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Step Two

Posted on Mon Jun 8th, 2020 @ 10:56pm by Lieutenant Tavis Styvek

Mission: Into The Delta Triangle
Location: Counselor's office

It was like she was having to drag herself down the hall. The last time she had seen a shrink was many years ago during an investigation into her having inappropriate relations with a Base Commander. That was just a super bad experience and she didn't have any reason to think this would be any better. She actually had contemplated on putting in her resignation. That was a step she didn't take lightly but was still very much an option. As she found herself in the Doc's waiting room she checked in with the yeoman and took a seat.

Styveck placed his cup of Vulcan tea on his coffee table, he then laid his Padd beside it, his next scheduled meeting was to begin in a moment. With a deep breath he stood and walked to his office door, "Lieutenant Matashi," he called from the doorway into the small waiting area.

Alanah looked up and sized up Tavis as he does most people the first time she meets them. Without saying anythng she rose to her feet and headed for the door way. 'Might as well get this over with' She thought silently as she pushed past him in the door and flopped down on a chair.

“Would you like a drink before we begin?” Styveck asked hoping to help put to ease his newest arrival. He poured himself a cup of tea from the tea set on the small table between the chairs. “It is Vulcan tea, though I can replicate something for you if you prefer something different.”

"Nah, Doc. I am sure we both know I am not here voluntarily." She started. "That's what happens when you break a nurse's nose and slug a fellow security officer." She said with her head hanging low.

Styveck nodded and and made a note on his PADD, he had several patients admit to throwing a punch or letting go with abnormal violent tendencies that were typically out of character. “Let’s start there,” the Vulcan began. “What let up to the outburst?”

"There was an intense buzzing or ringing in my head and when I tried to tell people about it I was unable to express words. I wanted to lay down. The nurse was bothering me so I guess from what I was told I elbowed her in the face and then shoved a fellow security officer off her biobed so I could lay down." Alanah explained clearly shaken by rehashing the events. "To be honest most of what happen is hard for me to even remember that whole time was such a blur."

“I am going to assume you have received a clean bill of health from the Ship’s Doctor?” Styveck said without waiting for a reply. “Is this the first time you have attempted to use violence to solve a problem?”

She laughed at the later question. "Doc said I am good to go. As for your other question I am a fiery redhead that works Security what do you think?" She gave an evil grin.

"Your stereotype has been scientifically disproved Lieutenant, using the color of one's hair to describe ones' action displays an inability to shoulder the responsibility of ones' choices. I do hope that is not the case in this instance," Styveck said matter of factly.

Alanah felt her anger start to rise. "Well Doctor smartypants, guess you should be prepared to be disappointed." She said quelling the rage with sarcasm.

"I guarantee I am neither disappointed or exuberant. I am here to provide my services as a Counselor to this crew," Styveck said calmly. "I believe this conservation will need to be continued when you have better control of your emotions Lieutenant. You are dismissed, schedule a follow up with my yeomen upon your exit, thank you."

Styveck watched the Lieutenant and finished his glass of tea in silence before making the necessary notes in the Lieutenant's record.

Lieutenant Styveck
Chief Counselor
USS Astrae


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