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Delta Costume Party - Part 1

Posted on Thu Jan 5th, 2023 @ 3:49pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Lieutenant Commander Ebrin Valek & Lieutenant Tavis Styvek & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan & Lieutenant Veznia MD PSyD
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Mission: The Koldaran Encounter
Location: Tabula Rasa

Captain Dirk Taggart viewed himself in the mirror of his private quarters, he straightened his knee length jacket before adjusting his hook. His Captain Hook costume was a replication of the one worn by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Hook. He topped his costume off with a wig, before heading to the transporter to head to the party on the planet’s surface. The party was Dirk’s way of thanking the other Captains and their crews for all of their hard work with repairs. He hoped there would be a good turnout and that the other crew would know their efforts were appreciated.

He knew it was old school but Dirk replicated invitations and had them sent to the nearby ships, as approached the party area he glanced it over again.

Dear Honored Guest,

You are cordially invited to a costume party hosted by the crew of the USS Pennsylvania as a demonstration of our gratitude. We do hope you will enjoy an evening of food, fun, and merry making. The sunrise is always brightest after the darkest midnight, and it is my sincere hope that we our crew can help provide a small glimmer of that light.

If you are a musician, please feel free to bring your instrument of choice, there will be an area designated for band members.

Yours Sincerely,
Captain Dirk Taggart

Dirk stood under a Pavilion on the edge of the beach, there were tables of food and drink as well as a dance floor marked off. He stood at the punch bowl helping pour drinks with one hand, while welcoming guests.

“I remember that film.” Lt Commander William ‘Buck’ Rogers, second officer of the USS Astraea, remarked as he approached. He’d chosen Val Kilmer’s character from Top Gun as his costume; he had a greater resemblance to Kilmer than Cruise and the similarity between that pilot’s call sign and his own circumstances amused him. “Had to help my little sister sneak into it opening day: she really wanted to go, but we couldn’t afford a ticket.” he shrugged.

“Nice costume Ice Man, I do enjoy those old movies, they don’t make ‘em like they used to,” Dirk said with a smile as he poured another glass of punch.

Rogers laughed as he took the offered glass; a loud mirthful sound. “Stuff from my time definitely seems to be popular tonight.”

“I think it inadvertently turned into a Throwback Costume party. In fact I think the Vulcan over there is dressed as Elrond,” Dirk said while motioning towards Lieutenant Styveck.

“Elrond, huh?” Rogers looked over at Styveck. “That a Vulcan thing?”

“I guess he likes Lord of the Rings, at least he has good taste in literature,” Dirk said with a laugh.

The next batch of attendants through the doors on the gathering floor arrived. Hailing from the Wellington, it was Rostra Tang, who opted for something a little more friendly looking. The amazing part was that each of her forms was dressed differently, which might account for the mild discomfort she seemed to be in while wearing the costumes. One of them wore a long poofy skirt, red and white striped socks, and had a red wig with pigtails. The other wore blue overalls over a light shirt and a blue hat. The pair had a doll-like quality to each of them.

The one in the skirt had the name “Ann” on a nametag on her chest. The other had the nametag “Andy”. The pair of them waved as they entered, and while Rostra sported a pair of gentle smiles, Valeria enjoyed the privacy that the mask offered her. It would be hard to mistake who it was under the mask, but she enjoyed the diversion it offered.

Lieutenant Styveck from the USS Astraea beamed down to the planet’s surface. The Vulcan Counselor was dressed as Elrond from Lord of the Rings, one of the few book series from earth he actually enjoyed. He walked over to the pavilion where others were arriving and found a place to stand and observe the odd human ritual of a costume party.

Costumes were always difficult for Camille Lévesque, the Penn’s Chief Science Officer, whose detail-oriented brain struggled with an important decision: do I limit my choices and pick a character with eyeglasses, or do I forego accuracy and add glasses to any costume? Decisions, decisions.

She ultimately selected a costume which fit her personality as well as her eyewear requirements: an orange turtleneck sweater and knee-high socks, a red pleated skirt and flat shoes, thick black frames for her lenses, and a wig of short, brown-red hair instantly transformed her into Velma Dinkley from the old animated Scooby Doo program. She beamed down to the party area and found her crewmates and comrades with ease. She scooped up a drink and joined a social circle.

As soon as she entered it was apparent that Veznia had misunderstood the invitation. While the other guests wore character costumes, the Denobulan was dressed in a very traditional Russian court garb circa Earth’s 17th century. In her hurried research of costume parties from Earth the 1903 costume ball at the Winter Palace in Russia was the first result and her inspiration.

The embroidery that adorned her gown was elaborate and accented the bejeweled design. Her headdress added nearly three feet to her normally short stature. Pearls cascaded across her forehead ridges and also in strands under her chin. Fur lined the sleeves of the Emerald green overcoat that ended in a short train behind her, the eagle of Russia’s coat of arms emblazoned on the back.

Despite her misunderstanding, Veznia didn’t miss a beat. She loved her look and despite not having a character or archetype to portray, she felt beautiful.

“Love the look, Doll.” came a gruff voice from behind Veznia. Walking into the venue was the resident Thux of Starfleet, the one and only Cor Cordale. Except this time he looked different. This time, he was in costume.

Sporting a sleeveless denim jacket with a red demon face on the back half consumed by obvious cybernetic replacements with the word “SAMURAI” in stylized font above. A black simple shirt completed the upper torso look, while a simple pair of black pants completed the rest of the look. His prosthetic limb was normally a dull bronze in color but now sported a fresh coat of chrome, perhaps the most spectacular it had ever look in the entire historic run of the Arctile Series Seven prosthetic, a model which was old enough to have aided Noah in the construction of his arc, or so they say.

Gripping his four-string bass in his living hand, the Thux came prepared to play. He was a rock star, and so was his costume. There weren’t many costumes or characters to draw from that could suit the Thux’s particular predicament. Not many characters with prosthetic limbs. Oh, there were a few, but how many of them were sporting a full arm replacement AND knew how to rock? That was a draw of one.

And the name on his costume dogtags said it all: SILVERHAND, JOHNNY


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