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Captain's Orders

Posted on Thu Apr 23rd, 2020 @ 4:52pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan & Commander Ichiko Gail

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Sickbay

The walk through the ship was a nice distraction, filled with small talk and commentary about the ship and everything that was going on, but all too soon it was over. They had arrived at sickbay. She glanced at Ichiko to check if she was ready before they walked through the doors, making a beeline for Lieutenant Morgan's office. Abigail knocked lightly at the door, waiting for the invitation to enter in case he was with someone.

Ichiko took a breath. She was ready, outwardly she'd always be ready, though there was a look to her, an unseen look to her eyes that spoke of her inner condition. She was ready.

"Enter," Calvin replied with distraction in his voice, almost an automatic move when hearing someone knocking on the door. His lab coat and uniform coat were on the coat hanger in the corner, neatly hung. His desk was less cluttered than normal, with three neat stacks of PaDDS occupying the furtherest reaches, with one on the desk, obviously just been set down. His sleeves were rolled up like usual.

Calvin stood up in a pseudo attentive but relaxed stance when he saw who entered. "Captain, Commander, what brings you both to my next of the woods?"

Abigail smiled as they stepped into the office. "We were actually talking about everything that's happened and your name came up, so we decided we'd come pay you a visit and see how you're holding up after everything?"

Calvin nodded, offering them both the open seats in front of his desk, waiting to sit until they have. "Well this excitement was definitely not in the brochure or the list of amenities, that's for sure," He replied with a slight smile.

Ichiko countered with a soft smile of her own, "The Captain and I will speak to the claims department and see about improving your experience. We apologize for any inconvenience." she said with all the calm and care of your standard call center representative. Though she couldn't hold that face for too long after, and gave a giggle as she took a seat. "Thank you."

Taking the offered seat, Abigail laughed softly at Ichiko's response. "You did some good work Lieutenant," Abigail said as she fixed her attention on him. "I know it wasn't easy, and I know a lot was put on you that shouldn't have been, but for that I am eternally grateful, and hopefully this will go some way to helping to smooth things over," she smiled and turned to her Executive Officer, giving a slight nod.

"Simply put, you saved my life." Ichiko looked Calvin in the eye when she said this. "Koh and Callisi would say the same thing, with the same determination. As the Ship's Second, saving my life is part of your mission statement. As a Daughter of Ts'usu, you saved my life. There's nothing we prize higher. All the tokens, all the gestures, everything falls short of that single act. As Ship's Second, I can make a notation in your permanent record of duty and dignity. Of working in limited resources and achieving the ultimate results."

"As a Daughter of Ts'usu, I'm in your debt. If you need something that I have the power to expedite or achieve, speak. If someone stands in the way of what you need, then they're standing in *our* way."

Calvin smiled at Gail. "Commander, neither your words nor your gratitude will be forgotten, that I can promise."

Abigail reached into her pocket, retrieving the small mahogany box and holding it in her hand for a moment. "Your commitment and dedication to your position have been noted Lieutenant, and accordingly it is our honour to hereby promote you to Lieutenant Commander, effective immediately, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto." She opened the small box and handed it toward him, open side facing him, so the new pips could be seen. "Congratulations Lieutenant Commander Morgan, I am very proud to be your Commanding Officer," she added with a smile.

Calvin had opened his mouth to say something nonchalant but was lost with the mahogany box. For an officer who forgot to put on his pips some days, thankfully today wasn't one of them, the symbolism and gravity of the act wasn't lost on him. He cautiously slid the box closer to himself before looking back up at the pair in front of him. "Captain, thank you. I'm not sure what to say."

"You don't need to say anything," Abigail said with a warm smile. "But I will say it again. Thank you, for everything. Now, once we get to Earth, I want you to take shore leave. REAL shore leave. I want you off the ship for at least 72 hours, and that's a direct order. Got it?"

Ichiko gave a nod, in agreement with Abigail. His response to her praises was exactly what she expected, and she knew him well enough at this point to know he meant it. "Just, try to stay on the amicable side of security. I'd dislike for me to repay your favor by bailing you out of local lockup."

Calvin grinned for only but a moment before it becoming a smile. "I'm on a first name basis with enough of the brigs on Earth to get out with only a slap of the wrist." He eyed his new pips again. "72 hours, yes ma'am. Can't guarantee any more than that."

Standing up, Abigail offered one last smile. "We'll leave you to making your plans Lieutenant Commander Morgan, enjoy and relax, you deserve it."


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