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Does Green Suit You? - Part 2

Posted on Fri Apr 24th, 2020 @ 12:29pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Colonel Johnathon Hayter
Edited on on Fri Apr 24th, 2020 @ 12:29pm

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Earth

The colonel and captain moved away from the active strips to the pathway and gardens and started to pass the bottle back and forth. As he handed the bottle back to her, John spoke up. "So how are you doing now, La' Captain?"

Taking the bottle from him again, Abigail took a sip and shook her head. "This too shall pass, isn't that what they say?" she handed the bottle back to him before walking off the path and across the grass toward the water. "Well done Captain Laurens, you have done Starfleet proud," she mimicked the Vulcan she had met with earlier. "Isn't it ridiculous that I'm bothered by NOT getting in trouble?"

"I honestly don't know the details, but I can say that if it were me. I wouldn't care, it would just mean I would have to try harder to see where that line is. That way it allows me a true outline of borders in which i can achieve the true goal," the marine countered as he took a sip of the liquid. "Of course, you are just now getting to know me. I like pushing the boundaries for fun, but will break them for the right reasons... or to screw with people for the fun of it."

Once they were behind the trees and out of sight of general foot traffic, Abigail unzipped her jacket and set it on the ground to sit on and leaned back against one of the trees. "Possibly not the best thing to say to the Commanding Officer of the ship you've just been assigned to," she said quietly.

"Neither is drinking in public in uniform," John smirked as he handed the bottle back to her before taking a couple steps back and found a branch on the ground. He picked it up and offered Meeka the chance to play catch to keep her on her toes. He sent it flying and told her to fetch, before speaking again. "So ya didn't lose your ship, that's good. Maybe clear a deck and do a couple cart wheels in celebration?"

"What the hell else did that son of a bitch tell you?" Abigail demanded as she took the bottle out of his hands, a look of alarm on her face.

He laughed and shook his head while he caught Meeka, who was at full speed heading his way. She stopped on a dime, just inches from him still holding the stick. He praised her and took the stick back, repeating the throw and order once again to fetch. "Don't worry, that one was from him and the only personal thing he told me. Everything else, I'll have to do my own research if I that is something i'd ever need."

"He knew that you would need the drink and also knew that you would get through all this crap that they have been throwing at ya. He had no doubt at all. So a good joke to tease ya with would be needed."

"He's a good man," Abigail said quietly. "I'm glad he's got his command back, he deserves it." She took another sip from the bottle and sighed, turning her attention to Meeka who was running back toward them. "So what do I need to know about you?"

This made him shrug before catching the canine and praising her like she was a new puppy. The dog was excited but not out of control excited. She knew how excited he wanted her at that time and this got her to get him to respond. With that, the stick flew and she got her reward as she launched out once again.

"Honestly, what do ya wanna know," he turned and took the offered bottle for a swig. He then handed it back. "And secondly, do you want to know the truth or want me to lie to you?"

"I can't stand being lied to," Abigail replied, her words spoken much more forcefully than she had intended. "David basically told me you're a smart ass womanizer who goes out of their way to find trouble, but you're loyal to a fault."

"So, we know enough of one another to trust the other. Doesn't sound to horrible," John offered as he sat down looking over at her. "So ask away anytime ya want."

"Why did you take the posting?" Abigail asked curiously, tipping the bottle back and forth in her hand, watching the dark amber liquid swirl. "Surely if you wanted to leave Gladiator there were plenty of better positions you could have had your pick of."

"Because Hawkins asked me too and because you were having issues with some fleet shit heads. I don't like others crossing lines to screw people over in that sense," he simply answered as he patted the canine who came up plopped next to him panting a little bit. "I have no problem helping ya out. More to the fold if we all need to go into a questionable conflict."

"I see," Abigail said quietly. "Well, the crew is on shore leave, so you have about a week of downtime before we have to leave. I suggest you make the most of it. I have no idea where we're heading after that. I'll be staying Earthside for the next two nights to resolve some unfinished business, but I'll go back to the Astraea after that. If you need anything you can let me know. I'll have my commbadge with me at all times."

"Can do, my lady," John nodded, getting the hint. As he stood, and Meeka watched him, he looked over at her. "Are you going to be good on your own?"

Standing up, Abigail picked up her jacket and dusted it off, passing the bottle back to him. "I'll be just fine. I just have something I need to take care of."

"Yeah... me too," John replied as he took a swig of the liquor before plugging up the bottle. He then pulled out an com earpiece and offered it to her. "And one more thing from Hawkins."

Abigail took the earpiece from him and turned it over in her hand. "What am I supposed to do with it?"

"Marines use them all the time over the combadges. More private and secure. But this one is more secure and a direct connection to Gladiator's com system," he explained and also added. "But this one is to call Hawkins. The Gladiator is in orbit."

There was a flash of happiness that crossed Abigail's face as she realised what it was he said. "How do I make it work?" she asked as she examined it more closely.

"Just double tap the opposite side of the ear bud after placing it in your ear. We do have sub-dermal coms as well but only use them for missions," he paused and sighed. "Well they do, guess I'm part of your crew now... Just call him. That boy is busy but said he will make time between briefings. He will answer any time."

"Thank you," Abigail replied, tucking it into her pocket for safekeeping before pulling her jacket on. "I will call him shortly."

"Good luck, and whatever you got planned, don't do what I'd do," Hayter shrugged as he started to walk back to the shuttle and hangers with his canine on his heel.

Abigail watched as he walked away before shaking her head slightly. She had a feeling she knew exactly where Lockwood would be, now she was going to go find him.


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