Pathstone to History

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The crew of the USS Astraea sets out for the Delta Quadrant, making history by being the first Federation ship to travel from the Alpha Quadrant to the Delta Quadrant via the Pathstone Project. In the wake of the Graviton Catapult, the Astraea is enroute to Dalacar to negotiate with senior Dalacari and Ts'usugi representatives for Federation access to the Pathstone Project.

Lower Decks

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A place for ongoing character development, off duty crew interactions, backposts and any other posts that don't fit into the current primary mission.

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Dead Moon

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Federation warning beacons around the Charybdis Sector have ceased transmitting.

Was it spontaneous failure or were they sabotaged?

Starfleet Intelligence receives reports that an unknown vessel has been detected by Romulan Sensor Probes entering the Charybdis Sector, an area of space banned by the Federation.

With Romulan ships already enroute to the Charybdis Sector the origins of this new and unknown vessel are being called into question and amid growing fears in Starfleet that this powerful vessel is an experiment being developed by Romulan intelligence the Astraea has been ordered to violate Starfleet Regulations and enter the Sector themselves.

Their mission is, apparently, simple.

Find this vessel, remove it from the sector and hand it over to the Starfleet Intelligence units that have already been directed toward their location.

Around The World in 8 Days

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The crew of the USS Astraea has been granted shore leave on Earth while Captain Laurens deals with Starfleet Command in wake of the last mission.

Into The Delta Triangle

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Breloc Tejar was a Cardassian overseer during much of the Occupation of Bajor. Known as a ruthless enforcer of the law and for his less-than-charitable attitude toward the Bajorans under his command, Tejar is directly responsible for the death of thousands of Bajorans, either through ordered executions or other means. Cardassian Government Representatives believe Tejar to be hiding in Federation space.
The USS Astraea is sent to the Delta Triangle after Starfleet Intelligence receives information that Tejar may be hiding in the vicinity of Kessik.

Enforced Intermission

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The USS Astraea has been destroyed because of mass systems failure and the crew finds themselves between adventures.

What happens next?

We'll find out soon enough.

New Beginnings

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After a tense, yet brief, moment of shore leave on Earth, the former crew of the Akira Class USS Astraea have been given their reassignment orders and find them once again reunited on a new vessel, the Odyssey Class USS Astraea-A. Familiar faces are reunited and joined by new individuals as the crew comes back together for their biggest adventure yet.

Astraea Jollification

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The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other

Sounds of Silence

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In the darkness of space, no one can hear you scream.

If You Like Pina Coladas

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Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne

The Trion delegates have been returned to their own colony. What happens to them now is in the hands of whatever deities they may believe in.

Now the crew gets to enjoy some downtime on the beautiful planet of Meria where every day is a holiday!

War and Peacekeeping

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The USS Astraea has been tasked with delivering the Political delegates from Trion 8 from Starbase 357 to their home colony on Trion 8. Travelling in conjunction with the USS Zendaya, who is carrying the Trion Isurgents, hell bent on destruction of the entire Trion Governmental System.

3 days into the journey the USS Zendaya suffers a catastrophic systems failure which renders the entire vessel out of service pending major repairs. The Astraea is ordered to rendezvous with the Zendaya to collect the remaining Trion delegates and return them all to their home.

Can the Astraea get all the Trion colonists back to their homes without civil war breaking out on the ship?

Getting To Know You

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Come aboard, settle into your quarters, get to know your crew mates and learn your way around. The fun starts soon my pretties!!!