Deck Listing

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Deck 1

A - Targeting Sensor Array, Tactical Information Center, Dorsal Tractor Emitter

B - Forward Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Magazine, Emergency Life Support Systems

C - Torpedo Control Room, Emergency Shield Generators, Torpedo Magazine, Torpedo Maintenance Area, Auxiliary Tactical Control

D - Aft Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Magazine, Pod Access, Primary Pod Power Distribution, Captain's Ready Room, Main Bridge, Briefing Room, Observation Lounge, Pod Access, Primary Sensor Arrays, Communications Array

Deck 2

Officers Quarters, XO's Office, VIP/Guest Quarters, Transporter Room 1, Holosuites 1-3, Impulse Engines

Deck 3

Officers Quarters, Holodecks 1-2, Primary Shield Generators, Departmental Offices (CFCO, COps, CIO, CDO, CCO), Officer's Mess, Primary Environmental Control

Deck 4

Sickbay, CMO's Office, Medical Labs, Science Labs, Officers Quarters, CSO's Office, Astrometrics/Stellar Cartography

Deck 5

Junior Officer and Crew Quarters, Main Lounge, Secondary Science Labs, Operations Center, Cargo Bays 1-2, Crew Mess, Secondary Stores

Deck 6

Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core, Shuttle Maintenance Hangar and Storage, CT/SO Office, Main Armoury, Brig, Primary SIF/IDF Generators

Deck 7

Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core Control, Cargo Bay 3, Marine Barracks, Marine Briefing Room, Marine Armoury, Marine Firing Range, Transporter Room 2

Deck 8

Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core, Flight Operations Armory, Fighter Maintenance Hangar and Storage, Torpedo Launchers, Holodecks 2-3, Transporter Room 3

Deck 9

Torpedo Storage, Shuttle/Fighter Hangar Elevator Systems, Primary Shield Generators, Hangar (Upper Level), Flight Control Center

Deck 10

Transporter Rooms 4-5, Shuttle Maintenance, Fighter Storage, Emergency Shield Generators, Hangar (Lower Level), Pilot's Briefing Room

Deck 11

Primary Machine Shop, Primary Maintenance Support Center, Observation Area, Cargo Bays 3-4 (Upper), Transporter Room 6, Shuttle Storage, Aft Tractor Emitter

Deck 12

Primary Systems Support Compartments, Cargo Bays 3-4 (Lower), Primary Stores (Upper), Crew Quarters, Holodeck 4

Deck 13

Deuterium Storage and Injector Assembly, Crew Quarters, Primary Stores (Lower), Holodeck 5

Deck 14

Upper Engineering Support Area, Warp Core, Crew Quarters, Lower Forward Torpedo Bay Control, Firing Range, Gym, Ship's Library

Deck 15

Main Engineering, Warp Core, Transporter Rooms 7-8, CEng's Office, Engineering Labs, Cargo Bays 4-5, Hydroponics

Deck 16

Lower Engineering, Warp Core, Deflector Control, Main Tractor Beam Emitter, Secondary Computer Core (lower), Crew Mess, Primary Shield Generators

Deck 17

Tertiary Maintenance Support Center, Emergency Power Generators, Secondary Systems Support, Navigational Deflector, Anti-matter Injection System

Deck 18

Secondary Environmental Control, Waste Reclamation, Anti-matter Storage Pods, Emergency Shield Generators, Core Ejection Port