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Does Green Suit You? - Part 1

Posted on Fri Apr 24th, 2020 @ 12:28pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Colonel Johnathon Hayter

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Planet Side - Earth

/// ON ///

Starfleet Command... He had to meet her at Starfleet Command... The last time that Lieutenant Colonel John Hayter found himself here was when he was to get his top secret clearance reinstated due to some misunderstanding with a couple reports... and cardassians. It was obvious that it was their fault, but he took the blame. Still... Starfleet Command.

He took in a deep breath as he looked down for a moment, then remembered that he had to leave his companion at the runabout with his stuff and marine detachment. Luckily he had brought her crate as she was going to need it. Traveling and leaving her alone meant she was uneasy with the distance. So when they had finally gotten to their new destination, he knew that she was going to need some training and pampering.

Making his way thru the security check points and being disarmed of his side weapon, he started to stroll through the area as he tried to remember where Hawkins had said he needed to be. Luckily, he was there with a pad and grabbed a young officer to take him to the area. Once there, he stood and watched the people around feeling almost uneasy at the idea of being here.

Abigail walked out of Admiral T'Lara's office. Though her mannerisms were polite, anyone who bothered to stop and pay attention would see it was just a series of motions, actions that were being taken on autopilot.

She had lost. Lockwood had won. Oh, it wasn't all that bad, there would be no court-martial, no demotion, no mark on her record, infraction, she was now being applauded, under Lockwood's instruction, for her actions in helping to ward off a grievous infraction against their allies, the Ts'usugi at the hands of the Romulans.

As soon as she was alone, she sank into the nearest chair, leaning forward, head in her hands as drew in slow and steady breaths, trying to still her emotions before she continued.

Seeing the woman off in the distance and remembering the cute face he was looking for, John walked over to the less crowded area. Giving her the time to collect herself, the colonel plopped down next to her and relaxed as he scanned the people in the distance. He then noticed that he was doing what he expected his own marines and others to do, which was take a position of protecting their people. In this case, she may not have known it, but she was his responsibility to keep safe... and to tick off from time to time.

Long moments passed before Abigail sat upright again, drawing in a deep, steeling breath. As she inhaled, her back straightened and her head held higher. Finally she became more aware of her surroundings, finally noticing the marine sitting next to her. "Sorry," she said with a faint smile. "Didn't mean to disturb you."

"Ain't disturbing me at all," he replied as he looked at her. He smirked and gave her a look over before shrugging. "I assume you got your ass chewed in there but in the end won?"

"Yes and no," Abigail too another breath, exhaling slowly. "Won in the end, yes... but not a victory I'm happy to celebrate. Honestly, I think I'd rather be court martialed." She paused, turning half sideways in her seat so she could cast a discerning gaze over him, taking in his features and his uniform for the first time. "I'm sorry, do I know you?" she finally asked quietly.

"Nope, but I have been looking at you for a while," John replied as he winked simply before looking back over at the door. A couple people walked out of the office she had been in and this put him on alert for a moment. "They look a little snobby. Must have really pissed them off. That one looks like you stole his favorite action figure or something."

"I need to get out of here," Abigail said quietly, suddenly standing up and glancing toward Hayter. "I need some fresh air."

"Not much of a first order, but I'll roll with it," John shrugged and stood up as well. "Oh yeah. Sorry. John Hayter, Davy sent me to you."

"Davy?" There was a moment of confusion on her face as they were walking, dodging through the crowd and heading toward the exit. "Oh, David? Why did David send you here?"

"Well, it was either me, or get some snitch that works for them ass hats," the marine countered quickly almost in a loud whisper.

Abigail's steps faltered for just a moment as she took in his words, There was a sharp intake of breath and she kept walking quickly, heading toward security to reclaim her belongings so they could leave. "Figures I can't lie to him," she said as they finally cleared the building. "So what did he tell you?"

"Just the basics, you are getting marines and I guess he owed you and I owed him," the marine said as they started collecting their things. Once he got his postal, he check the clip and the chamber and curled up his nose. He looked up at the security officer and simply reloaded the chamber with a ballistic bullet before bolstered the weapon.

"Sir, you can't..."

"... it's fine. I'm escorting my captain or you want to explain to your supervisor why you allowed captain and her guard to go unloaded away from her shop. Starfleet command or not? " the colonel glared at the officer for a moment before sheathing his combat knife as well on his belt in the back. He turned to the captain and quickly lead her away. "May wanna go, I just blew smoke up that guy's ass."

Abigail turned to look at him, eyes wide for a moment. "Where ever you want to go," she said quietly. "I trust you, just get me out of here."

"Yes, ma'am," Hayter replied as he took her by the upper arms before guiding her through the crowded entrance and to the exterior. The sound of the young security guard was heard and he pushed her along even faster as he smirked slightly. He knew that if caught, he would get aging on his service record. He didn't care as always. Once they made it to a transporter hub, be entered in a quick location and through they went. Within seconds, they stood outside large rows of hangar bays and launch pads. Spacecraft were taking off and landing in the distance as he lead her down a ways. "Not sure where you wanted to go or who else on your staff you have down here, so I brought us to one of our transport crafts. Hope that's alright. "

"Do you have alcohol?" Abigail asked simply as she turned toward him, well aware of his hand still on her arm. "I need a drink. A strong one."

Removing his arms, completely unaware that he still had her gripped, he made his way to the group of officers and enlisted around one of the transporters. Coming closer, Hayter raised up his arm at what seemed to be one of the marines. They watched as she nodded and entered the shuttle and walked out with a bottle and a canine by her as well.

"Captain Hawkins said you may need this, ma'am," the marine cadet replied as she raised it up to Abigail.

Abigail took the bottle before glancing between the two Marines. "Any more surprises up your sleeves I should be aware of?" she asked with a smirk.

John pointed to the dog and stated friend as Meeka sniffed the air from her direction as she looked over at her owner. "Yeah, meet my canine. We have a couple other canines and canine trainers. Even in the 24th century, they are still reliable and skilled enough to handle things, even some technologies can't."

Abigail stared at him for a moment before she took the top off the bottle and took a sip. "How did David manage to convince Starfleet to assign you to the Astraea?" she asked quietly. "We can talk while we walk," she motioned toward the path that lead through the gardens toward the rest of the city.

"Zul'arra, keep the Lieutenants and sergeants in check," John ordered as he tapped his hip to keep Meeka near. She needed to stretch her legs.

"Sure," the cadet remarked as she shook her head before turning to the more experienced members.


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