Lieutenant Colonel Johnathon Hayter

Name Johnathon Jefferson Hayter

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 185
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Hayter considers himself just average when it comes to his physical appearance. He is on the taller side but his build is trim with some muscle definition, which comes from a regimented workout routine. He always has a couple days worth of stubble since he is not a fan of shaving, but doesn’t really want a full beard either.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Thomas Hayter
Mother Yasmin Hayter
Brother(s) Vincent Hayter
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Pets: Meeka

Personality & Traits

General Overview John is a hardened marine to the heart, hard headed, blunt and to the point. In his earlier days he had seen and done almost everything a Starfleet Officer could do, and it shows in his ability to keep his cool even when everything seems to be falling apart around him. Only a handful of close friends see a softer side to him. His cocky attitude comes up from time to time as he tries to fit in.
Strengths & Weaknesses His Strengths and Weaknesses are the same, his stubborn attitude toward others and crew. He treats everyone the same, rank aside. He will protect his team, but if back stabbed, will take it personally.
Ambitions At the beginning of his career, Johnathon wanted to impress his father. He felt that the best way to accomplish this was through earning a star for his collar.
Hobbies & Interests Military history, fine cuisine (especially cross-cultural cosine), camping, watching old war movies from the 20th and 21st centuries, drinking and watching others in the corner of a room.

Personal History Jonathon Jefferson Hayter was born on October 22, 2355. He and his twin brother Vincent was born on a ranch in rural Kansas. His father, Thomas Hayter was away at the time serving as a young 2nd Lieutenant assigned to Starbase Bravo. Lt. Hayter would not see his twin boys for nearly three months. Thomas absolutely adored his sons and spent time with them whenever he got the chance. Unfortunately for Jonathon and Vincent, their father did not get the opportunity often. Thomas Hayter was routinely out of the family picture serving at one post or the other. Their mother, Yassia strove to prepare them for success in his academic career.

At the age of nine, his father, Thomas Hayter, transferred to the USS Firewing as the Marine Executive officer, and his mother Yassia Hayter became the Chief science officer after rejoining Star Fleet. This same year, he started to get into piloting. The twins grew up with a young child named Hakeem Alexson. Hakeem's father had his son training on the holodeck to become a pilot.

When John, saw the shuttle bay and all the shuttles, he wanted to see them in action. His father took him to the holodeck and showed him the controls in the different shuttles. He taught him the every thing about piloting he knew. After that day he stayed up all night in the holodeck studying the controls, and flying the shuttles. At the age of thirteen, he had taken every piloting lesson that the computer had four times and could pass any of the lessons better then his own parents.

On his fifteenth birthday, Lieutenant Lacie McQueen, the main helmsmen for Firewing, took John onto a mission with her. She allowed him to pilot the ship as she scanned an L-class planet. When they returned to the Firewing, it was dead in space. A couple escape pods had survived. Fortunately, one of the escape pods had his twin brother and their childhood friend, Hakeem.

They were about to go to warp when three Romulan Warbirds decloaked and started to fire on them. They barely made it out of the sector, but the ship was damaged and Lieutenant McQueen had hit her head on a panel, Jonathon had to fly the shuttle to the closest station. When the medical team came onboard the shuttle, they had told him that she was lucky that he was there to pilot the shuttle otherwise she would have died.

Lieutenant McQueen took it upon herself to take John and Vincent in as she finished off her career in Starfleet and returned to Earth. With the loss of their parents, they learned that life was too short. He started to outreach in the most negative ways. Even though he wasn’t best of his class, he continued along the road to graduation.

The twins began his studies at Council Grove High School in August of 2369. He was not an outstanding student, but managed to maintain a B average. His lackluster performance in school was due in large part to his increased responsibilities outside of school. When Vincent graduated four years later, there was not a lot of hope for continuing his education. While his grades were decent, they certainly were not a shining beacon. With college prospects dim, Vincent seriously considered enlisting in the marines.

During his domestic life he had a turbulent time usually finding himself always getting caught doing things he shouldn’t be. He found his sense of humor and cocky attitude made him popular amongst his peers but was frowned upon by teacher and such. At the time of Graduation both of the Hayter twins took an unexpected turn and joined Star Fleet Marine Basic Training.

The Hayter brothers, along with several other candidates, entered in a sixteen-week program in order to learn the skills of a marine, they learned that all marines were known for their Rifleman skills. After ‘The Crucible’, the candidates were either sent out as infantry personal, or in Jonathon’s case, continued on to Officer Candidate School thanks to his drill instructor’s recommendation. Even though, he brought back his cocky attitude, he was able to continue to Basic school and became 2nd Lieutenant.

The new marine lieutenant was transferred to Camp Mimas where he spent 6 months of piloting training on shuttles, runabouts, and Firefly transports. He received his certification and advanced to Advanced Flight School also on Camp Mimas. He was trained on the various fighters and received his certification for the Broadsword and Razor class fighters.

