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Counseling Clearence

Posted on Mon Aug 24th, 2020 @ 5:40pm by Lieutenant JG Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant Tavis Styvek

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: USS Astaea | Chief Counselor's Office
Timeline: (Backpost) -- Pre away mission


Kaito had finished his medical. He left the bay and headed to get a coffee at the mess hall. Arriving promptly he picked up a black coffee, double cream, no sugar and sat down at a table. From his back pocket he drew out a pocket sized notebook and small pen. He crossed off medical and looked at his next appointment. Counseling. He closed the notebook and slipped it, and the pen, back into his pocket. He used PaDDs but he preferred the antiquated writing tools. There was something satisfying about putting pen to paper.

Standing he headed out, with coffee in hand, to see the counselor. He'd reviewed the profiles of the crew, as was accessible by SEC/TACT officers, and was interested to see that the counselor had Vulcan blood in him. There weren't many in the field.

He had mixed feelings about this appointment. He had to see the man but part of him didn't want to and another knew that he should. He hadn't talked to anyone about his recent loss and frankly if he was going to be captain someday he needed to let this out. He needed to get comfortable with relying on a counselor.

Kaito walked up to the door of the Chief Counselor and rang the chime.

"Enter," Styveck said as he laid down the Padd on his desk. He was reading a Vulcan text on human emotions during a crisis; it was one book he referred to often after difficult human interactions.

Styveck stood as the gentleman entered and prepared to greet him in the human ritual of shaking hands, "I am Lieutenant Styveck," he said extending his outstretched hand.

Kaito instead gave the Vulcan salute. "Live Long and Prosper." He then shook the man's hand. "I am Haru Kaito Hernandez." He paused. "I am also fluent in Vulcan if you prefer we can converse that way or in Standard Federation."

Styveck returned the Vulcan salutation, “Live Long and Prosper,” before shaking his hand, “Lieutenant Hernandez, please have a seat, We will speak in standard during official meetings or counseling sessions such as this,” he said matter of factly. “Between sessions though, small talk, as you humans call it, can be conducted in Vulcan. May I ask where you learned it, Lieutenant?”

He pointed to the slight point to his ears. "I am one fourth Vulcan. My father is half Vulcan and Have Human. My mother Human. I went to school on Vulcan and was largely taught in the ways of Vulcan."

“Intriguing,” Styveck replied, unsure how he had missed the physical Vulcan traits. “Please have a seat and I will prepare a traditional Vulcan tea.” After Walking to a small shelf Styveck opened a small container holding dry leaves, and began to prepare their tea. “How long have you been Aboard the Astrae?”

Haru appreciated tea especially from Vulcan, it was one of the few things that was rich in flavour. "I just came aboard on Earth, Sir."

Styveck waited for the man to finish before asking a follow up question,"Tell me of your daily routine aboard the Astrae, and do you find it enjoyable?"

"I haven't been cleared for duty yet. I got my medical clearance, met the CO and a few other people. I am still unpacking really and require this one clearance. So thus far my routine has consisted of meal and unpacking." He answered honestly.

"Ahh I see, Welcome Aboard, as the humans say," Styveck replied, "As a new visitor to my office, I must let you know that whatever is said between us will remain in this room unless doing so will cause harm to yourself or a crew member. Is that acceptable?"

"Of course." He gave a nod. "I must confess I do not generally visit counseling. Only when necessary so I may not be as regular as some." He did however need this. He was still fighting with himself as to whether he needed it or not. He'd had it pretty rough thus far before coming here.

“Your presence here is welcome at any time, but is only mandatory when deemed necessary. However since this our first meeting I will try not to fix you, or else I will be out of a job” Styveck said with a straight face in an attempt at humor. “May I ask you tell me a bit about yourself?”

Haru smiled a little at the joke. He pondered the question. "Well I was never really good at that. What would you like to know?"

"Feel free to start wherever you wish," Styveck replied.

He gave a nod. "Well I guess I shall start with the professional. I am in Security, always known that this was the route that I wanted to enter. I am skilled in several forms of martial arts. My ambitions, I do not hide, tend to go towards the command track. I have recently declared it. I wish to command one day like some of the greats. I have Captain's that I aspire to."

"Do you feel you are ready for this responsibility?" Styveck asked intrigued by the man's response.

"To be captain? At this point no but I aim to get great ready for it. I have also been taking steps for when the time comes. One day I aim to have my own ship and crew. I am ready for the command track...with flight being the biggest issue really. But once that's overcome I should be good to go. I am... content with my progress thus far." He said using the word Content to avoid any emotional connotations as he knew most Vulcans were not happy with the use of emotional language, although this was no average Vulcan.

“For someone with your drive and goals I do not believe you are content, with your current status, but we can discuss that another time. I will sign off on your onboard gear paperwork and we will be meeting in the future. As the Chief Counselor it will be my job to clear you for the command track,” Styveck explained.

"Thank you sir." He said. Haru waited until he'd gotten his clearances and then headed to do the final filing. This was going to be an interesting posting.



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