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The Battle Plan

Posted on Sat Nov 27th, 2021 @ 7:14pm by Captain Abigail Laurens

Mission: Double Bind
Location: Observation Lounge

The senior staff was already gathered in the observation lounge when the team returned from the surface. Walking into the room, the first thing Abigail did was to move to the replicator, ordering a chai latte, extra hot, and wrapping her fingers around the mug as it materialized. Even the journey back to the ship with extra warmth circulating through the shuttle, there was still a chill in Abigail's bones that was hard to shake.

She blew across the top of the mug momentarily before taking a sip of the hot liquid before setting the mug on the table in front of her. "Right, Commander Rozia, bring up the maps from the surface," she ordered.

Moments later a large map appeared in the middle of table. Abigail picked up her PaDD and reflected back on the notes that had been made while their plan of attack had been formulated.

"Right!" she exclaimed. "Time is not our friend so we're going to need to move quickly. This is Sihdon Province," she motioned to a large sized heavily populated city clearly visible on the map. "This is our primary target for this mission. Pelator Rovaris Deleran has told us that all these areas around here have been largely evacuated. There are some who have chosen to ignore the evacuation directive," she paused, a hand brushing across a smattering of life signs spread across regionl and rural areas surrounding the city. "Thankfully most have followed directives and evacuated. Anyone possible has been evacuated to the south, safely away from the storm, but those who were unable to travel south have gone North into Sihdon Province. Official buildings, hospitals and educational facilities have been set up as evacuation centers. We've been provided with safe drop zones within each building. We can transport in thermal blankets and water, at least initially. That will be happening within the next 24 hours. Commander Gunnison, I want you to oversee the replication and distribution of those items, Commander Gail will give you the list of requested supplies at the end of this meeting."

She paused, taking a deep breath. "Pelator Rovaris Deleran has also started issuing shelter in place warnings. The citizens in the storm zone are being told to stay inside, stay away from doors and windows, keep fires burning, do everything they can to stay warm and stay safe. This should give us a solid chance to establish a network of portable shield generators around this area," Abigail said, motioning on the map, "to interlock. We know these shield generators aren't going to protect from the storm completely. Temperatures are going to drop significantly. It's going to get cold. Colder than anything you can imagine, but unfortunately these shield generators aren't set and forget. We're going to need to stay and make sure they stay online. If any single shield generator fails, everything will be for nothing. We'll be using EV suits on the planet, both to protect ourselves physically and to protect against cultural contamination on the surface. The less they can see of us the better. As soon as the storm passes, we pack our generators and we'll have shuttles on standby to beam everyone out."

With a flick of the hand, Abigail pushed the map to one side before nodding to Commander Gail who loaded another map. "Once the storm is over we will be looking at how we can help with recovery. Unfortunately in this instance our hands are somewhat tied. Commander Gail and I have spoken extensively with Pelator Rovaris Deleran and it seems most of the supplies we have in the cargo hold from the Dalacari are easy enough to pass off as local, or, at least, local enough so there shouldn't be too many questions asked, especially in the grand scheme of things. We've been given a safe drop zone here in the southern hemisphere." Abigail leaned across and zoomed in on the map. "It's an unmanned military installation with a series of warehouses and hangars that we can beam supplies into. It will be easier if we can use the residual interference from the storm and the atmospheric conditions to help mask the Astraea and do it in one hit. We'll beam down the food supplies we have, a list of generic medical supplies, water and other sundry supplies as listed. These supplies are all rather generic, easily replicated, and again, shouldn't raise concerns. Commander Morgan, Commander Gail will give you a list of all medical supplies needed. I suggest we have them replicated and packed before we go down to the surface. Commander Rogers, I'll need you to plot the course into the atmosphere to transport these supplies down when the time comes. We want to be in and out as quickly as possible."

Leaning in, another flick of her hand and both maps sat side by side in the middle of the table as Abigail sank down into a seat, wrapping her hands around the mug again, savouring the warmth on her fingers and hands. "Any questions?"


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