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***Plot Important*** Watching The Storm

Posted on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 @ 9:27pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Alexis Aenera
Edited on on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 @ 9:43pm

Mission: Double Bind
Location: In Orbit, Caetov

It had been a miracle, because somehow they had survived. Two sections of the station had been ripped away by the debris, taking with it the government scientist that had been denying that anything was truly wrong, up to the minute that the section he'd been in was hit by the chunk of rock. The only thing that kept the other two alive was the fact that the safety features had activated to seal the last two compartments from the wreckage of the rest of the station, fortunately, this was the section that had the radio and miracle of all miracles, the solar collector was still functional.

But that had been a couple weeks ago, when they were still hoping that there would be a rescue attempt after the debris had passed, and most of the food and water had been in the section that was now gone. The two scientists were growing gaunt and estimated that if they didn't get hit by anything now, they had enough of a supply to last another three weeks before they got desperate, as long as they rationed themselves like they already were.

To stretch out their resources, basically all the two did was watch the planet and report back to Caetov Central on the progression of the storm front, one cold front just settling at the top magnetic pole, but not abating, then came the other storm, roiling the atmosphere with electricity, moving with the rotation of the planet, but moving also in a northerly direction as well. It had sunk several ships and destroyed a couple small towns as it ravaged the landmasses.

There were theories about what would happen when the two storms collided, both from the surface and in space. Models indicated that no matter what happened, it would be bad, whether a global storm that would cover the world in ice, a global storm that would destroy everything it touched. Regardless, there would be only an estimated couple days until they made contact.

"Caetov Central, Space Eleven here. We've got a trace on the big electric storm and it's on track to hit Landris Islands in about four hours." He remembered that there were about two and a half thousand people acrpss the Landris Island group, the first mid-sized popuated area that the storm would annihilate. "You need to evacuate the islands, fast."

"Space Eleven, you'--- brea--- up. Confirm Lan---- --ty."

"Landris." The scientist said, enunciating carefully, "You need to evacuate."

"---dacs Ci----" The static kept coming in and out as the ground station spoke, one of the side effects of what was going on with the, "W---- ---cuate imm----"

"No, no, no, LAN-DRIS." He said exasperated with having to continue to repeat it. But there was only static in response, not even breaking up, just pure static.

He resisted the urge to just throw the microphone and be done with it, but reception might come back at some point and communication was all they could do, just like all he could do right now was watch as the world turned.

And the world turned slowly indeed.


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