because there was no one else. But in the back of their minds, they sent her there so they didn’t have to deal with her inability to control herself.

However, the Opportunity was the end of her career. Nearly causing an explosion of the warp core due to the same things that caused her previous demotion, Lin was locked up in the brig until she could be escorted back to Earth and Starfleet command. Once she was there, it was deemed necessary that Starfleet part ways with her. She wasn’t thrown in a brig, simply stripped of her rank and position and told to never grace their doorways again if at all possible. She’d never be given another position.

She hasn’t been seen since leaving Earth shortly after….
Service Record 2378 - Enter Starfleet Academy, Tactical and Security, Advanced Medic Training
2382 - Graduate middle of the class from Starfleet Academy, promoted to Ensign
2382 - Assigned USS Carsten, security officer
2384 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG, assigned USS Azarias, tactical officer, backup security officer
2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned USS Navin, chief tactical officer, security officer
2391 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assigned USS Rishi, chief tactical officer, security officer
2392 - Demoted to Lieutenant, returned to Starfleet Command for disciplinary hearing
2393 - Assigned to USS Opportunity, chief tactical officer/security officer
2394 - Removed from Starfleet, loss of rank and position due to misconduct.
Last location: Unknown