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A New Find

Posted on Mon Apr 17th, 2023 @ 3:39am by Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison

Mission: In The Face of Adversity

Will was, he supposed, keeping an eye on the bridge at the moment. With the captain in the readyroom and several of the senior staff off doing other tasks at the moment, he seemed to be the person of the hour.

As such, an ensign in Ops (one from the most recent batch of transfers) was at the station at the moment, getting in a little time in at the station. A few minutes into her being there, she began tapping away at the console, a somewhat puzzled look on her face. Will casually strolled over.

"Ensign," he said, "keep tapping away like that and you'll wear out my console."

"Commander," she said, "I'm picking up something on long-range sensors. From the size and shape it looks like a station of some sort, though the design doesn't match anything we've got on record."

Will paused for a moment, thinking. He hadn't remembered hearing about any stations out this way in any of the (admittedly not very detail-oriented) reports he'd read, though that might not mean much. "Are we in range to get a visual?" he asked.

"We are just coming into range now," the ensign reported. "Putting it up on-screen."

On the virescreen appeared a station. It was a sort of structure with a central section surrounded by a sort of larger ring that kind of reminded Will a little bit of the Cardassian Nor-Class station back home. From what he could make out, there looked to be several 'attachments' to it, including a couple of smaller rings of some sort.

Will looked at it for several moments. "Now that's interesting," he said quietly, before speaking more loudly. "Bridge to Captain Laurens. Captain, we've just detected a station of some sort that you might want to take a look at..."


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