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The Journey Home

Posted on Sat Nov 27th, 2021 @ 7:07pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Lieutenant Commander Jason Myers & Joquer & Warrant Officer Callisi Veera

Mission: Double Bind

The shuttle, under the very careful control of Callisi, had departed the Astraea and was making a slow, steady descent through the atmosphere toward Caetov L9N. While first contact had been made the moment Ichiko led the away team to the Caetov Space Station, this would mark an official First Contact between the Federation and the official Governmental representatives of the planet. The decision had been made to speak to them directly, to outline their idea, their offer of assistance, and see if their help was wanted. While it wasn't an idea that would save everyone and everything from imminent disaster, it was an idea that should stave off complete destruction of everything they had already achieved, and hopefully allow the people of Caetov to continue without losing too much of their cultural or technological development.

Leaning back in her seat, arms crossed over her chest, holding the safety belt as the shuttle buffeted again in the atmospheric interference, Abigail cast a quick glance at Ichiko, Evelyn and Jason before looking back to the astronauts. "As we explained before, we won't be able to land the shuttle. The risk of cultural contamination is too great. As soon as we're close enough to the surface, Callisi will get you to help locate the correct place and we'll use our site to site transporters to complete the journey. We'll probably try and find an empty room to transport into so we don't startle anyone. We want to help your people, not kill you with fright," she added with a small smile.

Dessich glanced at Grayzuk, but nodded. When told about the transporters, the younger astronaut had shown a fair spot of nervousness about being well... Disassembled and transferred as energy and put back together again, admittedly, until it had been demonstrated, so had he, "I think that would be wise, Captain, even though us coming out of what they believe is an empty room would also be a bit disconcerting for us and especially them. But the fewer people that know, the better."

"I'm sure that we can arrange for that." Evelyn smiled slightly, "If we choose the right place and time, the only thing out of place will be the two of you walking out when you should theoretically be in space. Do we want to go straight to the top, Captain? Cut out the lower levels of diplomacy?"

Abigail nodded slightly. "I think that's the best option. We want to minimise cultural contamination, the fewer people that know about our presence, the better." She looked toward the two Caetovean astronauts. "Anything you can tell me about your leaders, the ones we're to meet with, may be helpful."

"Pelator Rovaris Deleran," The word 'Pelator' was obviously a title of an official, "Is the leader of all of Caetov and has been for the last six years, with another four years before he can no longer be Pelator again. By all accounts, he's very good, but we've only met him a couple times, we're scientists, not politicians, and while he does listen to his advisors, we're not typically his highest priority. If his messages since the asteroid are accurate, he's going to be confused to see us, but likely relieved as well. Caetov is a representative democracy and we add representatives to our governing body as we found new cities, representation voted on by our citizens. We are a peaceful people, with a bare minimum of violence, usually by deranged Caetovians who somehow gain a following."

"We have constantly theorized about life on other planets, after all, we developed on our own world, why wouldn't it happen elsewhere?" Dessich gestured to the others on the shuttle, "So we have developed some weaponry, if only to act in our own self defense. We have been working on developing a vessel that could actually travel between the stars, expand our knowledge and perhaps make peaceful contact with others before they approach our home. We call it our Compression Drive, because it compresses and expands space around the ship, well, it should when it works. We've had some problems with making it work beyond the theory." He looked up, "My apologies, you're asking about our leaders, not our science. The Pelator was never part of our small military, he actually was a geologist before he entered politics."

Jason pondered the explanation for a moment.... His ears perked up at the 'deranged Caetovians' bit. The last thing the ship needed was a first contact gone awry. That would be... unpleasant. "How much of a following do those 'deranged' individuals have?" he asked.

"Hopefully that will be irrelevant," Abigail said quietly. "Ideally, if things go to plan, we'll not have enough interaction with anyone outside of our immediate transport site to have these deranged individuals become a problem... still, it doesn't hurt to know what we may be dealing with. It may be necessary to brief our people later."

"As I said," Dessich cleared his throat, "We have a small military force. Those that desire a fight, get one and are removed. Quickly. The last one was two decades ago, he was a schizophreniac that went undiagnosed and is currently residing in a mental disease facility. Those that supported him have been rehabilitated into society in various communities. It was part of the investigation. Captain, you may rest assured that there will be no violence involved unless you yourselves bring it." He smiled at her, "And given that Grayzuk and I have been most horribly mistreated with medical attention and sustenance?"

"I can assure you, that we have no intention of bringing such an incident ourselves." Jason responded. "We'll do everything we can for that to not happen."

"We will keep everything as straight forward as possible. If the Pelator agrees to our help, we need maps of the areas we intend to work in so we fine tune our plan. If he doesn't accept our help, well..." Abigail paused momentarily. "At least we will have been able to get you home to your loved ones before the storm hits."

“There is that.” Dessich agreed, “Something I never thought I’d be able to do again is hold them, thank you for at least giving me that.” He said somberly, “But he will accept, of that I have no doubt. We will need the Department of Health Services involved, they have the maps and ground surveys in their archives.”

"Back to our loved ones?" Grayzuk questioned, Dessich's colleague having remained relatively quiet this whole time. "I hate to piss in your alien grain bites, but I lost contact with my loved ones a couple weeks ago. I have reason to believe they're dead, just like everyone else on the surface we've lost contact with."

Abigail levelled her gaze on Grayzuk but remained silent for a long moment before removing her safety belt and moving carefully through the small craft to slide into the seat next to Callisi. "What's our ETA to the planet?" she asked quietly.

The problem with long ears was that they picked up everything. Ichiko in the back, silent and thoughtful, though her glance towards Grayzuk was about the same as Abigail's. Up in the pilot section, Callisi was cautious in her approach. At Abigail's question, she gave a slight shake of her head, "Not soon enough." was the quiet, unofficial answer. Then she spoke up, "Three hundred sixty ticks to planet. I'm plotting a wide course to avoid any possible interference from the storm. There's a lot of electrical interference from it, so playing it a little safer, sir." Callisi's formal response was crisp and professional.

"I might need a hand with a few of the sensors, if you'd rather stay up here." there it was. The infamous Ts'usugi diplomatic back door. An option, a literal way out of a bad situation. The cyclopean rabbitess offered only the slightest hint of a smirk to show the offer's truest intention.

Abigail offered a grateful smile to Callisi. "One is always glad to be of assistance."


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