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Two Officers and a Warp Core (Backpost)

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 9:21pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Sorak

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Starfleet Academy, Earth
Timeline: Set during Around The World In 8 Days

The academy engineering lab filled with several third and fourth years cadets in operations gold all huddled around one man, a Lieutenant with shoulder-length dark black curly hair, a strong jaw, almond brown colored eyes, and the tell tail pointed ears of a Vulcan. Their instructor was a man by the name of Sorak, a favorite among engineering students over the last ten years for his willingness to challenge their minds and encourage their ideas. Today he had his class split into teams in the warp core simulator, their goal to prevent an imminent breach. The simulation was reset each time with randomized contributing factors and the cadets were scored for how fast they solved the issue, their communication and teamwork, and creativity in solving the issue.

Sorak was preparing to let his third and final group when he noticed a figure in command red walk in through the door and take a viewpoint from the back. Offering a dip of his head in silent acknowledgment he continued on. "Cadet Whetmore, your group is now up. Please proceed." Over the next several minutes the cadet team worked together to diagnose the cause of the imminent warp core breach and raced against the clock to stop it. At one point steam filled the room and it seemed the group was destined to fail until at the last moment one of the cadets was able to shut down the core finally and prevent disaster. Spending time with the group and going over what had happened and having the class give the feedback before he finally chimed in with his own. When he was done the class was dismissed and then as Sorak began to shut down the simulation he looked to the back of the lab. "Captain Laurens, I did not expect you to come to meet me here at the academy ma'am."

Abigail smiled graciously. "I was already at Command," she offered by way of explanation. "It was only a small deviation to come by." She glanced around, shaking her head slightly. "Wow, this brings back memories," she said with a smile. "It feels like another lifetime now."

"I am glad then that the trip was not an inconvenience for you," Sorak responded with a dip of his head before walking over and meeting the Captain face to face. Recognizing her smile as she talked about the lab he turned to look at it with her side by side. "I have not heard many always speak with a smile about this particular experience. Often they disliked running through the various engine room emergency failures. I myself however find quite a bit of pleasure in programming them." Smirking he turned towards the Captain and eyed her carefully. "Though I must say I did not think you were a Trill as you mention another lifetime. I fail to see any spots."

"It's a human expression," Abigail responded with a laugh. "It means it was so long ago it feels like a memory from a previous life." She shook her head slightly. "Tell me, what makes you want to give all this up to be back on a Starship again?"

In a very uncharacteristic manner for a Vulcan a smile of understanding spread across Sorak's lips as he processed the meaning of the idiom. "I understand, how interesting. Well, to borrow the phrase I would like to experience the memories of being onboard a starship again." Bringing his arms behind his back the Instructor let out a small sigh as he worked to balance the frustration of his past actions with the guilt he had already overcome for them. "I am not at the Academy by choice for a second time, despite my strong teaching credentials Captain. Starfleet thought this was a better place to keep an eye on me after my actions during the Romulus affair. I wish to prove that I can be a capable officer aboard a starship once more. And continue back on my path towards leadership once more."

Abigail nodded slowly. "Well, rest assured, I have no interest in whatever may have occurred in the past," she replied quietly. "We all make our choices, and we all learn to live with them in one way or another. My only concern is moving forward and the best interests of my ship and my crew, and that includes you."

Dipping his head in acknowledgment Sorak was grateful that the Captain did not consider his past transgressions worthy of note in his application for her ship. "Then I am grateful, for you are unlike other Captains. Tell me what is your current mission? I understand the Astraea is currently in orbit right now."

Abigail gave another nod. "We're scheduled to depart tomorrow, our orders are to head for the Kessik System. Once you're on board and settled we'll arrange a senior staff meeting to brief everyone. The mission brief seems simple enough, it seems to be predominantly an information-gathering opportunity."

Sovek listened quietly to the Captain as she spoke and off her ship's current plans. He however has not expected to hear that they were departing so soon. It just simply meant he would need to pack this evening to be ready for tomorrow. That would not be an issue. “Well then, if it is simply an information-gathering mission it will be a perfect time for me to work with engineering to review the systems and ensure they are running at optimal efficiency.”

"We've had some repairs and upgrades done while we've been in orbit, and our new intelligence officer has already run some 'tests' which resulted in some residual damage, so I'm sure you'll have plenty to keep you going," Abigail said with a smile. "Now, is there anything else you need from me before you officially report in for duty?"

"Damage? An intelligence officer is damaging my...your ship?" Soval corrected himself before sighing and shaking his head. "Well, at least I will have something to do as soon as I get aboard. And someone to go and meet at that. But no ma'am, I believe things are adequate from here. I will report aboard shortly and I am pleased to be working with you. Thank you." Soval offered a nod of his head before offering out his hand to her in a very un-Vulcan like manner in an offer to shake hers.

Abigail took his hand momentarily before straightening her back. Very well Lieutenant," she said with on final smile. "I'll see you when you come on board." With a quick nod of her head, she turned on her heel and started walking away.


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