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Delta Costume Party - Part 2

Posted on Thu Jan 5th, 2023 @ 3:49pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Lieutenant Commander Ebrin Valek & Lieutenant Tavis Styvek & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan
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Mission: The Koldaran Encounter
Location: Tabula Rasa

“Just flew in from Night City for a gig.” the Thux said to Dirk and Rogers, staying in the role and lifting up his bass to indicate that, yes, he was a musician. In and out of this role. “Four strings, cause I don’t have as many fingers as you. Still got the important one, though.” he had a smirk on the entire time.

Who should he be?

Stan looked at the invite and considered his options. It had to be something from his Scottish heritage. Yes. But as he walked down the corridor in the USS Wellington towards the science lab. His mind drew an unexpected blank. Then he remembered their recent movie night.

It had been an old Earth movie called Highlander.A tale of ancient aliens fighting with swords. Through the centuries of the planets history. Until only two where left to fight in the late 20th century.

He could dress up as the highlander. In full16th century Scottish clan costume. Kilt and all the trimmings. Yes.

“Hey, I know that one.” Cordale called up from the stage, pointing with his chromed prosthetic towards Stan. “They can take our lives, but never take our freedom, right? Couldn’t stand the actor but I liked the message. Freedom.”

Stan did not want to upset his friend so he just gave a shake of his sword. Then laughing he moved to the edge of the stage. He waved his friend over and whispered in his ear.

“ Actually my good friend I am Connor McCloud the highlander. He shouts there can be only one. But hey William Wallace played by Mel Gibson is ok.” Stan whispered with a wink.

"Like I said, I like the message." Cordale responded with a nod. "As for me.." and the Thux started to strum that four string bass. It wasn't random, he knew how to play. The strings sing a backdrop for his words. "Legendary rock star, revolutionary, and part time terrorist Johnny Silverhand. Not a fan of the terrorist part, but he fought against greed and corruption to free people enslaved by debt."

"He died trying, and became a legend." The Thux concluded, but the song continued. Just a man and his bass. "Or so the story goes."

“ Yes and I believe he was hung, drawn and quartered. A rather nasty form of execution. But in those days mankind was quite brutal.” Stan said

Veznia found her costume rather difficult to move around in. Not only were there layers upon layer impeding her motion, but the sheer weight of the garment coupled with the gold embroidery and jewels was what was doing her in tonight. “How did your people ever do anything bogged down in these elaborate things?” She asked, coming up next to Commander Rogers. “Was this popular in your time?” She asked, not recalling any version being seen while she was at the Academy on Earth.

“Oh, Counselor.” Buck turned away from the display on the stage. He tilted his head slightly and took a step back, trying to get a fuller picture of the outfit in front of him. “A bit before my time, but popular in its day, as I recall.”

“I regret I’m not a historian,” Camille said as she elbowed into the group, “but I think my mother-in-law would approve of the look.” She grinned at her new Thux friend. “ ‘Be excellent to each other.’ Do I have that right?”

Cordale / Silverhand gave a nod to Camille. "Same actor. Saw him on a Tube documentary." He offered a smirk, "Party on." a phrase that the actual character never once said, but the legendary actor that portrayed him made iconic.

"You know it's weird. Everyone wants to travel through time to change the past to fix the present… but no one thinks that they can make a change now in the present to fix the future." He mused, continuing to play. "And, if I have the reference right, Zoinks?"

“Changing the present to fix the future was the whole point of that movie.” Buck noted as he turned back to look at the Thux momentarily. “Zoinks was Shaggy. She’s Velma. You want ‘jinkies’.”

“Très bien,” Camille said with a grin. “But I’m afraid I don’t feel the need. The need for speed.” She winked and raised her glass to Buck.

Stan smiled at his friends.

“ Does anyone know where the nibbles are?” He asked them

“They’re over there.” came the reply. Entering the theater of the party was a figure previously known as Valeria Mordin. Daughter of Ts’usu and quite possibly a genius in the scientific field. Though, the figure that walked through the doors was decidedly not dressed as she normally would be. When she chose to dress to impress, Valeria could stop a room. Tonight, she was breathtaking, and she might just stop a heart.

Flowing white robes with golden trim, elegant and almost regal to a point. Thread within the robe caught the light and shined like silver, and each layer beneath the outermost robe was given a similar treatment. Elegance was the name of the game, and possibly even approaching royalty. She didn’t wear a crown, simply a circlet around her brow with a set of three moonstones set in it. A thin veil draped down over her lapine face, thin enough to almost be fully transparent. Her lengthy ears were decorated in fine jewels and filagree (Replicated, naturally), but the entire look was fantastic. The robes and layers reached almost exactly to the floor, with just enough clearance to not dirty the edges but enough coverage so that if Valeria were barepaw under all those layers you’d have to work to get a look. If this were a real dress, a real gown, a real ensemble… it would cost a fortune. It would be the kind of thing that only the upper elite could afford to own, and even the ultra elite could afford to wear.

This was the kind of outfit that, in theory, only one of actually existed. Which would mean only one person in all of the Ts’usu Empire could possibly afford to wear it.

One. Person.


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