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You look like I need a drink!

Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 @ 2:13pm by Ashe Zachariah & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Sickbay

Ashe walked into the chief medical officer's office before setting a bottle on the desk and dropping herself into the comfortable chair, propping her feet up on the desk.

The news of the away team's return had spread rapidly and as such the mood across the whole ship started to lighten almost immediately. Still, despite the fact that the rumour mill had been in full force, there were a couple of people Ashe wanted to check on personally, the first being Commander Morgan.

Of course, well aware that he would be dealing with patients after the disaster, the last thing she wanted was to interrupt him, so instead she'd just wait.

Sickbay had been organized chaos for the past couple hours. Calvin, who beamed up shortly after the first few waves ran around helping keep patients organized and triage systems in place. The majority of patients had been offloaded to the nearby cargo bay because of their stable and minor injuries. Rushing around eased to quick walking. Loud conversations with pointed directions and snap decisions eased to conversational tones. They had only lost a few, which Calvin credited his staff’s ability to be flexible.

“Paperwork, always the devil,” Calvin mumbled to himself stepping to the threshold of his office. He looked at his coat, which had seen better days, and discarded it into the dirty linens. He approached and stepped over the threshold this time, as he walked in noticing the bottle first, feet second, and the person third.

“There aren’t many bold enough to put their feet on my desk,” He stated with a mixture of amusement and tiredness. After plopping down in his chair, he removed two glasses from his desk and set them on the desk.

Dropping her feet to the floor, Ashe grinned across at him. "You look like shit, you know that?" she said as she opened the bottle, pouring a healthy amount into each glass before sliding one across to him. "I heard about what happened, I thought you could use a drink, and, well, you know me. I'm always happy to oblige when there's alcohol involved."

“You think so? I thought this was one of my better looks,” Calvin replied. He took the glass, wafting some of the aroma before taking a sip. Having obviously found it acceptable, he took another sip as he settled into his chair. “As you know, I would never say no to having more of you in my life,” Calvin said with the subtlest smirk. “It has been an intriguing past few hours though. Between the surface and fixing this chaos. We have at least several hours of discharging the minor injuries, but I believe the worst is behind us at this point.”

"It's been interesting up here, listening," Ashe sipped her own drink, watching him. "Gossip always travels faster than a borg transwarp conduit." A pause, another sip. "At least we knew you were all alive, or at least fairly sure. There was a harrowing hour or so we thought the other away team was dead." Her expression changed and she grinned across at him. "I'm glad you didn't get dead, I'd hate to have to find someone else to torment."

“It’d take more than some geologic catastrophes to get rid of me. How’s the rest of the crew? And the gossip. I haven’t heard a lick of anything since I got back to the ship. I can’t even say I really know what’s going on at this point,” Calvin said, stopping several times to take a sip. “And what delicacy am I drinking?”

"It's a whiskey distilled on Orion, hard to source, and if you're not careful it kicks like a mule, so drink up," she teased. "Everyone came back in one piece, well, mostly. That's all that matters." She watched him over the rim of her glass as she took another sip.

“If this thing kicks me like a mule, *you* are nursing me back to health,” Calvin replied with a smile. “Yes mostly, our crew faired well. Most casualties were civilians. We do what we can, save who we can, the rest aren’t our fault,” Calvin replied, taking another sip, talking as if he were talking about rolling dice.

"You want *me* to nurse you back to health?" Ashe laughed. "Sure, a little hair of the dog works," she added before shaking her head. "Well, want me to tell you what you missed on the ship while you were off galivanting around planetside?"

"But of course, without you I wouldn't know a single thing going on onboard the ship," Calvin replied after taking another sip of his drink.

"Actually, there wasn't that much that happened. We did get a new fighter, a fly boy, goes by Lieutenant Craig O'Donnaghue, he arrived while y'all were down planetside and came into the Deity for a drink and a chat." She paused, sipping her drink, crossing her feet on his desk. "Crewman Neilan used the industrial replicators and replicated himself something he called a 'camp stove'? He tried to use it in his quarters to make a cheese toastie? Ended up with a small fire. Oh, and Lieutenant Drakers got removed from causing an incident... He got caught In flagrante delicto with Ensign Morganson from Engineering... unfortunately he got caught by Morganson's husband, so yeah, it was a mess." She shrugged slightly. "As I said, it was pretty quiet around here without all my favourite people!"

“Hmm, a new crewman,” Calvin mumbled as he leaned forward to his computer. He tapped through it quickly, and then mumbled, “Need to follow up on a physical.” He tapped a few things in and leaned back again. “Yes, camp stoves. Used normally for camping out in the wilderness. It’s fun. You ever want to try it, I’ll treat you to some of my wilderness delicacies.” He took another sip of his drink. “Well doesn’t sound like I missed too much then.”

She shook her head. "Not much at all, it was really pretty quiet around here, with all you trouble makers down on the planets." Ashe took another sip, watching him as she did so. Finally, after a moment of silence, she downed the last of her drink and set the empty glass on the desk between them before standing up. "You look like you need some rest, I'll leave you be. Keep the bottle, I have more," she added with a grin before taking a couple of steps toward the door where she paused and turned back toward him. "I really am glad you came back in one piece. It wouldn't be the same around here without you."

"If you're trying to butter me up to take you out for dinner and some mischief some night, it's working," Calvin replied with a smile. "Don't be a stranger."


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