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Delta Costume Party - Part 3

Posted on Thu Jan 5th, 2023 @ 3:50pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Lieutenant Commander Jason Myers & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Lieutenant Commander Ebrin Valek & Lieutenant Tavis Styvek & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan & Lieutenant Veznia MD PSyD
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Mission: The Koldaran Encounter
Location: Tabula Rasa

“You’ll find them over there. Walk in peace, Son of Earth. Ts’usu is with you.” she remarked to Stan as she motioned towards the food service. Her eyes normally held no reflection, no shine to them. Trapped behind the veil, her entire expression seemed distant. That ultra-thin fabric was enough to set the distance between her and the room to an astronomical length. Covered, concealed, and distant. How lonely the actual wearer of that outfit must be…

“ Thanks.” Stan said giving a polite bow. Our as far as the fake sword would allow him to bend.

The robe’s sleeves were voluminous enough for her to hide her hands in as she brought her arms in front of her, making her way to the collection of others who had gathered in one spot. She noticed the Thux on bass, and gave a nod as she joined the group. “The beginnings of a fine turnout indeed. The Moons’ graces to you all.”

Against one wall was banquet of food and nibbles. From across the galaxy. Someone had sensibly put information cards against each plate. Warning whoever was about to take some of the dish. If it was safe for their particular life form. A lot of the Klingon dishes had red warnings on. So Stan loaded his plate with goodies from Earth. Then while munching on a salmon and cheese mini quiche.He returned to his friends.

Valeria turned to greet Stan as he returned with his plate of nibbles and fingerfood. A simple nod of the head, before turning back to the small gathering. “I very much enjoy the various costumes and characters. I don’t know if I’m versed enough to guess who they all are, though.” the rabbitess admitted.

“Johnny Silverhand. Revolutionary, rocker, and radical.” Cordale offered from his spot, still strumming a tune on his bass. It wasn’t loud or really even bothersome, it was more background noise set to set the mood of the room. “He from some old Earth literature and a documentary about life under corporate rule. Most of what he stood for I can stand behind, but when he made the jump from Freedom Fighter to Terrorist, he lost my vote.”

Rostra Tang was the next to pipe up, “There’s a pair of twins in Earth literature who are living dolls. Raggedy Ann, and Raggedy Andy.” she motioned between herself. “Now, I’m not…”

“... usually a fan of dressing asymmetrically, but for this, there’s enough similarity between the two where I don’t feel…”

“... too exoverted.” she admitted. A little fidget here and there was all the display of her discomfort, but she still wore a smile. Two, actually.

Valeria gave a nod, and then turned to the others. “Such charming and colorful characters. I’m delighted to meet you all like this. A corsair, and a warrior, and who appears to be a pilot.” she moved her glance. “Someone else who appreciates the dress code.” she giggled softly, “And a few others I don’t recognize. Allow me to introduce myself.” and she gathered up the robe and gave a slight bow.

“I am Dela Noburu, twenty second Emperor of the Ts’usu Empire.” a pause, “My personal favorite due to the reforms she put into place, which helped us become part of a more stable cosmic community.”

“À votre service, Empress,” Camille said, bowing and then fixing her glasses. “I am dressed as a character named Velma, a member of a team who investigated claims of hauntings and other paranormal apparitions, but where the answer was always logical, often a person trying to trick their neighbours or townsfolk.”

“Deception, disguised.” Valeria posited. For her credit, she was acting her costume to a tee. The posture, the pose, the poise. “And this… Velma… discredited the deception with deduction and diligence? Delightful.” she smirked.

“You did that on purpose.” Cordale called out from his place on the stage.

“Definitely.” was her response, before she turned back towards Camille, and seemed to relax a bit. “I find the costume wonderful. The colors speak of humble beginnings and simple upbringing, but the fact that this Velma encounters proof of the afterlife on her world and chooses to seek truth rather than accept what it given to her. That is commendable. I’ll have to give this character a bit of a closer look.”

“The fact that she has a group to help her. Gives a focus on teamwork.” Rostra chimed in, enjoying the impromptu history lesson.

“And to not always take what you see at face value.” came the wisdom of the Thux once again.

Abigail paused at the top of the beach, smoothing the front of her dress with her palms. She was tired, mentally and physically. The residual strain of the engagement with the Koldaran followed so closely by the request to return to Dalacar had taken a toll on the Captain, leaving her dark eyed and exhausted. Though they had been invited to remain longer on Dalacar, to enjoy the hospitality they had to offer, Abigail had made the decision to return immediately to her own crew. After everything, after tallying their losses, after contacting families, after the hurt and the heartbreak etched on faces and the open tears in the eyes of children, Abigail felt more than ever that this was where she needed to be. She watched for a moment as officers in costumes mingled freely, the sound of the laughter filling the area gave her a sense of relief. "Just breathe," she whispered to herself before reaching back, straightening her wings and picking up the front of the gown, walking carefully across the grass toward the gathering.

At the gathering Rogers laughed and shook his head. "That's a pretty deep read your….." he passed, uncertain of how one was supposed to address the twenty second Emperor of the Ts’usu Empire. "...majesty?" He made the guess with an apologetic smile. "It was a cheap saturday morning cartoon designed to keep kids in front of the TV so companies could sell them stuff." An exaggerated frown worked its way over his brow. The effect was undercut by the broad grin as he turned to Camille. "Don't tell me it's regarded as high art in this century."

Camille laughed and shook her head. “Non, but it’s still good fun, eh?”

"I couldn't tell you. This is my first exposure to it. Though the notion of a televised program designed purely to sell product isn't alien even to us." Valeria offered with a nod. "Technically, the correct title is Emperor, or My Emperor, but I would be rude to force such." she gave a smirk "Even if the thought is amusing…"


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