Lieutenant Valenna

Name Valenna

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 122

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11''
Weight 198 lbs
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Valenna is dark skinned and has gray hair that is currently in a bob. At one point she used to be completely in shape and used to be combat ready all of the time, but has gotten older and is not as strong as she used to be, but since she is Klingon, she is always ready for battle. With her age, she does have a few wrinkles to bear. Also, since she is Klingon she does have a skull ridges. From time to time, Valenna does like to change her hairstyles.


Spouse Donovan Jammer (deceased)
Children T'Mar- 30 years old and an engineer aboard the USS Langston
Father T'Surak (KIA)
Mother V'Pol (deceased)
Brother(s) Rakar (KIA)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Growing up with a father who was an adamant Klingon warrior, Valenna grew up knowing much of Klingon culture and also knowing what "honor" really meant. She held on to that teaching for most of her life and it truly shaped how she saw things. When her father was killed in battle and her family decided to move to Earth to be closer to Starfleet since she wanted to enroll alongside her brother, her personality continued to be that typical of a Klingon. As she has aged throughout the years and gotten wiser and seen several different worlds and cultures and studied them, she still holds on to what her father taught her about "honor," but she also is very open-minded and considerate of other people.

Valenna is a hard worker, and she loves her jobs and she loves being a mentor for younger people, especially Starfleet cadets. She very big about helping other people, which may seem weird for a Klingon, but it is a part of a new form of "honor" that she has learned on her way by becoming more well-versed in her field as a science officer. Additionally, Valenna is humorous...for a Klingon. Most of her humor can be seen as immensely dry sense of humor. Some people call it sarcasm, some call it sass, some call it "Klingon humor." Regardless of what people call, Valenna is able to see the fun or humor in situations that most people wouldn't. Sometimes this can help crew moral and help ease tension...sometimes it can get her in trouble.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Honorable
+Hard working

Ambitions to become Chancellor of Starfleet Academy
Hobbies & Interests Using the Bat'leth, singing Klingon opera, reading erotic literature, painting, teaching

Personal History Valenna was born on Qo'noS in 2271. She was born to two Klingon parents. her father, T'Surak was a commander in the House of Kr'Chakik. Valenna was born right in the middle of her father being out in space and her father died in a battle in 2274, two years after she was born. It was her mother, V'Pol who told Valenna the narrative of her brave father and how he died in battle fighting for the Klingon Empire and was now living in Sto'Vo'Kor. She fell in love with her father purely from the stories that her mother told her. Eventually, when Valenna and her brother were old enough they both wanted to start their lives. Her brother, Rakar, wanted to be just like his father, fighting and dying for the Klingon Empire in battle, but Valenna wanted to be involved in the sciences, which severely disappointed her mother, but Valenna was allowed to pursue these studies.

While her brother joined the Klingon Defense Force, Valenna attended the Imperial Klingon Academy in 2293 to study science. There she studied astrophysics in order to help build weaponry for Klingon warships. Her teachers instructed her that if she wanted to be a scientist, it would be for the aiding of Klingon Warriors. After graduating from the Academy in 2298, she spent 10 years working as a weapons specialist.

In 2308 she decided she wanted to leave Qo'noS and go "exploring," which her mother did not at all understand. She left Qo'noS on a civilian trade freighter, to the much disagreement of her mother and brother--practically disowning her. There she met a cultural anthropologist who taught her about alien cultures, sociology, and philosophy. The starship was mostly for a group of space nomads who had nowhere else to go. For a few years, Valenna traveled on it in the Alpha quadrant, exploring places on her own.

In 2345 Valenna wrote her first book, "'IHI'Ijqu'!: mach tlhIngan tej paq" (in English: Listen to Me!: A Klingon Scientist Manifesto) which was an memoir/autobiographical work about her life as a Klingon scientist and all that she had endured on her 5 year journey aboard the SS Zenith, learning about different aliens and cultures and societies. Around this time she had learned news that the first Klingon had gone into Starfleet Academy and she was highly considering the option herself. She decided to wait a few years and see how it worked out for Worf.

In 2366, Valenna was entering the age 95 and she decided to be involved in an archeological expedition with Federation scientists to search for Iconian gateways. She met several other historians, sociologists, and anthropologists from different species and planets. The expedition proved to be incomplete but she was able to get enough field experience with talented researchers to get a research fellowship at the Felker Institute. In 2367 she was studying under a cultural anthropologist while also teaching Starfleet cadets about Klingon culture and basic archeology. Her fellowship only lasted 5 years and when it ended, in 2372, she decided again to continue her own personal research on Earth, taking advantage of Federation archives, but unbeknownst to her the Dominion War would happen. During the war, Valenna remained on Earth and found a job the the Federation News Service. She compiled several first-hand counters of journalists reporting on the war and delivered them to the Federation Council. It was mostly a desk job while she continued her research. Realizing war politics interested her and realizing how successful Commander Worf was, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy as a science major in 2373. She was a fairly old cadet...being 102 years old, but the academy fast tracked her and she graduated within three years in 2376. She was a star student in her sociology classes, being a talented critical thinking and debater to her other classmates.

In 2377 she published her second book, "veS: tlhIngan Dev nugh HaD" (in English War: The Klingon Guide to Studying Society) and got her first posting on the USS Atlantis as a science officer specializing in alien anthropology/archeology. For a few years she served on several different ships, sometimes being mission specialist whenever the missions called for archeology or cultural analysis.

In 2384 she aided Starfleet Intelligence in a 2 year covert operation studying a society as a means for counter-terrorism. In 2386 she decided to teach at the Academy for a few years.

In 2393, she decided she wanted to get back out into the fleet and explore some more.
Service Record 2293-2298- Studied astrophysics at Imperial Klingon Academy
2298-2308- Astrophysicist and Weapons Specialist for Klingon Defense Force
2345- published "IHI'Ijqu'!: mach tlhIngan tej paq" (in English: Listen to Me!: A Klingon Scientist Manifesto)
2308-2366- Civilian Scientist/Archeologist
2367- Research Assistant/Lecturer at Felker Institute
2372- Federation News Service editorial assistant
2373- Enrolled at Starfleet Academy (science major)
2376- Graduated from Starfleet Academy
2377- published "veS: tlhIngan Dev nugh HaD" (in English War: The Klingon Guide to Studying Society)
2377- junior science officer (alien anthropology) on USS Atlantis
2380- science officer/mission specialist (alien sociology) on USS Horatio
2381- science officer/mission specialist (alien political science) on Outpost 44
2383- asst. chief science officer (alien historical anthropologist/archeologist) on USS Quantum
2384- Starfleet Intelligence mission specialist
2386- Instructor at Starfleet Academy (History of Archeological Thought, Advance Anthropology, Klingon Love Poetry, Theories of Cultural and Social Anthropologies, War Politics, Klingon Opera, Klingon Literature, History of Ethics)
2393- chief science officer on USS Astraea