Lieutenant Commander William Rogers

Name William Buchanan Rogers

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 46 (425 including time in suspended animation)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Dark blonde (so brown)
Eye Color Light blue
Physical Description Tall, muscular and reasonably handsome, Rogers wears his hair in the old earth military style of the short back and sides. He usually styles it a little when not on duty. Normally maintains a short-cropped beard, thinking it makes him look older. His left forearm bears a barcode tattoo.


Spouse None
Children None
Father John Rogers Snr (father) - deceased
Mother Shirley Rogers (mother) - deceased
Brother(s) John Rogers Jnr (elder brother) - deceased
Sister(s) None
Other Family Miriam Rogers (Sister in law) - deceased
Mable Rogers (Niece) - missing, presumed dead

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the surface William is a good-natured and polite person, always quick to laugh and share a joke.

While he tends to form a reputation amongst his crew-mates as being the life of the party it has been noted that William maintains few, if any, close relationships: as a result of his experiences, which have left him with a degree of survivor's guilt, he is reluctant to open up to others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ genetically enhanced physical capabilities
+ slow ageing
+ loyal
+ good sense of humour

- reckless
- old fashioned by current standards
- always slightly cold
- has trouble sleeping
- modified genetics react badly to some Federation medical treatments
Ambitions To make a new home for himself and keep flying
Hobbies & Interests Flying, meditation and singing

Personal History Born into a working class family in Brooklyn, New York City, William was an unremarkable student. After finishing high school he found employment first behind concession stands at Madison Square Gardens and Radio City Music Hall and then behind the bar once he was old enough.

Fascinated by aviation from an early age, William had ambitions of being a pilot. His poor grades and average physical ability put pay to that dream, but as the 90s dawned he signed up for a government program known only as Project Darwin. Successful participants in the project were promised a career in the United States Air Force, and the temptation to realise his dream was too much for the young man to pass up.

Alarmed by the rise in power of genetically augmented individuals in other countries across the globe Project Darwin was the US attempt to redress the balance with super-soldiers of their own. The project offered its participants genetic augmentations to their physical attributes. Being meant for mass production, the augmentations were not as powerful as the ones used to create the likes of Khan Noonien Singh. Project Darwin also lacked the cognitive and charisma enhancements used in the "supermen". By the time it was shut down in 1992, after the beginning of the Eugenics Wars, Project Darwin had produced 59 enhanced individuals, including William. A tight bond of comradeship formed between these "graduates".

The war was spent as part of a special operations division for the USAF, along with the other Darwin graduates. It afforded William the opportunity to fly some of the most state of the art aircraft available, if it wasn't for the fighting he might never have been happier. A conflict as destructive as the Eugenics Wars leaves a mark on all who saw action and William was no exception. The fighting claimed the lives of both his parents as well as numerous friends. Of the Project Darwin graduates only 3 survived the war. For a while William withdrew into flying.

Not wishing to see further combat, and with global tensions on the rise over genetic manipulation, William transferred to NASA. There he was assigned to the mission series set to explore the moons of Jupiter. Training with the same group of people for three years brought William back to himself and he was overjoyed when he was informed that his team had been selected to land on Europa. In May 1999, William and his crew were placed in suspended animation aboard the DY-100 class Ranger 3 and launched into space.

Six days into the mission all contact with Ranger 3 was lost. It is not heard from again until 2377 when it is recovered near the Delta Triangle.

Waking in the 24th Century was a surprise for William, and not an entirely pleasant one. He was the sole survivor, the other crew's cryogenic pods had failed. While a guest at the nearest Temporal Displacement Division transition centre William would come to learn that the rest of his family were killed during World War III. He was required to remain at the centre while his legal status was decided. Whilst genetic modification in a crime under Federation law, it is also a principle of the law that laws are not applied retroactively. Since William's modifications took place long before there was a United Federation of Planets he was ultimately found not guilty of any offences.

Looking to find some semblance of structure in his life William enrolled at Starfleet Academy under the sponsorship of the Department of Temporal Investigations. He would be recruited by the DTI upon graduation. He'd serve on their ships until 2392 when he was transferred without warning or request. It was during his service with the DTI that it was discovered that he was ageing much slower than his human crew-mates. The cause is presently unknown.
Service Record D.O.B 29/12/1968

Service Record:
1990-1992: 2d Lt, USAF
1992-1994: 1st Lt, USAF
1994-1996: Capt, USAF
1996-1999: Capt, NASA

2378-2379: Resident at a Temporal Displacement Division transition centre
2379-2385: Starfleet Academy
2385-2390: DTI Thucydides - Flight control officer
2390-2392: DTI Durant - Assistant chief flight control