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Evidence - Grounds for... Confusion? -- Part 2

Posted on Sat May 22nd, 2021 @ 5:35pm by Ashe Zachariah & Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Linza (Lin) Esni & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Lon Nren & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan & Lieutenant Alexis Aenera
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Mission: Pathstone to History


Abigail held her hand up, a cue intended to silence the rest of the crew that were asking questions. "I understand your concern. I'm certain that there is no doubt that if a rogue planet suddenly appeared within Federation space we would have concerns and doubts as well, but, with all due respect, you can't expect us to sit here and do nothing, especially when I assure you, this mystery planet is as puzzling to us as it is to you. IF this is a Federation planet, this mystery will be solved much faster if you allow us to help. We have access to Federation databases that will help us identify it, and potentially work out what the hell is going on here."

Ezoi Mathe gave a nod. He had enough here for the first piece of his investigation. "Based on what I've heard here so far, I can commute the initial concern. That still leaves the concern of the planet, but I can enter into the system that there is enough concern, question, and coincidence..."

"... that this is not something of your direct working. Your intentions here are truthful." he tapped a few taps on an offscreen panel, and some of the large computing spheres behind him shifted color, along a varied and vibrant spectrum on their outer black cases. "I couldn't allow for contact between parties until I could rule you all out..."

"... sufficiently as culprits. I..." he paused, "... I expect that this isn't too dissimilar in your region of space when a rogue element pops into existence during a high-profile diplomatic meeting."

"That being the case, I can arrange for monitored communications between this room and your ship, and ultimately if deemed necessary we can arrange for contact between this room..."

"... and the rogue planet. Monitored, in the sense that there will be a slight delay while Tee Eee Sigma Seven Six and myself look for code phrases."

"I want copies of all scans of the anomoly sent both here and to my ship," Abigail responded. Despite the calmness of her voice, her tone held an unwavering certainty to it. "I believe it is only fair that we are given the evidence that is being used against us. Secondly, I intend to order my ship to begin investigating this anomaly using our own equipment. We will, of course, be more than happy to share everything we find with you, but, we will be doing our own investigation to find out what is going on. Finally, if an active investigation is going on, I believe it is in the best interests of my crew that they be returned to our ship to assist. We have our most senior staff here and right now they will be needed onboard the Astraea. I am willing to remain here until this is resolved, but Commander Gail will be returning to our ship with our people."

Ezoi gave the matter some thought, "Of course. A copy of our findings accurate to the last reading is currently available on your end. Should be a folder icon on the side, though that might have been shared..."

"... slightly prior to your arrival. I'll inform the Astraea to expect your arrival. I can arrange an escort drone or a simple transmat to the docking section if you have a preference?" a pause, before his twin continued. "You'll be accompanying your crew, Captain Laurens. I don't need anyone to remain behind and giving the wrong message to the others."

"Though, I will insist on a security drone accompanying you. It won't interfere, interject, or involve itself in any way against the investigation. If I'm going to let you go out there, I..."

"... think it's not too much to ask to allow for an escort. And rather than a fighter escort that might send the wrong message to the Dalacari people, a simple single drone will suffice."

Abigail nodded slightly. "That will be acceptable," she said quietly before turning to face Ichiko.

She'd only had a chance to get a first initial look at the scans, but Alexis weaved her way to the front of the group, "I want to stay." She said firmly, "Look, I'm not a diplomat and certainly not a spy." There was a snort of laughter from somewhere in the group, resulting in a quick glance, "I'm a scientist, an astrophysicist and work with temporal physics and everything I'm seeing here concerns me." Her eyes flicked to Abigail and then over to one of the Ezois, "Okay, it looks like they've got a stable orbit around the star, which to me says this isn't an accident, but while whoever is on that planet may have calculated that orbit to minimize the affect to the other planets in the system, I doubt they've taken into account what any gravitational stresses will do to their own planet. I've got no doubt you're going to investigate and send someone over there and I want to be there, too. If it was a temporal anomaly that cause this, even an artificial one, I want to know how it happened, for that matter." She waved the PADD in her hand, "These aren't complete, no fault of your drones, but there is no data on anything that could signify some anomalies I've seen." Her eyes went back to Abigail, "I need to be a part of this. For Science."

"I want to help in whatever way I can. But I'm no scientist or anything like that," Linza finally said to the others. "Not sure how I can help, but I don't like this any more than the rest of you."

"You can be involved on the ship," Abigail said, a hint of warning in her voice as she turned toward Alexis. "We will be running our own investigation into the matter. Now.." Turning back to the screen, Abigail smiled politely. "If you would be so kind as to return us to our ship, we would be extremely grateful."

Ezoi gave a pair of nods, "You'll be joined at the docking station by Sigma Seven Five. Until the end of the investigation Sigma Seven Five will be in a purely observational mode only. It'll be in range of the station so..."

"... it won't need a dedicated line. Its only function is to help bring this matter to a conclusion. Consider it a direct line back to me and the villa security office. Once this matter is behind us all..."

"... then I can reinstate your status as Guests, and we can put this entire ordeal behind us, and you can get back to the negotiations and downtime." he paused, "And I can get back to paperwork." he smirked, an attempt at breaking the tension.

"Standby for transmat." the process of transport from the rather comfy detention area to the docking station assigned to the Astraea was rather seamless. Then again, a species that lived in twos, that treasured their own company as a mental stability aid, would certainly have some degree of finesse in regards to transporter technology. Smooth and by the numbers, the crew was beamed to the station in orbit, in the docking section facing the digital read out: "USS ASTRAEA"

As soon as the effect began, it was over, and the drones stationed near the airlock deactivated the lock on the hatch. Not the clamps, the hatch. ::Sigma Seven Five, reporting for observational assistance :: one of them spoke. It disengaged it's weapon from its hip and transferred it to another one of the security drones. It would be joining them, unarmed.

:: The wide spectrum jamming of the Astraea sensor grid and communication network will cease in seven seconds. It has been determined that a countdown would be detrimental to future relations. Please, after you. :: it motioned to the hatch.

"Um... Not to be a killjoy or anything?" Lexi slowly stepped up to the drone, "But can I get my purchases brought over at some point? They happened to be in that room we were just in!"

::Of course. At the conclusion of the investigation, your purchases will be brought to your guest quarters or to the Astraea, whichever is of most convenience.:: the drone responded. ::Until then, they are secure and isolated.::

Linza's natural security instincts kicked in, even with the drone coming in unarmed, it made her feel uneasy. She couldn't put a finger on why though. But, she would do whatever she was told on this investigation now, as a random planet appearing made no sense at all, and she did have to admit, she was curious.

Buck laughed and shook his head. "Better get cracking on that mystery planet Lieutenant, otherwise your new clothes will be out of fashion by the time you get 'em back."

Abigail breathed a sigh of relief as the docking port between the station and the ship opened, allowing the crew to return home. Now they just had to work out what the hell was going on and how to solve the negotiations.


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