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Kaito's Persona Log -- Forever Changed

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 9:24am by Lieutenant JG Haru Hernandez


Kaito had just finished his shower. He slipped into his comfortable sleeping pants and headed back into the living area that held his desk. This was one of his favourite times. It had become almost sacred to him. He’d brew some tea and sit at his desk and write his log entry.

For tonight he’d chosen calming peppermint. A herb that aided both in digestion and seemed to sooth the rough patches of the day.

Kaito removed the tea bag that had been steeping inside the pot of boiling water while he'd showered. He replaced the lid of the pot and poured the dark spicy liquid into the handless cup. With both hands he carried the cup to his desk and placed it off to his right on the coaster that he kept there for just this purpose.

He removed, from the top drawer of his desk, his leather bound notebook and a fountain pen with marble colouring. Uncapping the pen he set it off to the side and reached further into the drawer binging out a low apple like bottle. With a twist of his right hand he removed the lid and placed the dark bottle on his desk.

Taking a deep breath he used both hands to lift the cup of tea to his lips. He inhaled sharply the first sent of the refreshing cleansing tea. He savoured the heat of the cup and the strong aroma as his grandmother had taught him to do.

He brought the cup to his lips and allowed the hunter green liquid to slowly flow past his lips. He savoured a long drink before placing the cup back on the coaster.

He quickly found the last page he had used by following the ribbon that marked it. Opening the book to the page he let it lay flat and picked up, with his right hand, the fountain pen. Dipping it in the ink he gave the pen two taps on the rim of the bottle to drain the excess ink.

Shinraidekiru tomodachi,

He began referring to his journal as a trusted friend, and it had been that. It held his thoughts and dreams, his hopes, his pain all without judgement. It had been his beloved grandmother who had introduced him to the journaling art. He wrote as much for his soul as he did as a way to honour her.

Shinraidekiru tomodachi,

It has been a difficult day. I rose early as I do often and started by unpacking and making this…place my home. It is not something that I considered, ever. My home has always been where my Sobo (grandmother) was. When she passed just days ago my world was shattered. I felt, for the first time, as if I was without a home. Sobo had always said that I needed to find my own way. She was a true believer of the IDIC even though she was not Vulcan in blood.

He paused and put the pen down across the journal. Taking his tea cup in both his hands he again sipped at his tea. This time two short sips before placing the still hot porcelain cup on its coaster.

When I had lost faith in my mother and perhaps even in who I was Sobo was there with her wisdom to bring me back from the threshold of darkness. I will always credit her with the man that I am today.

I found that unpacking today my mind flowed with memories and words of wisdom that I did not even know that I had picked up from her. She told me once that she found cleaning and organizing to be a form of meditation and I never understood that until today.

So as difficult as it was, it was indeed a way for me to feel her spirit with me as I set my quarters in order.

Once again he paused and placed his pen down across the paper. He sighed and took his cup holding its warmth between his hands before sipping the hot liquid. This time he took a long sip allowing the liquid to stay in his mouth for a few seconds before allowing the hot coolness of the liquid to slowly make its way down his throat leaving behind it a refreshing mint taste. He’d always liked mint. It always seemed to make him feel alive.

Placing the cup back down he returned to his journaling.

Tomorrow is another day. I will be getting some official meetings out of the way before I can truly consider myself a member of the crew. I very much look forward to starting my duties. They will be a little bit of a distraction and it has been months since I worked. Taking care of my sister while she healed from her injuries and Sobo while she was sick too has changed me and I feel I come back to my duties with a maturity that I lacked mere months ago. I hope that I can serve well here. I hope that I can live out the ideals of those I admire and that I shall always remember that I joined Starfleet for Service, Sacrifice, Compassion, Love, Courage, Honour, and Duty. These are the principles that I hold dear.

Teicho ni


He closed the apple like bottle and capped the pen putting both away in the first drawer of his desk. He dabbed the pages of the journal and once he was sure it was dry he inserted the ribbon to hold his page and closed the book. Wrapping it in a silk cloth of red he placed it in the drawer until he was ready to write again.

Closing the drawer he stood taking the cup of tea and finished the last few sips before placing the cup on the table. He replicated a glass of water for himself and took it to his room. It was time for sleep.



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