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Away Team One: Call me maybe

Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 12:58pm by Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Lieutenant JG Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant Bianca Lee

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Kessik IV - in the mines

The Gorn followed Lee to the replicator, which was set back in a thankfully uncollapsed alcove. "So, like, how's this going to work?" Gargan asked. "You contact your ship and they beam us all out like?"

Bianca shook her head as she removed the access panel to the trove of old isolinear chips and studied them, touching some of them and making sure they were seated properly, then gingerly tugging on one that was broken near the base of the panel dragging it out and beginning to look it over, "The dilithium that ya'll are mining interferes too much in getting a proper pattern lock. I'm sure that the control chamber has something set up so that they can get beamed out if needed, but down here in the mine proper, with a cave in that? It would be risky at best."

She placed the damaged chip on the ground as she settled down in a seated position to begin to remove and look at the others to determine their functions, "What contacting my ship will do is to first off let them know we're alive, how many people are down here and anything we know that can help them get to us. Also, since the ship is pretty much hanging back so as not to look like they're intimidating the planets, this will bring them in to actively help with search and rescue under standard Federation guidelines, which will help the Kessik Three government and provide a bit of secondary goodwill. If Ah were an engineer rather than higher grade of tactical officer, Ah could possibly rig up a signal enhancer to allow people to piggyback off of my comm unit to be beamed out through the physical comm line, but we didn't bring any of them with us."

Gargan tried not to look too disappointed. "That's cool, I guess. Could like one of your crew talk you through powering up the replicator if you could talk to them?"

"Oh, Ah'm sure they could, but that wouldn't be necessary in any case." She gestured down to the broken chip, "That one there is the problem, it's the power regulation control chip, always found near the bottom of the array. Problem is, in a replicator, it's the one that has the highest power rating, so it doesn't fry from the energy input. The rest of these are primarily programming inputs, put one of them in and power this up and even odds it'll burn out the entire unit. It looks like it shut down when that chip cracked as a failsafe." She pulled a last chip out and looked it over, then ever so gently put it back in its spot before looking in closer where the broken chip had been, trying to see if there was any broken pieces in the slot, "Really wish Ah went engineer at this point... That one has a higher rating than the others, but it'll still burn out after a few seconds. Ah could record a message and get it punched out to the ship, but then we'd lose contact again and Ah don't know if the failsafe'll trip again."

"Maybe we could, like, replace them with some of the ones from the heavy mining rigs in the lower levels?" Gargan stooped down to pick up one of the chips. "If we can't, like, get the replicators hummin' we'll all starve to death before they can dig us out."

"Oh heyll, gettin' the replicators runnin' will be easy, at least in comparison to what Ah'm tryin' to do. Don't worry on that one bit." Bianca grinned as she edged around the bottom of the console, "But we might be able to use those chips. Might have to redo some of the programmin' on them, but if we've got a tricorder or PADD or some sort, Ah should be able to do that."

"Bull'll know if we're able to, like, find any of that." The Gorn looked around in a gesture that could be interpreted as nervousness. "So, uh, why's your ship hiding?"

"Surely you've seen that we Starfleet types aren't that well liked around here?" Bianca chuckled as she examined the connection to the wall, "Which is why Ah'm not wearing a uniform or anythin' of the sort, just have the ID and comm unit. We thought if we came in as official and everythin' that we'd not get any sort of cooperation and all."

"I dunno, I mean I've lived here for over a decade and like, no-one really like care about Starfleet 'cos your not like a presence in our live, ya know?" Gargan shrugged. "I think you've like mistake indifference for dislike or whatever."

“Wouldn’t be the first time that Intelligence gave us the wrong information.” Bianca said with a tone that acted like a verbal shrug of her own, “Say, mind grabbing me a couple or three of those heavy duty chips, and a PADD, Ah just need to get another few inches in, but Ah think that the hardline connection is intact.. At least it is here, and the only way to test it is to send that message, then we’ll get the replicator up and goin’.”

"Right yeah, I'll be right back." Gragan started to leave but paused and turned back. "Don't get like stuck in there or anything."

"Stuck, ha!" Bianca wriggled in further and craned her neck to get a better look at the line as she hear him walk away, "Do you see how small Ah am?" She said rhetorically, wiggling her arm to get it free for use, nodding, then trying to work her way back out. "Right... Now to get myself free before he gets back and laughs at me."

It would be an hour or more before the gorn returned, his hand stained with oil and dirt. "Managed to get the chips but the only PADD I could find has a cracked screen. I think it still, like, works though?"

Bianca rubbed a shoulder where she'd developed a bruise from extricating herself and greedily reached for the PADD and tapped a couple buttons on it, "Yesssss," She hissed, then reached for the chips and quickly looked them over and beamed up at Gargan, "If you can, see if Bull and Haru have anything they want to have in the message to the outside. Ah'm going to record the message for transmission as a microburst, just in case this does fry the whole thing." She grabbed her comm unit out and began to pry off the back of it, "Now.... Comm protocols, comm protocols.

=/\=Back elsewhere in the mine=/\=

Haru finished yet another round of checks and medical tweaks. He now knew why he hadn't gotten into medical. He took a small sip of water from the canteen that had been provided. He wondered if Bianca was having any luck but time was of the essence. He was needed here. He'd been joined by a young miner who also had medical background training, an Orion male who was not your average bear. He was half Betazoid and thus smaller then the average Orion but his medical knowledge was...impressive. He'd been of great help. Together they had organized a whole slew of things and had come up with a plan that kept the line moving.

"Bring me the tricorder," he said.

The Orion moved and brought it to him as requested. Haru scanned the miner that lay at his feet and sighed. "Take him to level two." He stepped back and watched as two other miners carried him to the yellow section. That one was serious but not very. The biggest things they were dealing with was panic now.

Haru was racked with guilt at trapping Bianca n this. It wasn't about him it was about her. He hoped to the Gods of the universe that things got better and that they would be out soon. His mind was on Max more and more. He seemed to draw strength from that memory.

"How're things lookin'?" Bullgruff asked as he made his way into the makeshift infirmary. His clothes were more ragged than the last time Haru had seen him. his face caked with a patina of dirt.

"Slow, lots of injuries, more panic then anything." He stood and cleared place. "Sit. I would like to examine you and give you a triox compound. It will help with O2 levels in your blood."

Bullgruff looked between Haru and the Orion. "That necessary?"

"It is." He calibrated the tricorder and then began his scanning.

Gargan stuck his head around the door. "Chief, Lee's getting the comm working. You got a message for her ship?"

Bullgruff thought for a moment while Gargan walked into the infirmary. "Yeah. Tell 'em we've got fifty survivors down here and can they hurry the hell up."

"Right, okay. What about you Herandez? you have like anything you want to say?"

"I echo his sentiment."


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