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A Semi-Solo Adventure

Posted on Wed Jul 14th, 2021 @ 9:52pm by Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Chief Petty Officer Lisa Terrix

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: A couple weeks ago

"Lightning Bolt!" A flash of light and a small crack of thunder and briefly the three goblins that Evelyn had been aiming at were connected to her by the lightning. They squealed and twisted in the electricity before slumping over, incapacitated or dead by her reckoning before parrying a sword strike with her own short sword and stepping back. Her eyes were going back and forth between the other two goblins, both melee fighters, then winced as another sword strike struck home on her shin, cutting deep where the greaves didn't cover.

She hopped back as behind her, a redheaded woman chanted, "Cure Wounds, Level Four." Her hands glowed and then so did Evelyn's leg.

Evelyn's sword hand flashed in a counterattack that scored heavily on the goblin's body as her shield arm intercepted the other blade and she stepped back again. Behind her, another chanted spell rang out and the uninjured goblin just stopped as a flash of light entered it's body. The need to defend from it now taken away, Evelyn stepped forward into the swing of the last goblin and blocked the strike before skewering it on her own blade.

Yanking it out and breathing heavily, Evelyn stepped back and went to one knee, reaching out to touch the bodies in arm's length from her to loot them as the redhead went out towards the three further away, "You okay, Evie?" Lisa asked her, wary even now that the fight was over.

"Yeah, but after that fight, I'm down to three spells for the day and Christ it's not easy with just the two of us... I think we should head for that cave we cleared before, more defensible." She stood back up and looked out over the small clearing, "You're a good healer and all, Lees, but I'm just an Eldritch Knight and even at level fourteen, it's hard corralling all of the baddies."

She was wearing armor that had been... adjusted for female wear. It seemed to her that when it came to armor design, the original programmers had decided to follow 'tradition' and have the armor accentuate the female wearer's bodies rather than full coverage. As a result, she had a bare midriff covered with a finely wrought chain mail and showed significant cleavage and lots of leg, though the plate greaves came up to nearly her knees. The full helm that she'd been given had turned into more of a circlet, while the amulet of protection she wore was an elegant necklace instead of the rock on a chain it had been looted as.

Of course, the cleric that was Lisa wasn't much better, a robe that clung to her body, slit to the hip and strapless so that it hung onto her shoulders as if by prayer. A halo of light floated above her head, with an enchantment that boosted healing. At least the slippers didn't have heels on them, giving her better footing than otherwise.

"Right... We really need to rethink this one." Lisa said quietly, pulling up an inventory as she leaned on her staff, "We need to find people on this ship that enjoy playing as much as we do. If one of them wants to be a healer, I could go as my monk or even berserker." She chuckled and closed her menu, "Take the direct path there, it should still be clear."

Evelyn sighed and set off, senses on alert as she did so, scanning back and forth, "I could even play my artificer ranger." She said, glancing back at Lisa, "No, I didn't delete that one, why would I?"

"Because we decided we wouldn't bring work in here!" Lisa said, glaring at Evelyn, "And an artificer is too much like an engineer to play! Let someone else tinker and enjoy casting spells or just be a ranger! Or try a druid!" She rolled her eyes before going back on the lookout, "I'm going into your characters and killing it." She stated.

Evelyn giggled as they moved, "But Lisa! How will you ever get into my character list? I changed the password."

"As if I couldn't get into it?" The redhead countered, "If I can't guess your password, aren't I the best programmer on the ship?" She gave a grin, "Save me the time, Evie, too much to do."

They made it to the cave a few minutes of banter later and both heaved a sigh of relief as the axis of danger was reduced to one direction and they slumped onto rocks to rest their weary legs. Evelyn pulled out a piece of jerky and offered it to Lisa who glanced at it warily and shook her head, so Evie bit off the end and started to chew as Lisa pulled out a chunk of bread to nibble on. "What do we need?" Evelyn swallowed and asked before biting off another bit of the meat, "I mean, obviously we can cover a few slots depending on what others want to play as, but a tank, an off-tank melee, another melee damage dealer, at least one spell-caster and an additional ranged, plus minimum one healer, perhaps an off-heal damage dealer?"

"An eight-player party? I thought we were planning on a small group, not an army." Lisa shot back, "Tank, three damage, healer. One melee damage that can off-tank if that'll make you feel better, so no thief or rogue type, which will hurt us for traps." She grimaced at that one.

"Paladin tank then." Evelyn shrugged, "Warrior possibly, thief, mage or sorceror, archer and healer of some sort. Thankfully, most healing classes are capable enough, but again, it'll all depend on whoever we can recruit." She reached into her bag and pulled out an item and tossed it on the ground and nearly instantly a small campfire sprung up and they rubbed their hands together by it, the temperature getting a bit chillier as they continued to regain their strength. Contrary to most rules, they'd set it so that whenever they were resting like this, their spells slowly regenerated depending on their level. It wouldn't let them get ALL their spells back, but a couple more could make the difference.

They sat there chatting for just about twenty minutes before Evelyn shoved herself to her feet and drew her sword once again, "All right, Cleric, let's get going again. We've got another hour or so and I want to try to get some more XP towards Fifteen." She rolled her shoulders, For glory and honor."


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