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Posted on Mon Nov 2nd, 2020 @ 1:14pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Tavis Styvek
Edited on on Sat Dec 5th, 2020 @ 3:31pm

Mission: Enforced Intermission
Location: Counselors Office

Styveck sat at his desk finalizing the last of the fit for duty forms. The forms were tedious but he enjoyed interviewing and interacting with the various crew members randomly selected. He stood and stretched his stiff muscles before deciding on a cup of Vulcan tea before meditation.

*Computer, replicate hot water, play soothing Vulcan Meditation music please*

As he spoke Styveck opened an air tight container containing leaves from various plants on Vulcan. The silence of his office was pierced by a maniacal laugh, he looked to ascertain its point of generations when electric guitar pierced the air. The garbled human singing was barely discernable but every few seconds he repeated the words Crazy Train.

"Computer Stop," Styveck said crisply, "Playing Rock" the computer replied as a Klingon thrash band began shredding its rendition of Entrer Sandman.

"Computer Silence" Styveck said loudly almost losing control of his emotions. The computer stopped playing the music instantly. He took a deep sigh and picked up the metallic looking cup of hot water and added his tea leaves without looking.

He sat down on his mat and took a sip, he chocked when he tasted tea flavored blood wine, he threw his cup across the room and spoke again, "Computer, engineering now."

Styveck did not wait for the engineer to identify themselves. "I do not appreciate your jokes or attacks upon my beliefs or culture. I am half human too, though I don't know how you found out about it. I will be more than happy to come down there and demo strate to you what a good ole human ass kicking contest looks like if you can't get up here and fix this immediately."

On the other end of the comm signal, Abigail raised an eyebrow slightly, almost immediately recognizing the voice of her Counselor on the other end of the communication. "Just so long as you are aware, Lieutenant, My Daddy taught me two things. Never swing first, but sure as hell make sure you swing last, and my Brother taught me to throw a mean right hook and I've put bigger and badder than you on their asses before." The tone of her voice was not angry, but rather mildly amused. "Now, would you like to start over? I suggest something along the lines of 'Good morning Captain',"

Styveck's rage dissipated immediately, he answered calmly as if nothing was wrong, "Good morning Captain, it appears that there are some glitches within the computer system."

"We've noticed," Abigail responded dryly. "Which is why my shower wouldn't turn on and I haven't had my chai latte. I also assume that's why your communication was routed here and you threatened to pummel a commanding officer. But, you know, we can overlook trivial details. Now, Would you like to tell me what's malfunctioning and I can add it to the list? I have crewman relaying messages to engineering on foot."

"The computer is not taking commands properly, my replicator put out bloodwine, and my communicator contacted you instead of engineering. The problems are causing inefficiencies Captain. I have a schedule to maintain," Styveck stated matter of factly.

Abigail leaned back in her chair, remaining silent for a moment as she folded her arms across her chest. Finally, after a moment she spoke again, her tone becoming clipped. "Lieutenant, I assure you, these problems are causing everyone inefficiencies and we all have schedules to maintain, myself included. Now, I suggest, Lieutenant, you take a glass of that bloodwine and enjoy it. I will make sure your 'inefficiencies' are added to the list and someone from Operations will let you know when they can get to you."

"I will not enjoy this liquid dung,Captain my taste is more refined. I do understand that there are problems and I will walk to Operations myself. My apologies for the disturbance." Styveck said quickly hoping to end the conversation without digging himself any deeper into the Captain's bad side

Suppressing a smile, Abigail shook her head. "A walk sounds like a good idea, Lieutenant," she said, her voice lightening as she spoke. "I suggest, while you're taking your walk, you swing by the Deity. They have the ability to brew fresh hot tea without relying on a replicator."

"Noted Captain, thank you," Styveck said as he took a deep breath to center himself before walking to operations.


Captain Abigail Laurens
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Styveck
Chief Counselor


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