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Posted on Fri Jul 16th, 2021 @ 11:47am by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Linza (Lin) Esni & Commander Ichiko Gail

Mission: Pathstone to History

As the staff meeting dispersed, Shaille and Lin were waiting at the door to the conference room. As the drone appeared, Shaille stepped forward and offered a smile. "I trust you enjoyed your first Starfleet meeting?" she asked politely. "If you'll come with us, we've been instructed to give you a tour of the ship so you can see the key areas our staff will be working in for this investigation. I am not sure if we were properly introduced earlier. I'm Lieutenant Shaille Levine and this is Linza Esni. We're part of the Security team here on the Astraea."

Linza gave a polite nod at the mention of her name. "And if you have any questions, if we're allowed to answer them, we will."

The drone gave its head a nod in response, ::It was certainly interesting to observe. It is unknown if you are aware of this unit's current designation, so introductions will now be completed. Designate Sigma Seven Five.:: it paused, ::It is excellent to meet the both of you. Should any inquiries arise, they will certainly be noted. Be advised that designate Sigma Seven Five was not instructed with any questions to ask upon departure.::

Perhaps it couldn't think of any on its own. A limit to its program, or the end of the simulation of sentience. ::Designate Sigma Seven Five is also designed for security.:: another instance of the small-talk subroutine in action.

Frowning slightly to Shaille, Lin gave a shrug. This was going to be an interesting tour. "Are there any locations you are wanting to see specifically?"

"Well, how about we start in Security?" Shaille suggested. "Seeing as how that's your field as well, what do you say Sig?" she grinned slightly, starting to find this entire situation amusing.

::That would be most agreeable.:: the drone toned in response, ::This will allow for a degree of comparison between your people and and the Dalacari. It is hoped that you don't find such a comparison insulting.::

"Not everyone's security is going to be similar to another's. Perhaps we can give each other ideas based on what we learn." Lin smiled to Sig as they continued.

As they walked, Shaille spoke again. "Unlike Dalacari, we don't rely on automated drones to gather information on individuals." She shook her head slightly. "We value privacy, it would be expected that while on this ship you adhere to our privacy." They moved into the turbolift and Shaille gave their destination.

::Ahhh, an interesting notion. Security despite privacy. This unit will designate the topic for further inquiry and study. A recommendation will be made to the chief of station security and the chief of visitor well being.:: it noted. ::As instructed, this platform will adhere to concepts of personal privacy and sanctity of data.::

"A lot of what we do on a day to day basis is fairly mundane. Security really only gets involved when we leave the ship or when we have visitors. Of course, our primary concern is always the safety and well being of our crew first and foremost," she finished.

::The crew is placed at a higher priority? Is this to ensure that they can continue to secure the guests in the presence of a threat?::

Linza raised an eyebrow at the question. "We thrive to make sure everyone on the ship is considered safe. At times, guests are also officers, or those known to the Federation. When that happens, they are considered to be under the same security as the crew would be. But we obviously always make sure there are no threats."

::Intriguing. This platform does not have a stable level two connection to any local Thinking Engine at this time, for in depth analysis of the response is not possible at this time.:: it paused, :: Escalation of threats escalates security provided. This is in line with the protocols Dalacari provide to their guests. Security forces are to prioritize security to guests and crew, though with Dalacari security forces being drones, the cost is negligible so long as guests and crew are protected.::

A pause, ::Agreed, that *No* threat is the most desired threat.::

As they entered the main security office, Shaille could feel the eyes of the crew turning toward them curiously. Indeed, a drone was hardly a regular visitor on a Federation starship. "You're something of an..." Shaille paused, trying to find the right word. "Something of a mystery, an enigma to the crew," she said calmly. "The Federation has a ban on synthetic life forms, they don't really see a lot of drones or similar around. Those that do still exist generally lack any kind of ability to formulate thought processes or patterns and are simply there to perform menial tasks." She paused again. "This is our central security office. No where near as impressive as the thinking engines on the Dalacari Homeworld, but still."

Lin eyed the other officers before looking back. "The Lieutenant is right, but they will be okay while we are here. Just something they are not used to, that is all."

::Naturally expected. Their contact with Dalacari drone platforms before this moment was potentially next to zero. Though to categorize this platform as a synthetic life form is mostly incorrect, as this platform is not a life form. The series seven three milspec drone model is a tool. Either to facilitate Dalacari convenience or defense.:: it paused in its retort, ::The Thinking Engines are magnificent, aren't they.:: it was odd to hear the words without pride. Simply a response. ::Your offices are very nice. The officers here seem diligent and prepared.::

"A tool that can come up with answers somewhat on its own, respond to discussion. That is somewhat what would compare you to synthetic life." Linza gave a small shrug, "But at the same time, they would see you for a drone as you say. Each person's mind would see you differently."

Shaille was about to speak when her commbadge sounded, the request coming through from Commander Rogers to return to the conference lounge within 20 minutes. "Well, looks like our tour is being cut short," she said with a shrug before glancing toward Lin. "Let's hope the Captain has some answers and we can get the hell out of here."

::The tour has been very much appreciated.:: the drone intoned, a nod of its head as it spoke. ::Please, lead the way, if you'd be so kind.::


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