Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison

Name William Porter Gunnison

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Thu Jun 8th, 2023 @ 1:44pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 146 lbs.
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description William is an ordinary-looking human of average height and weight, with no distinguishing marks. His hair is sometimes a bit of the messy side.


Spouse Kelly (deceased)
Children Cole
Father Andrew
Mother Helen
Brother(s) Hunter
Other Family various extended family members

Personality & Traits

General Overview Will is determined and hard working. He carefully observes what is going on around him, then moves to deal with things in the quickest and most efficient way possible. He thrives on variety and novelty, and enjoys the challenge of solving problems.

He tends to be tolerant of a wide range of behavior, until his ruling logical principles are attacked; at that point, he can express firm and clear judgement. He listens and seems to be agreeing only because he is not disagreeing. Later, others may learn that he was analyzing and making internal judgments.
Strengths & Weaknesses Will works hard, and can be loyal once you've earned his trust. He likes to think he can adapt to a variety of situations.

Sometimes he doesn't always speak up when he should, and sometimes gets frustrated when people don't see or agree with his way.
Ambitions He just wants to do the best that he can, and doesn't really plan too far in advance as to aiming for any particular position or function. He considers "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" to be a particularly annoying question.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Holodeck mysteries, karate, kendo, spending time with his son

Personal History William grew up on Earth, the middle of three boys born to scientists. He has what he considered to be an uneventful childhood. As the family lived near a woodland area, Will and the other children his age could often be found playing in that area, building forts, exploring, etc.

At age 14, Will took up both karate and kendo. It started out as something of an apology, but wound up being a lifelong fascination. One summer day, Will accidentally sent a rock crashing through several plants of a human horticulturalist named Kenji Osaka. Kenji had recently moved to the area to continue his work with a research facility located in Seattle (which, ironically, was where Will's parents worked). Will apologized profusely, admitting he had gotten a little over-excited. Kenji was very gracious and understanding, and made Will an offer: the apology would be accepted on the condition that Will be taught two old Earth martial arts, karate and kendo, in order to be able to curb his youthful excitement. Will, fumbling for a way out of the embarrassing predicament, accepted the offer, and soon afterwards found himself caught up in it.

A year later, he met and befriended another one of Kenji's students, 16 year old Ryan Drake. The two soon started practicing together. Ryan soon introduced his 15 year old sister Kelly to Will, and the two hit it off, and soon started dating.

When Will turned 18, he applied to Starfleet Academy, which had been a dream of his for some time. He passed the entrance exam with flying colors. His family was pleased with his success. Kelly, somehow not surprised with his decision, proposed a month before he left. He was a little surprised, but readily accepted, and the two were married 3 days before he left for the Academy. At the same time Kelly entered Harvard University as a law student.

Kenji understood Will's desire to join Starfleet as well, and as a parting gift gave him the katana that Will had practiced with during so many kendo lessons.

His time at the Academy was (he felt) relatively quiet. He majored in operations management, and minored in security. The highlight of his time there was the birth of his son, Cole, at the end of his first year at the Academy.

After his graduation, Will was assigned to the Akira class U.S.S. Coyote, where he worked his way up to Gamma Shift lead. Kelly, who had since graduated from law school, took up private practice on Earth. They agreed that Cole would be better off with his mother on Earth, though Cole visited Will whenever possible.

When the assistant chief of operations became the chief of operations of the New Orleans class U.S.S. Concord, he requested that Will come along and become the assistant chief of operations, to which Will agreed. Will managed to get a commendation and promotion during his time on the Concord after inadvertently helping bust a branch of the Orion Syndicate that had been operating near Bajor that Starfleet had been trying to track down for several years.

After a couple more years, Will felt that his life was good, but the happiness was not to last. Kelly had defended a man accused of murder, and had successfully gotten his acquittal. But the victim's father, believing Kelly's client to be guilty, lashed out violently at both Kelly and her client with a homemade projectile weapon minutes after the acquittal, seriously wounding the man and fatally wounding Kelly before court bailiffs could stop him.

The news devastated Will. Requesting and receiving some leave time, he immediately returned to Earth to be with Cole. The two consoled each other as best they could, but it would be almost 6 months before Will returned to active duty, teaching for a time at Starfleet Academy before requesting a posting aboard a ship or base. He was assigned as chief of operations on the U.S.S. Astraea.
Service Record 2381-2385: Starfleet Academy
2385-2388: U.S.S. Coyote, junior operations officer
2388-2391: U.S.S. Concord, assistant chief of operations
2391-2392: LOA
2392-2393: Starfleet Academy, Instructor, Operations department
2393-present: U.S.S. Astraea, Chief of Operations