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Remembering - Part 1

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 10:18am by Lieutenant JG Haru Hernandez

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Mine & Earth
Timeline: Current


The first cave in and mine collapse had been bad but it had triggered some seismic events and the ground had taken to shaking.

The boss had called on all those in the mine to stay low and ride out the after shocks. Haru had huddled by a rock and waited. As the ground shook around him he remembered that as bad as this was it was nothing to what had happened on Earth. He thought of Max and the Bond of Friendship they shared.

=/\=Many days ago, prior to boarding on the Astraea=/\=

Maximus, coffee cup in hand, stood on the small porch of the cabin that he’d rented and watched the explosion of reds and oranges bathe the mist covered ocean as the bright yellow disk rose high into sky of Japan. It was the perfect sunrise; calming, beautiful, spiritual.

He sipped his coffee recalling the day before. Haru had all but fallen apart when he’d learned that his mother had sold his grandmother’s house. Max had been surprised. Haru had shouted and the pain that had been etched on his face; the betrayal and when Midori, Haru’s sister, had sided with their mother Haru had been shattered. He’d just shut down.

Neither Max nor Soral had seen Haru this way. They’d tried to distract him later that day with a blacksmith competition but it had not worked. Haru had been quiet and withdrawn.

Max had rented a cabin for a couple of days so he’d asked Haru to come along to get him away from things. Soral had thought it a good idea too but last night Haru had just come in and all but fallen onto the sofa. He’d stayed there all evening not wanting to even eat.

Just half past midnight he’d moved Haru to the spare room and had gone to his own room to rest but rest would not come. He was worried. Haru had never shut down like this.

As he stood there watching the sunrise a sound from inside drew his attention. He looked over and saw Haru standing a few feet away. The pained lost look still masked his youthful features.


Haru said nothing.

Max sighed. “How about breakfast. I’ll make eggs and bacon.”

Haru, again, said nothing. He just sat down on the deck chair and stared out at the sunrise not really seeing it.

Max, not knowing what else to do, went inside prepared breakfast and brought it out so that they could eat on the porch. The food was consumed quickly and efficiently, the dishes cleaned off. When Max showered and changed he came out to find Haru still sitting on the porch.

Maximus sighed. “Haru, come on. You have to go shower and change. We have to go to your grandmother’s house. Your mother wants you to look through and take what you wish.”

Haru looked up at Max and for the first time he saw his friend’s eyes were red and swollen. “What’s the point? She sold the house, she sold it all.”

Max pressed his lips together. His own loss was still fresh in his mind. He placed a hand on Haru’s shoulder. “I know she did but at least you’ll have something. Some photos, She said for you to take what you wanted.”

“The worst of it is that my own sister agreed.”

He squeezed Haru’s shoulder. “It’ll be alright. Let’s go and see what you want and we’ll come back here and take a few days to rest.”

Haru said nothing. He stood and Max watched as he went into the bathroom only to emerge fifteen minutes later changed and showered.

The two rode the hover car in silence to the house that had been occupied, built, and loved by Haru’s grandmother, a force of nature herself. Max had spent many a shore leave here with Haru and Soral and she’d treated them all like family. He understood Haru’s pain.

As they pulled up to the house Max was not too happy to see Haru’s mother and sister there.

He got out and waited for Haru to join him.

It was Midori that spoke first. “Good morning!” She’d always been bright and sunny but Max could see Haru’s jaw flex. He wanted none of it.

Midori came up to her brother and when she tired to hug him Haru pushed her away. Max could see the clear pain in her face.

It was Captain Hernandez, Haru’s mother who came next. “Haru you’re not still ….”

“I have nothing to say to either of you. I have cared for you both as son, and brother, I took time off from my career to care for you while you were sick,” he said to Midori. “You both have destroyed me. Live with that knowledge and the knowledge that you no longer exist for me.”

Max had never heard his friend speak so harshly and from the shocked expressions on their faces neither had the good Captain nor Midori.

“Haru! Snap out of it,” Captain Hernandez said.

Haru simply walked past them and into the home.

Max sighed. He put up a hand when they would have gone after him. “Let him be. I’ll help him. Give him some time. Right now he’s not good.”

He saw the sadness etched on their face but right now he was here for his friend. He went into the house and found Haru kneeling by an old tea set. His grandmother’s. Max knelt by his friend and put an arm around his shoulders. “It will be alright. Do you want me to pack that for you?”

The slightest nod had Max spurred to action packing the delicate items.

=/\=Present Time=/\=

The ground stopped shaking and drew Haru from his thoughts. He rose to his feet. He had to push on. Hurrying he found a med kit and started working. He had to help these people. Max's care for him had reminded him why he was in Starfleet. To help. To serve. To save. To give hope.

There was no time for more thought. He worked like a man possessed.


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