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The Little Astronaut and the Big Space Ship

Posted on Sat Nov 27th, 2021 @ 3:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Joquer & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan & Lieutenant Veznia MD PSyD & Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine

Mission: Double Bind

Having been assigned to act as security for the alien astronauts, Shaille had waited outside the conference room until the group had exited. With a smile toward the astronauts and a quick nod to both Veznia and Calvin, Shaille let the group start walking before falling into step behind them. "Commander Morgan, I assume any medical treatment can be given in quarters rather than requiring access to sickbay?" she asked as they headed toward the turbolift. "The Captain has arranged VIP quarters on deck six, two decks down. We've already done a security sweep of the quarters and prepared them to the Captains directives. Everything is awaiting your arrival if you're good to go directly there?"

Calvin shrugged. "Sounds good to me," he replied as they arrived to the turbo lift.

The journey two decks down was relatively straightforward, though it was eerie seeing blank panels on the bulkheads where computer interfaces had previously been.

Once they arrived at the quarters, Shaille keyed in the override code she had used previously and stepped through, immediately stepping back from the doorway to allow the rest of the group to enter.

The VIP quarters were impressive. Spacious and open. Large windows along one side with a view of the planet below. Though there were similar blank panels in the bulkheads again, it was clear there was still some functioning technology. "Unfortunately we've had to disable a large amount of technology in this section, but there is still some limited resources here for you, which I'm sure Lieutenant Veznia will be able to explain to you, and when Commander Morgan gives the okay we'll have some food and drinks brought up from the kitchens for you."

Veznia stepped forward a slight bit. "This panel here gives you basic control over the space. " She pointed . "Lights. on, off, hue, dimmer." She moved her finger. "Climate control. Temperature, humidity, anything you may need." She moved her finger along the panel again. "From here you can play music. Any genre you may want."

"Do you have anything by Drezzik Darr?" Dessich asked Veznia eagerly before he remembered that no, they wouldn't have their own music, "I am sorry, I'm not used to your music, but the sound of a Frelenick playing would be most soothing. This atmosphere is good enough, far better than the station we were on.. That's going to be tough to replace, even if we find that we can in the future."

"One day at a time," Calvin said, an attempt to smooth over the larger issue. "Shall we take a seat for now? I have some questions as far as diet is concerned and we can get you food and beverage."

“Of course.” Dessich found some of the seats that had been intimated by the… Doctor, was it? “We’re omnivorous, so we can eat just about anything, though some say we can survive on vegetation alone, we do have a high need for proteins.”

"That being said, I have been attempting to put that hypothesis to the test by going on a heavy vegetation-oriented diet." Grayzuk added. "It had been working out for me until I had to do away with it when we started rationing food."

"I assure you, we can accommodate whatever you may like." The Denobulan nodded, taking in the discussion on diet.

Grayzuk turned to Dessich.

"And have you been holding out on me or something by admitting that you actually like Drezzik Darr?" He asked his colleague. "Personally, I'm more of a Grodad Pruma kind of guy."

"Pruma has a more up tempo beat, but Darr is more elegant." Dessich pointed out, "More soothing to the mind."

Shaille paused before speaking up. "We don't have composers or musicians you would recognise, but you can request music based on the tempo and vibe and change it from there." She glanced toward the wall panel. "Computer, play classical Earth music, medium tempo." There was a moment followed by two beeps and music started filtering into the room around them.

"There is also selections outside of the Earth catalogue that may better stand in for what you're used to." Veznia said, with a smile.

"Is that so?" Grayzuk asked curiously. "Perhaps, if you'd be so inclined to give us a sampling?"

"Computer, play Amarie by Aktuh and Maylota," Shaille responded, ordering the Klingon Opera aria by name. Within moments the music started playing. While it was definitely not to her taste, they had requested alien music, right?

Several second passed as Dessich's ears were assaulted, almost literally, by the initial tones of the opera, then came the first singer and he waved frantically at the human, "Dear gods, turn it off!" He half-shouted, "Is that one of the more common of your musical tastes? It's horrid!"

"Computer, pause music," Calvin replied, the silence being more musical to him than the previous selection. "It is more common for some. I am sure your world has differing opinions on music, so does our culture. Maybe we can allow them to experiment with music on their down time?" He suggested glancing around to the assembled crowd. "How are you two feeling? Anything hurt or bother you?"

“Nothing that some food and rest won’t cure.” Dessich sighed in relief at the cessation of the rough sounding… Music? “We weren’t very active on the station after we were hit by debris, had to conserve our resources as best we could. Of course, we shall remain available to you and anyone else who needs us even as we rest. Especially anything that can save our world.”

Calvin nodded, bringing out a small kit, which he opened with the lid obscuring what was inside to the astronauts. "I will be doing some scans on your health markers. If you could write down on these pads the basic information of your nutrition requirements, I'll take the information and ensure something is made that is adequate for your bodies." He removed a tricorder and tapped in some commands into it after sliding a PaDD over to them.

Grayzuk was more of the medico than Dessich, so he slid the PADD over to the younger man to enter the information requested, then breathed normally. It was what the doctors always insisted upon, "Do what you need to do, doctor, you'll find that we'll cooperate however we can.


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