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Remembering - Part 5

Posted on Sat Aug 8th, 2020 @ 9:54am by Lieutenant JG Haru Hernandez

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Various
Timeline: Memory Log


The cavern shook for a second time and the sound of further collapsing can be heard from the direction of the lift shaft. "Get back!" A voice shouts. "It's coming down!"

Haru tried to move out of the way but alas there was no time. As the cavern shook the beam above him snapped. He looked up, a look of horror on his face. He tried to jump out of the way but was slammed and thrown hard against the wall.

His head slammed on the jagged rock and he fell to the ground darkness clouding his vision. He slipped out of consciousness and his mind removed him from the hell he was in taking him to a better place, a place he felt safe and happy....

=/\=Many days ago, prior to boarding on the Astraea=/\=

The morning dawned blossoming in its spectacular crimson colours. Haru and Max stood looking out at the sunrise awed by its colours. They had spent the night talking, really talking and their words created an intimacy far beyond anything they’d shared before.

It is often said that words can move mountains, give hope, heal pain and caress the soul. Both had found it to be true. No question was off limits no words were considered wrong and at the conclusion of the night both souls found a peace that had always been out of reach.

“I guess I should call my mother and sister and apologize,” Haru said breaking the meditative silence.

Max shifted his hand an inch to the left on the terrace railing so that it covered Haru’s. “When we get back.” Now that they had discussed this co-joining of minds more he was anxious to see it through.

Haru smiled slightly. “Breakfast and then we go.”

Breakfast was a rushed affair and was consumed far too quickly. Excitement lit the air and in record time they found themselves standing not so much at a Vulcan temple but at a compound that looked as if it were literally a part of Vulcan. The soil on the ground seemed to be the very sand of the Forge region. The sand stone structures, geometric in their shapes, stood tall and imposing. There was a stillness in the air and an oppressive heat that was foreign to Earth. Max was awed. Haru seemed enchanted.

They walked side by side to the smallest of the four buildings. It was perfectly square in shape with Sandstone points that resembled square based pyramids.

Max watched Haru remove his shoes and he did the same. They stepped through the ancient carved doors and the sweltering heat covered them like a wild fire. For Max, he had to suppress a groan, for Haru the heat was a welcoming blanket of comfort. He’d often times found Earth ships and the planet in general cold and sterile.

Haru walked deeper into the building and soon they stood before a carved chair with a high back and rails that where held up by little carved statues of Vulcan warriors of old. Upon the red cushion covered in gold thread embroidery sat an old woman with a regal baring.

Haru bowed deeply and Max followed suit. This was new to him but he was enjoying the small ceremonial aspects of it.

The woman raised her hand. “You may approach child of Vulcan.

Haru walked up to the chair and knelt on the step just below the raised platform. Max watched, with some anxiety, as the woman reached out her withering hand and touched Haru’s temple. Both closed their eyes and he could swear that an entire conversation passed between them.

Max suppressed the shiver as the old woman opened her eyes and pinned him with her hawk like stare. He stood tall, for some reason taller then he thought possible. He had an odd feeling that he was being assessed for worthiness.

For all their talk of acceptance and non judgement philosophies the Vulcans were a judgemental race.

She removed her hand from Haru’s temple and bade Max to take his place.

With some reluctance he did so while Haru stood off to the side. The woman didn’t touch his temple, not yet. “You wish the Telan?”

It took Max’s brain a moment to process that she was indeed speaking to him. “Um…yeah.”

She raised a delicately pointed eyebrow. “Not an enthusiastic response.”

“I thought Vulcans hated emotional displays.”

She seemed amused as she shifted on her carved throne. “The Telan is a sacred co-joining of minds. Some enthusiasm is warranted.”

“Yippy skippy?”

The response didn’t have an affect he could have foreseen. The old Vulcan, rather then raise her eyebrow again, smiled and even chuckled slighty.

He was so shocked he just stared.


Max did so and her feather light touch on his temple seemed cool for a moment and then like a flood gate his thoughts started jumping wildly as of a movie on fast forward. The experience was unlike anything he’d felt. He’d been in mind melds before, once or twice, but this was raw and left him feeling emotional. It lasted but a second before she sat back.

“The bond will be a true one. Both hearts and minds function as one already. Two halves of a whole. Does thou know what is involved?” She looked at Haru as if asking have you warned him?

Max sighed and he answered instead. “You mean if I know that this is joining that is less then a marriage more then a betrothal?”

“Indeed. So much more. It is a rare form of binding ones life to the other. Your hearts will beat as one, your Katra’s joined. Wouldst thou give thy life for one another?”

Without hesitation Max responded, “For him I would give mine. No questions asked.”

Haru knelt by him. “And I mine for him.”

She gave a slow nod. “Indeed. Having touched thy minds I see the truth of what thou says. The Telan is not to be entered lightly. It is often said that it is stronger then a marriage bond because one cannot function without the other. What you ask is as rare as the fal-tor-pan and it is a permanent bond.”

“Separately we are broken. I have known since the first days of meeting Maximus that his soul is the part of mine that has been missing. He is my friend, my family, an extension of myself. He is T’hy’la, we are T’hy’la.”

She set her eyes on Maximus, “What sayest thee?”

Max smiled. “I agree with what he says. What we share is not…explainable in mere words. I have asked myself many times what I would be without this friendship, without this … deep feeling and I have come to the answer that I would be hollow.”

She, again, gave a slow nod. “I believe thee. The ceremony shall take place one hour from now.” She motioned for two Vulcan monks to step forward. “Prepare them.”

Haru was led away first and as they came back for Max he stood and went with them. As he reached the small exit the old woman’s voice rapped around him, “Thee goes without hesitation or fear. He has chosen well. Before thou goes to prepare I have a question for thee.”

He turned and waited.

The silence lasted for about a minute before she spoke again, “If the bond does not take thou may loose they mind and perhaps thy life. Will thou still ask for the Telan?”

He straightened. “Yes, I understand and accept it”

She gave a slow nod. “Prepare him.” She said to the monks who bowed and lead him out.

To Be Continued...

=/\=Present Time=/\=

Haru slipped in and out of consciousness. The image of the temple replaced by the damp dark cave only to be replaced by the temple again. He felt pulled again into his mind and he willingly went...



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