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Displacement activity

Posted on Fri Aug 13th, 2021 @ 10:15am by Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Lieutenant Veznia MD PSyD

Mission: Double Bind
Location: Counsellor's office


Certain fringe scientific theories suggest there's no such thing as time. Others that time is not constant: periods of faster and slower time determined by the individual, with no influence outside of their own experience. There was no hard evidence for them, but if you asked William Rogers he would have told you that minutes were at their longest while stood outside the Counsellor's office waiting to be admitted and months at their shortest in the gap between a completed session and arrival of the the order to set up another one.

A stout Bolian Crewman seated at the reception desk smiled towards Commander Rogers, "You can go right in." She said, her long eyelashes fluttered slightly.

"Cool, thanks." Buck smiled weakly at the Bolian.

Lieutenant Veznia's office was eclectic to say the very least. Various candles, incense, idols, mats, and pillows from in numerous cultures peppered the space. Any combination of which were available for patient use. Typically, Veznia liked to conduct sessions from a spot on the floor, and encouraged her patients to join her. Today was no different. The Denobulan was sitting crosslegged on a beautifully embroidered Betazoid meditation cushion.

Buck looked around uncertainly. The d├ęcor had changed greatly since the last time he was in the room. It gave him a Woodstock vibe. "Should I just sit down anywhere?"

"Anywhere you're comfortable."Veznia responded with a warm and inviting smile.

Buck chose a pillow which allowed him to rest his back against a wall and sank onto it. He then took a moment to rearrange his legs so he too was sat cross legged. " temporal adjustment check in?" he looked around again and glanced over towards the door. "Do you want talk first? Or should I?"

"Feel free to talk about anything you'd like." Veznia's smile was warm. "Do you mind if I light some candles?" She asked, hoping the natural light and scent would help with relaxation.

"If you want." Buck shrugged. "I don't really know why they keep making me do these. It's been sixteen years I'm about as copacetic as I'm going to get. It's just wasting everyone's time now, you feel me?"

"Every member of Starfleet undergoes evaluations, regardless of their personal situations." Veznia said as she lit a few tall candles near where the two officers sat.

"Right." Buck shook his head and resigned to get through this. he could already smell the candles. They smelt like a headache waiting to happen. He drummed his palms against his legs. "Guess we'll start with the dreams..."


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