During his time with advanced classes he pushed himself to the academic limits, for the first time in his life. However, his attitudes soon changed when he passed and he went back to his original work hard play harder philosophy.

Jonathon worked hard at the Academy. He didn't want to let this chance slip past him. Jonathon also knew how much his father had worked to secure his appointment and he did not want to let the Colonel down. Try as he would, however, Jonathon barely finished the first year. His grades were so low that the young Cadet was placed on academic probation. Still, Jonathon would not give up and he redoubled his efforts to improve his grades. He found a tutor and by the end of his sophomore year, he had pulled his grades up to a C+ average.

He passed the course at the grade of 1st Lt. in just enough time to see the start of the Dominion war. He was immediately stationed as a fighter pilot onboard the Akira Class star ship USS Equator where he flew a Razor fighter as the Fighter Elements wing man. His gutsy flying and cocky attitude gave him somewhat of a reckless piloting skill. He soon impressed the members of his Squadron as well as the Fighter Element Leader who promoted him to Assistant Fighter Element Leader almost at the end of the war, which he served till the of the war.

He was given a position teaching tactical maneuvers at Star Fleet Academy after the war was over. While he enjoyed teaching and the recognition/ self-gratification it gave him he hated the self-righteous nature of the Admirals and Generals who he began to see as nothing more than pencil pushers and power hungry. He butted horns with them on more than several occasions over his teaching techniques and claims his re-assignment to the Warhawk is their way of showing him some where quiet just to get rid of him.

After he finished his term as the Fighter Pilot CO for the Warhawk after a year, he requested a transfer to Even though it had been years since he was in school, his cocky and snappy attitude continued follow him through out his time as a fighter pilot. It continued to get worse and on occasions he was thrown in the brig disorderly conduct. Even though he was known for his attitude, he continued in his promotions, and he was also known for his piloting skills and given the position of 2nd Executive Officer on the Warhawk.

Jonathon was sent to Line Officer Training school for Battalion and Regimental command positions. Even though he was given the command training, he wasn’t assigned to a ship as Marine CO for another two years. He was stationed on the USS Vanguard. While stationed on this new ship as the Marine XO for infantry leadership as well, he and the marine CO butted heads on several occasions. And even at one time, the CO threw Jonathon in the brig for disobeying a direct order, which turned out after a month to be the right choice of action.

Once he was released, he was reassigned and given the command of Marine Commanding officer at the rank of Major as a ranking marine commander in a building task group. During the reconstruction of a starship for its special assignment, the Major took on the role of training multiple fighters and marines all around. But shortly after, he was reassigned with another well trained officer, named Tayla d’Jax. During this time, the U.S.S. Resolute was refitted for undercover operations and the two were the primary contacts while assigned to the starship.

Not to long after, things went sideways when a young member of their team was caught in crossfire, and lost his life. Both Tayla and Hayter were nearly caught by COIL, and disavowed by their team on the Resolute as the result of the operation’s requirements. As a result of nearly losing the operation, and the loss of life that was accrued both nearly lost their careers. With the assistance of Commodore David Hawkins, they ended up with a demotion for each and a reassignment, far away from the operation area.

Deep down, Hayter was the true person at fault, and he even admitted guilt but was unable to persuade supervision otherwise. Moments from walking away from Star Fleet, he blamed himself for all that had happened to Tayla’s career. At the personal request, Commodore Hawkins pulled strings and had requested that where ever Tayla d’Jax was assigned, he would be assigned to the Marine department, but most of all, he was given a chance to not ruin her career but to help her advance her career once again no matter the cost of his own before he resigned. He was denied the request and the approval of resignation, but was reassigned to a new assignment.

After a while, Gladiator was relaunched and Lt. Colonel Hayter took charge briefly for a short tour mission as Marine Commanding Officer to get them set up before being requested to take command of a Detachment on the U.S.S. Astraea as their full time Marine Commanding Officer.
Service Record Parris Island - Basic Military Training - Promoted to Private After Basic
Military Training Quantico Military Base, Earth - Officer
Candidate School - Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant after OCS
Quantico Military Base, Earth - Basic School - 2nd Lieutenant
Camp Mimas - Flight School - 2nd Lieutenant
Camp Mimas - Advanced Flight School - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant for achieving Academic Limits
USS Equator - Razor Fighter Pilot - 1st Lieutenant
USS Equator - Assistant Fighter Element Leader - 1st Lieutenant
Camp Mimas - Fighter Pilot Instructor - Promoted to Marine-Captain
USS Warhawk - Fighter Element Leader/Second Executive Officer – Marine Captain
Agulhas Negras Military Academy in Brazil – Line Officer Training – Marine Captain
USS Vanguard – Marine Executive Officer – Marine - Captain
USS Resolute – Marine Commanding Officer – Major
Memphis Island - Marine Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel
USS Gladiator - Marine Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel
USS Astraea - Marine Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel