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Tomato Soup and Chocolate bagels.

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 9:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Main Security Office

"Replicator, seriously, if you don't get this right, you and me, we're gonna be having some words. Raktajino. Hot. Four sugars. One plate of shortbread fingers." Shaille's voice was showing clear signs of restraint as she placed her order.

The replicator beeped and hummed softly before delivering a bowl of green tomato soup and a chocolate bagel.

"What in the name of all things holy!" She stomped her foot, ignoring the security officer behind her who laughed. "Recycle," she ordered as she reached up and tapped her commbadge. "Security to Engineering. I need someone in main security within five minutes. Levine out!" The terse tone of her voice made it clear she was not at all impressed.

"I'm on my way." Evelyn said, though the squelch of the comm channel closing even as she said 'I' told her that she wasn't heard. She glanced over at another of the engineers, "Right, I'll be back shortly, no doubt." She got a nod even as she grabbed a tricorder and set of tools and began to make her way up the several decks. It was three minutes and twenty-seven seconds by her own personal count as she motioned the door open and stepped in.

A quick glance around and the personage of Lieutenant Levine was obvious by the woman who looked ready to murder something. "Lieutenant Levine, I presume? What seems to be the problem?"

Turning back to the replicator, Shaille tried to order again. "Raktajino. Hot. Four Sugars. One plate of shortbread fingers."

Again, the replicator beeped and hummed softly before delivering a bowl of guacamole and chocolate chip cookies.

"I want coffee. I need coffee. So help me, if I don't get coffee, someone is going to die," she said as she turned toward Evelyn. "Make it give me coffee."

"Recycle." Evelyn commanded the replicator and the offering vanished from the cavity and she set her bag down and sighed, "When was this thing working properly last? Or was this the first time someone really tried it out?" She cracked her knuckles and began to remove the face plate of the wall.

"I don't think anyone has used it yet," she responded, a cross undertone to her voice still. "Everyone here has said it's not worked so far today."

"Right!" Evelyn said with a smile, "Means that it's gone unreported so we've gotten to this... I'll have it ready in just a few minutes, going to run the diagnostic first." She connected a tricorder with a wire and tapped a few buttons and glanced around, "Ensign, would you mind going down a couple doors and getting me a cappucino? Dark chocolate in it, please?"

The chill in Shaille's words was almost ice cold. "Ensign?" she asked, eyes widening. "First, I'm a Lieutenant Junior Grade. Second, I'm the only one of the two of us that's armed. I am caffeine deprived and I will shoot you. Now, if you want a slave, get some schlep from Engineering to run after you, and while they're going, I'll have a Raktajino. Hot. Four sugars."

Turning around, Evelyn raised an eyebrow in response to the outright threat, but otherwise, her smile remained the same and she spoke in even tones even as her hand came up and pointed to Shaille's left, "I was talking to the Ensign over there who appears to have nothing better to do than watch the situation over here." She looked at the ensign in question and nodded, "Would you mind also getting the Lieutenant here her Raktajino, hot, with four sugars?" Her eyes went back to Shaille again, "And a plate of shortbread fingers as well, please."

Without looking at Shaille, Ensign Carroway nodded quickly and disappeared out of the room, only to return a few minutes later with a mug of ketchup, a plate of replicated limp gagh and a tall glass of juiced kale. "I don't know who wants what, but you can fight it out among yourselves," he said as he set them down on the empty desk behind hte replicator.

Shaille looked at the tray and groaned outwardly. "Looks like your problem is contagious," she retorted to Evelyn.

For a moment, Evelyn considered actually calling down to engineering to place the order for refreshments, but her jaw tightened as she considered it. If this woman was going to be a pain in the ass just because she couldn't have her damned coffee... No, Evie could have a nice, fresh hot cappuccino when she got back down to her own area. And if she couldn't solve THIS problem, maybe send a visual of the steaming cup up here.

But, the Trill squashed that idea and looked over the results of the diagnostic being run and sighed, "I'm not sure what the shipyard techs think they're doing when they go around installing software. All they have to do is upload the proper database and reference points, then run a few tests and verify they've done it properly." She punched a few commands into the PADD she'd brought with her and placed it in the cavity of the replicator, "Because they screwed that up royally here."

Shaille rubbed her temples and drew in a slow, deep breath. "How long is it going to take to fix it?"

"Long enough that it'd be worth it to take a detour for your morning coffee?" Evelyn grimaced at the admission, but half-shrugged at it as well, "It isn't as easy as just redesignating the program markers, I'm going to have to uninstall, wipe and reinstall the database, the markers and recognition sequences. Then, of course, test it and repeat for the local subnet."

Shaille groaned and rolled her eyes, but she managed to resist the urge to pull out a phaser and shoot the engineer on sight. "Carroway. Go down to the mess hall. Raktajino, hot, four sugars, and one cappuccino."

"Yes Ma'am," Ensign Carroway replied as he started toward the door.

"Carroway!" Shaille called after him. "Don't forget the shortbread fingers."

With a nod, the ensign disappeared through the parted doors.

"Is this going to be fixed before Lunch?" Shaille asked as she looked back toward Rozia. "If not, there's going to be a lot of very hungry, very unhappy security officers in a few hours."

"It.. Should be fixed by then, it should be done in about an hour." Evelyn admitted, "It's more a time consuming fix than anything that requires a lot of skill. And another byte in a report to the building facility that'll get absolutely nothing accomplished. But, I've got nothing better to do right now, so I guess I'm here, at your service, especially if there's anything else wrong here?"

"Oh, nothing else is wrong here, trust me, our phasers are fully functional," Shaille retorted in response.

"I could fix that problem if you're always that eager to use them." Evelyn responded in turn.

"Only when I haven't had enough caffeine Commander," Shaille retorted. "Aren't your people supposed to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen before we launch?"

"Five months ago the ship was a skeleton with some of the primary areas filled in and then I came on board with a crew of about twenty engineers to make sure the propulsion systems were set up and ready to go." Evelyn waved generally about, "This ship has close on twenty-five hundred people aboard, with thirty-seven decks and well over fifteen hundred compartments. Until a month ago, days before we left, I had a grand total of forty-two engineers trying to hunt down and correct any daemons in the systems. That total includes the standard watches in engineering, which means fewer people out and about."

She rocked back and sat on the floor, her back to the replicator, "Sure, these should be running properly before we launch, but there weren't enough people or time to get down to the detailed level of every single one of the more than one thousand replicators just in the crew quarters or other semi-major areas. I instead decided that making sure the life support systems, propulsion, sensors, weapons, shields, deflectors and anything else that would be catastrophic if they failed, one hundred percent before getting to something that should be fine if the initial installation is done right." Evie rubbed her eyes with the back of her left hand, "This ship is huge, and it's just easier to respond to the little crap like this as problems arise than it is to hunt them down with the entire engineering force."

"Feel free to feed this back to Starfleet Engineering," Shaille replied bitterly. "There's an entire department of pissed off security officers who don't have caffeine, sugar and snacks."

"I'll do that, but they'll care just as much about that as they will about my complaint, except..." Evelyn smiled slyly as she shook her head, "They'll just chalk it up to security officers being whining pansies." She instantly raised her hands in surrender, "Not my thoughts, their thoughts, because they just don't care."

"Remember those words when you need security to bail your ass out Commander," Shaille said calmly. "Good luck with peas and guac."

"Hey, I didn't dawdle my way up here or send someone who doesn't know what they're doing." Evie pointed out, checking the progress on the PADD, "And what happens if I bribe you with homemade chocolate chip cookies?"

"You had me at chocolate, sign me up." Shaille shot back. "But only if it includes coffee. The good kind."

"Tell you what..." Evelyn tapped her commbadge, "Hey Lees, send Terowicz up with a Cappucino the way I like, a hot Raktajino with four sugars, a plate of shortbread fingers and a couple big pots of coffee and some assorted pastries and munchies up to Security. Have her dragoon some helpers, I don't think she can handle it herself."

"Got it, Evie, anything else you all need up there?" The voice from the other end of the comm asked and Evelyn raised a questioning eyebrow at Shaille.

"That'll do to start. You may just be on your way to redeeming yourself Commander," Shaille said with a grin. "Maybe you grease monkeys aren't all that bad after all."

Evelyn just double-tapped her commbadge in response to Lisa and smiled at Shaille, "Just wait 'till you get to know me. You ain't seen nothin' yet."


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