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Thoughts and Reflections

Posted on Sat Jul 31st, 2021 @ 1:47pm by Captain Abigail Laurens

Mission: Pathstone to History

Though the negotiations had failed, at least for now, it came as a relief to Abigail that neither the Dalacari nor the Ts'usugi held any ill will against them. They had opened up their station once more to crew and offered guest access to the planet again, though there were no crew she was aware of that had taken them up on the offer. Once arrested, twice shy or something like that.

Fleetmaster Goki had graciously allowed her access to the network so she could speak directly with Starfleet Command and update them on the situation. The negotiations had failed. It was a humbling thing to admit. She had set out to do something, and despite best intentions, despite her every desire to succeed, she had failed to achieve the desired outcome. It was a bitter pill to swallow, especially given their current situation.

Federation ships in the Delta Quadrant were now effectively cut off. There would be no easy access to supplies or repairs. There would be no easy access to support. The caravan of ships led by Captain Drell and the USS Vesta was 6 months away so for the next six months they would remain in the Delta Quadrant, rendering what assistance they could to Federation vessels that needed it.

It was along that line that Abigail had spoken privately to Alia after their meeting this afternoon and secured an array of supplies that the Astraea could deliver to the USS Ticonderoga first. Captain Darian had intimated that their situation was not ideal, and now they would bear the burden of assisting on Ivaldi III as soon as they were able.

The supplies had been loaded into the cargo hold and the Astraea was set to depart the following day. Until then, the crew were able to enjoy down time as they pleased and both the Dalacari and Ts'usugi representatives would be joining them in a few hours for a meal.

Rising up from her desk, Abigail walked across to the windows of her ready room, looking out at the station beyond and the planet below. "Computer, begin personal recording for Captain Abigail Laurens, Commanding Officer, USS Astraea."

"I got the coordinates, we're leaving within 24 hours. We need to deliver supplies to the Ticonderoga, but hopefully we should get to you in a few days."

She paused, biting on her bottom lip for a moment. "I've missed you, but I feel better knowing I'll get to see you soon."

A deep intake of breath as she turned and walked back toward her desk. "Save message, send to Captain Dirk Taggart, USS Pennsylvania."

Picking up the half full mug of chai latte from her desk, Abigail carried it to the replicator and recycled it before walking toward the door to the bridge. She still had a few hours before dinner tonight, maybe she could get a holodeck. A soak in a nice hot tub and a glass of wine just may help soothe tattered nerves. At the very least, it definitely wouldn't make things worse.


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