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Posted on Thu Dec 19th, 2019 @ 8:31pm by Lieutenant Tavis Styvek

Tavis held his Padd and read the orders, the USS Astrea had need of a counselor. There was an "incident" (details omitted due to classification) that required a team from the Starbase. Tavis did not waste time in contemplating the what ifs of the scenario that he would be stepping into. His plan, the same as most Vulcans, relied on facts.

In his short career as a Counselor it surprised him how frequently humans and other species as well, allowed their emotions to cloud their judgement and affect their ability to process the events.

Sitting in the transport Tavis closed his eyes and began to meditate. The last few years had been unnerving, he had met his human mother before she passed away. He was raised by his father and had not known his human mother until shortly before her death. He did not mourn her death as he had not known her, and it bothered him at times.

Growing up on Vulcan without his mother was tough, he did not get to explore the human side of his emotions. His father kept him focused on learning the traditions of their people.

The lack of emotional connections left Tavis with a curiosity about learning and exploring these emotions further. This curiosity led him to Starfleet as a Counselor. AN announcement overhead announcing their arrival ti the Astrae broke through his meditation.

Tavis stood, picked up his single bag and walked aboard the Astrae.


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