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Posted on Sun Aug 8th, 2021 @ 7:57pm by Lieutenant Tavis Styvek

Mission: Pathstone to History
Location: Counselor's Office

Styveck sat in his new office, the office was slightly larger than his previous one, but it was kept just as sparse. There was a bookshelf with books, on one wall and a pair of lounge chairs and couch on the opposite wall. With the ship preparing for deployment, his workload increased exponentially with the various new crew members.

He continued to review the latest check ins and slowly created calendar invites to meet them. He intentionally left large gaps in his schedule to work in all of the bridge team and leadership team, as their schedules were hectic. Finalizing an automated message he sent to the ship's crew ranked Lieutenant or higher, stating his availability.

Lieutenant Commander Nathan Octavian materialized in the office of the Chief Counselor, his atoms and molecules all found their place again as the flash of light faded. For a moment the man seemed puzzled as he lifted a brow and looked about. Alas his eyes fell upon the pointy-eared alien. “This is not engineering and you are not the Chief Engineer. No. No, you are most definitely not a Trill… nor a female.” He pointed his finger toward the Vulcan, “You must be Lieutenant Styvek, Chief… Counselor! Ah, yes Counselor! And this must be your office.” He looked around again, “Well it is a good thing you’re alone. And not in session, that would be a major confidentiality breach. I am incredibly sorry. While this ship is a real beauty, a marvel really - it is damn big. Too damn big. I swear I have worn out at least two pairs of shoes just trying to find my crew quarters just a few days ago. It is wild. We all need personal transporters, honestly. A ship this size - it just takes far too long to get anywhere.” Nathan motioned his hand, “Let me explain. This is a big ship. I offered a bottle of Scotch to the Transporter Chief and he’s been beaming me wherever I need to go. Until now, it has been nothing less than sufficient.” He motioned his hands in dismay, “But as we can both see. Something clearly has gone wrong. Clearly the transporters need a diagnostic.” The man finally realized he was rambling and stopped as he lifted his finger again, “I'm going to get out of your hair... So sorry just to drop in!”

The Vulcan raised his eyebrow questioningly as the man continued to speak endlessly. Humans could be talkative but this one was quite adept at giving a new definition to the colloquialism "Chatty Cathy". He waited patiently for the man to finish, "Lieutenant Commander, I am indeed the ship's Counselor, may I ask who you are sir?"

"Oh right - the name is Nathan, Lieutenant Commander Nathan Octavian. I will be on the ship temporarily, on loan I guess you could say - from the USS Equinox. I will be assuming the role of Mission Advisor for the next few weeks," the man responded as he gave a slight nod.

"Fascinating, and do you typically beam into areas where sensitive material may or may not be discussed at a given moment. What would have happened Sir if it had been Medical and the doctor in the midst of an operation, or the Captain in her ready room receiving an intelligence briefing. I am curious to hear a valid response Lieutenant Commander as to why I should not deem you as unfit to serve?" The Vulcan asked.

"Unfit to serve?" A sly smirk appeared on the corner of the man's lips. "I have been accused of many things - but, never that. If you weren't a Vulcan, I would assume you had a sense of humour..." He motioned his hand in front of his chest as if to dismiss the entire incident. "Listen, let us not get ahead of ourselves. Clearly the transporters should be functioning at peak efficient and accuracy matters. A better question is not where I ended up - but, what unfortunate accident may have occurred if I hadn't used the transporter in the first place. I'd rather appear here in error than have someone killed during an away mission. Rest assured the error will be corrected - be pleased with your role in this troubleshooting matter." Nathan shook his head, "Anyway, if there is nothing more I'll be on my way..."

Styveck lifted an eyebrow curiously, the human behavior could be so unpredictable, "Good Day, Commander," he said dismissively. It was strange how cunning humans thought themselves sometime, when he had already lived twice as long as the average human aboard.


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