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Klingon Counseling

Posted on Tue Oct 27th, 2020 @ 9:03pm by Lieutenant Tavis Styvek & Lieutenant Valenna

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Counseling Office
Timeline: Before Briefing

Valenna wanted to make sure she was cleared in every way possible before the mission and she definitely needed to get a psyche evaluation before truly settling aboard the Astraea. Unlike most Starfleet officers, she honestly didn't have a problem with counselors. She recognized their place on starships and thought they were just as important as doctors. With a dull look on her face, she tapped the chime.

Styveck uncurled his legs, they were beginning to grow stiff from the long period of mediation when the chime broke the silence. After stretching a moment he walked to the entrance of his office and said "Enter."

The door opened swiftly and he saw a Lieutenant standing there, "Please come in Lieutenant, I am Lieutenant Styveck, Ship's Counselor. How may I be of service?"

Valenna walked into the office and sat down in the chair. "I am here for my psychological evaluation, counselor." She crossed her legs. "I'm the new chief science officer and I just wanted to complete my boarding regulations." She raised an eyebrow--a Vulcan counselor, that would certainly be interesting.

“Welcome Aboard Lieutenant, I assume by the raised eyebrow you are a bit surprised to see a Vulcan in my position. I assure you I am qualified to handle the responsibilities of this position. I specialize specifically in crisis counseling for post traumatic events,” Styveck pointed to a lounge chair, “Pardon me, my manners are lacking. Please have a seat, would you like a drink from the replicator?”

Valenna shrugged. "I supposed a glass of water will be fine, counselor." She nodded at his reply. "Oh, I am certain you are qualified, otherwise you would not be serving aboard this ship. It just seems uncommon sometimes to see Vulcans in these positions, but I suppose if anyone will be helpful in helping us understand our emotions it's a race of people who suppress theirs."

Styveck wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic or brutally honest, sometimes the two were difficult to separate. He prepared a glass of water, handed it to Valenna and then sat in his lounge chair. “Lieutenant Valenna, let us begin, I need to preface our conversation with the following message. Anything you say will remain between the two of us unless I feel you are a danger to yourself or others, then it is my duty to report it to the Commanding Officer and to the Chief Medical Officer. Do you have any questions so far?” Styveck asked as finished the required phrase from Starfleet.

Valenna took a quick sip of water. "I do not," she said. "You may continue."

"Let us begin," Styveck said, "Have you come today to speak on a particular matter or is this to be a routine check in?" He knew the Klingon was new onboard but wanted to give her the chance to talk a little before drawing any conclusions.

Valenna raised an eyebrow. "I am here for the routine check-in. Starfleet requires new officers coming aboard a ship to be cleared and we are supposed to have regular psychological evaluations." She paused. "But you already knew that...and so did I. I assume Starfleet Academy might also have recommended regular anger management. I was highly recommended to take a sabbatical from the academy to get back into the fleet since I was little too...mean to my students." She smirked. "However, I was not mean...humans are just weak."

Styveck nodded then took a sip of his tea before continuing, “You are correct in your assessment of my knowledge of Starfleet policy, however I am not aware of your anger management requirements. You did just check in therefore I have not had the privilege to review your records before your entrance.” He paused a moment before proceeding, “I will take the time to thoroughly review them before we meet next time. Styveck paused before saying, "Thank you for coming, schedule with the yeoman your next appointment."


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