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Remember Part 6

Posted on Sun Aug 9th, 2020 @ 5:14pm by Lieutenant JG Haru Hernandez

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Various
Timeline: Memory Log


Haru drifted in and out of consciousness yet again. This time though he fought hard to get back to the memories that provided comfort.

His head hurt, his whole body hurt. A distant humming in his mind was driving him insane and he was pretty sure he'd fractured a rib or two. He mumbled something in Vulcan tried to call on all his strength to send his mind back to the temple, back to the union that gave him strength.

=/\=Many days ago, prior to boarding on the Astraea=/\=


Haru was led away first and as they came back for Max he stood and went with them. As he reached the small exit the old woman’s voice rapped around him, “Thee goes without hesitation or fear. He has chosen well. Before thou goes to prepare I have a question for thee.”

He turned and waited.

The silence lasted for about a minute before she spoke again, “If the bond does not take thou may loose they mind and perhaps thy life. Will thou still ask for the Telan?”

He straightened. “Yes, I understand and accept it”

She gave a slow nod. “Prepare him.” She said to the monks who bowed and lead him out.

And now the conclusion...

=/\=One hour Later=/\=

Max had been the first to enter the room that would serve as the ceremony chamber. It was in the largest of the buildings within the compound. The room was surrounded by twelve foot statues of ancient monks, it had a creepy vibe to it but also a mystical feeling. He had on yellow Vulcan robes. He’d washed in what they said were healing baths and now he stood looking at two stone slabs that bore a striking resemblance to sacrificial alters. He tried to shake that thought. When the doors opened and Haru entered the room all doubts fled. Haru was in his own set of yellow robes but his had deep green threaded writing on it, Vulcan glyphs. The slabs were arranged in a way that they would lay head to head. Max’s legs facing South, and Haru’s facing North. The small space between them was just enough for the elderly priestess to slip through so that she could touch each forehead and create a bridge between the two.

As the ceremony started Max heard the hum of what sounded like a thousand voices. A steady drum beat lulled him into calmness.

He felt the touch of an unfamiliar mind and then…Haru was there, as a separate entity leaving Max feeling cold and alone. He heard two hearts beating at different rates…then as if being tuned a pain centered in his chest as if his very heart were being changed. He heard Haru groan as if in pain. His mind fought to reach out then there was a voice saying, ~’be at peace. Allow the bond.’~

He relaxed then the pain in his chest lessened and he noted that the heart beats began to change to tune to one another until there was one. A strong thumping beat that mirrored the drum. Suddenly his aloneness and his brokenness seemed to slowly begin to fade. In its place was a wholeness that he’d never experienced before. He felt the rush of his blood and instantly knew that it was not only his own but that of Haru. Then it was there…a conciuosness, Haru’s mind, his soul. Two katra’s standing side by side.

A momentary slash of pain as if the Katra’s were ripped in two, a loss and then a weaving of two different energies. As if someone had ripped him in half and then sown him together half of his soul with half of Haru’s.

A deep feeling of completeness, rightness, unity. A rush of warmth and love pure and beyond anything he could fathom. Tears rolled down his cheeks. His voice spoke but he knew not what he said only that it was heard by his other half and accepted and taken to heart. A deep warmth filled him and then sleep rolled over him.

=/\=*** Some Time Later ***=/\=

When he woke he sat up quickly. He looked around with what seemed like different eyes. Swinging his legs over the side his eyes found Haru. He got up quickly and stumbled to the other slab. His hand gently touching Haru’s face. “Kaito..” It was an urgent whisper but he knew with a certainty he couldn’t understand that Haru was asleep and well, content.

When his eyes opened they focused on Max. He smiled, reached up and covered his hand. “Two halves, now one.”

This was the new chapter both had needed, a new strength woven out of two broken souls that would find healing within one another.

=/\=Present Time=/\=

Haru found the strength to waken.

It was only now that he was coming too realizing that his face was sticky with his own blood. He moaned and tried to shift over onto his back.

He spoke to himself, ~Wake up Haru, you have to wake up. Bianca is counting on you.~ He heard the faint echo of voices, angry and confrontational. Bianca's and then another. He had to wake up. Closing his eyes again briefly he drew strength from the bond that was sustaining him. He Snapped open his eyes allowing the fuzziness of his surroundings to take shape.

~ WAKE UP!~ His mind screamed at him. He had to wake up.

Slowly he became aware of the pain in his body and slowly he floated back to consciousness.



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