Lieutenant Alexis Aenera

Name Alexis Brianna Aenera

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 122 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Alexis is a beautiful woman who takes pride in how she looks, but has only one tattoo, of a mathematical equation on the inside of her left elbow.


Spouse Julian Norevo (Divorced)
Children None
Father Moreno Aenera
Mother Valaria Aenera
Brother(s) Brillar Aenera, 36, Captain of USS Triari, stationed at Betazed
Sister(s) Terri Aenera, 25, fashion designer on Betazed

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexis, known as Lexi to her friends and family, is a perfectionist with a photographic memory always critiquing herself and believing truly that the details are important, every single detail. She has an IQ of 142 and a double doctorate in Temporal Physics and Stellar/Astro Physics which dovetail nicely with each other. She is obsessed with her looks and always has to look her best despite being willing to get dirty in the name of science and duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses Photographic memory
Extremely good within her personal fields of specialty

Particularly weak empathic sense (Struggles to identify emotions in others)
Ambitions Unsure of what she desires in the future, whether to teach at the Academy or join a research team.
Hobbies & Interests Singing (has a spot on soprano voice)
Martial arts (Judo, rank of First Dan)
Horseback Riding
Tinkers a little bit with machines

Personal History Alexis grew up with an older brother as a part of an upper-class Betazoid family without being related to any of the planetary nobility. She's not heiress to any of the sacred relics, her family having earned their way up to their standard of living, then they added another daughter six years after. Being the middle child, most would suspect that she would have been the one least paid-attention to, but her family was THAT family, the one that stuck together. Her brother was protective of her and her little sister adored her. Nope, no tragic childhood here. But Alexis was SMART. She was always at the top of her classes in primary and intermediate schooling and at the age of thirteen even started some of the elementary college courses, primarily math and science.

To top it off, she was also one of the most popular girls in her school and to be honest, it probably went to her head, but she never got the hang of feeding off of the other girls and boys, because she lacked the empathic capabilities of the other students and no one, not even the doctors, knew why that was so. Without that social aid, she had to do for herself, making sure she was always as perfect as she could be, in looks, in classes, in social settings.

By the time she turned 16, she was taking university-level courses and had applied to Starfleet in an attempt to get in early, hoping to be a first-year cadet while her brother was still at the Academy, but to no avail. While there was no doubt she could hack the courses, she didn't have the necessary physicality or diversity of knowledge she'd required for entry, so Alexis spent the next two years changing her path, adding extra courses and starting to learn the Japanese martial arts form known as Aikido.

On her eighteenth birthday, the year after her brother graduated from the tactical track at the Academy, Alexis reapplied to Starfleet and after nearly acing the entry exam, was finally accepted. With her heavy emphasis in the areas of science, she decided to take that track, but was almost drawn into the engineering section of studies before setting herself to task. She found she loved the physical sciences and also the stars, discovering that she could almost tell where she was in the universe just by looking at them. In simulations, she could look at a starfield and rapidly discover where the location was to within a fair approximation of accuracy, even without access to the computers.

She graduated from the Academy as an Ensign that specialized in stellar cartography and astrophysics, but had already done enough work obtain the equivalent of a Masters degree in Astrophysics and decided to continue her studies for a while after finding an interest in the gravitational effects of planets and stars in relation to spacegoing phenomena. She spent the next two years at the Academy, increasing her knowledge and working on a doctoral thesis. As an Ensign, once she'd submitted her work, she was sent to the Kelornia system to one of the premier science research stations on the mostly water-covered world (it had over 99 percent of the surface covered with water, and so was dubbed Station Atlantis) and distinguished herself as primarily an aide to some of the top minds in the Federation science community and obtained her promotion to junior grade Lieutenant in 2387.

After two years on Atlantis, she was transferred to the USS Rhea, a science vessel that was being sent to investigate a number of anomalies that had popped up recently and had garnered interest from Starfleet. Her knowledge of astrophysics and gravitational phenomena gave Alexis an insight into these investigations and solved several quasi-mysteries until the Rhea was snared by one anomaly that turned into a temporal issue. The Rhea Event, as it would be called by the few who ever knew about it and/or survived, was classified by the Temporal Investigations unit of Starfleet Intelligence and the official word of the USS Rhea was that it fell victim to a transient spatial anomaly that ripped through parts of the ship and caused significant casualties due to radiation and other hyper-particles. Of the 341 people on board the Luna-class starship, only 36 survived, one of the lucky people being Alexis.

Most of the crew was transferred away from the Rhea as it sat in drydock for repairs, Alexis being one of them, rotating back to Starfleet for first psych evaluations and then when she showed an interest, to a teaching slot at the Academy while she pursued yet another doctoral thesis, this one involving temporal physics, based off of what she'd discovered during the Rhea Event. During her time spent at the Academy, where she taught some of the astrophysics and stellar cartography courses, she obtained the promotion to full Lieutenant and finished her second thesis. She was transferred out to the USS Minotaur, an Akira-class starship as her assistant Chief of Science, the Personnel Office's decision to give her a bit of experience before possible future promotion. She spent fifteen months on the Minotaur, performing routine survey missions of other anomalies that had come up, as well as other 'standard' assignments before she was once again transferred, this time to the USS Astraea, this time as the Chief of Science for the vessel.
Service Record 2380-2384- Starfleet Academy
2384-2386- Starfleet Academy Advanced Studies, Ensign
2386-2388- Science Station Atlantis, Science Research Officer, Ensign-Lieutenant (jg)
2388-2390- USS Rhea, Science Officer, Lieutenant (jg)
2290-2392- Instructor, Starfleet Academy, Lieutenant (jg)-Lieutenant
2392-2393- USS Minotaur, Assistant Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant
2393- Present- USS Astraea, Chief Science Officer- Science Officer, Lieutenant