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Level Up - Achievement Unlocked.

Posted on Thu Apr 23rd, 2020 @ 1:03pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Abigail opened the small mahogany box, stared at the contents for a long moment then handed it to Ichiko. "Lieutenant Rogers will be here soon, I thought it fitting that you be the one to actually present him with his new pips." Abigail said with a soft smile. "His performance on the away team, and through the whole ordeal was exemplary..." her voice trailed off for a moment before she looked back at her executive officer and smiled. "Besides, if this does go bad and I do lose my command, at least I know that these promotions will be handled and no one will be able to undo them."

"If this does go bad, and you lose your command, we'll all be in the same fishing boat come that day's end." Ichiko remarked with a soft smirk, "It does feel good to be out of that bed, truth be told. Thank you for this." she said as she took hold of the box with the pips within.

Buck received the summons to the Ready Room with a degree of trepidation. It had not contained an explanation, merely a request that he arrive at the specified time. Arriving outside the ready room he noted the absence of the first officer in addition to the captain; something unusual for this particular shift. He pressed the announce chime and waited.

"This is still your office." Ichiko had a humorous tone to her as she turned to face Abigail. "Unless some of those pips are for me." she joked.

Abigail smiled. "Enter," she said, standing up and looking at the door expectantly. "Lieutenant Rogers, thank you for joining us. I was just about to get some tea, would you like something?"

"Captain, Commander." Buck said as he entered the room, saluting as he came to attention in front of the commanding officers. A private meeting with both was, in his opinion, never a good sign. "A drink?" The helmsman seemed a little confused. "No, thank you Ma'am."

Replicating the cup of tea for Ichiko and the chai latte for herself, Abigail returned to the seats, handing the second cup to her Executive Officer and motioning for Rogers to take a seat. "Commander Gail and I have been reviewing the events of the last couple of days, the encounter with the alien ship and everything. We wanted to speak with you about it."

Buck sat as instructed, his eyes darting been Abigail and Ichiko. Despite the businesslike start to things he forced himself to keep a neutral posture; a habit born from dealing with his superiors in the wake of the Eugenics Wars and their dislike of 'his kind'. "Of course, Ma'am."

"I was explaining to Commander Gail about your involvement in the away team especially, you were the one that recognised the Ts'usugi ship for what it was and followed through. You were the one that raised the alarm and set everything in motion. You did some good work Lieutenant, some very good work, I'm impressed."

Ichiko gave a nod, "I'm impressed as well. Where I'm from recognition is just as important as discretion sometimes. You demonstrated that you know the difference, which is an invaluable asset. You also did me and mine a favor too vast to repay by beginning the chain of events that kept a Ts'usu destroyer out of alien hands."

"The technology aboard that ship would take years to develop into something the Federation could use, IF they chose to use it. What it would give them immediately is a vast shift of power at any negotiating table. That was stopped, and at the beginning of the chain of events that allowed that, there's you. For that, you have my gratitude." and the rabbitess gave a deep nod.

Abigail looked back toward Rogers and offered another smile. "One of the pleasures that comes with this job is getting to watch the people you work with gain achievements, and it's even better when we get to be part of them." She paused, before turning back to Ichiko. "Commander, if you wouldn't mind?"

"Of course." and with that, Ichiko turned to fully face Rogers. "By recognition of your dedication to the tenets and ideals of the Federation. By recognition of the dedication and adherence to the ideals of not just your people but all the people of the Federation and her allies. By all this and more, you are to be distinguished." and Ichiko produced a small box from her palm. "Were this another Navy, I would say that by the grace of the Emperor and her confidence, I bestow upon you the rank of Commander Sub Specialist, carrying the insignia of two full moons. Moons to watch over you as you travel between the Dark of the stars. I would say for you to go in her graces, for wherever you go, Ts'usu is with you."

A smirk, "But, this is not Ts'usu. You've been recognized by the Federation for valor and integrity, two qualities sorely lacking in all hearts we find. For this, you are to be recognized as a full Lieutenant Commander..." she opened the box, revealing a pair of black pips with the ever present golden border. "... with all the rights and privileges there of. Effective immediately." a pause as Ichiko's blank glance slid upward slightly, "System, mark the time and date for the ship's log." a pause, and then a giggle, "You all say 'Computer'... right. Computer, mark the time and date for the ship's log." and there was a chime.

"Congratulations, Lieutenant Commander William Rogers. Wherever you go, Ts'usu is with you. As are we all."

"Congratulations Lieutenant Commander Rogers," Abigail said with a smile.

Buck remained silent during the speeches. He'd been through a couple of promotions in Starfleet the circumstances of each had been different. This time was no exception. "Thank you, both. I hope I'll continue to be worthy of such praise. I know words like yours aren't used lightly." His eyes drifted down to the box containing his new rank insignia and huffed a small chuckle to himself. "Guess I really am in trouble."

"Oh, you are, you just have no idea how much yet," Abigail said with a grin. "Now, I suggest you go enjoy your shore leave while you can. Once you get back, the real work begins."

Ichiko gave a nod in agreement, "I suppose the best way to say it would be to enjoy your last few days of freedom, but that'd be rude."

Buck laughed, louder and more heartily than before. "Sounds like I'm being dismissed." He stood and saluted once more. "Lieutenant Commander William Buchanan Rogers, genmod 12358W, requesting permission to disembark."

Ichiko returned his salute with one of her own. a slight smirk to her features, "Commander Ichiko Gail, Citizen Nana Roku Ju Go Go Kyu San Nuru. You are cleared to disembark."

Abigail laughed at the interaction between the two of them, shaking her head slightly. "Go and have fun, you've earned it."


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