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Introductions to newness

Posted on Sat Feb 22nd, 2020 @ 5:49am by Lieutenant Mica Rue

= Capital Technology Headquarters: Trill =

"And here is where the vast majority of our engineers spend their time." Trianna Yin gestured to the door to their left, smiling widely as Mica stepped past her.

Inside the vault-ceiling room, pods of trill milled about, discussing matters quietly among themselves, examining pieces of machinery and applying tools to certain pieces. Mica's sight flitted over the people and their machine counterparts.

"Of course, you would have your own office and access to the drafting room anytime you saw fit."

Mica watched one particular group circled around a holo-image. It appeared to be a modification of a surgery tube. One woman tapped the hologram, dissembling the tube, taking it apart one component at a time.

"Why?" Mica asked.

Yin's gaze snapped in her direction. "excuse me?"

"Why me?" Mica asked, without looking away from the working group. "Why my own office?" She turned, peeling away from the sight below. "It's no secret this institution prides itself on Trill advancements, Official Yin. Advancements done by Trill. And although I may look it from a distance, we both know I am not trill. So why are you offering me such a position?"

Yin's lips curled upward. "You have done your research on us, Lieutenant."

"I didn't need to, Official Yin. I was raised here, after all."

"Exactly." Yin motioned to the hall. Mica stepped into line beside her, matching her pace as they strolled the corridor of the institution. "As one raised here their entire life, and raised as trill, despite your true heritage, you will respect and follow the trill ways in this place. As someone who has climbed the ranks of starfleet and worked as both underling and commanded a department, you have the necessary extra skills we are looking for."

"I was only chief engineer for a week before I resigned that position, Official Yin."

"True. But, you knew when it was best to step back, and that could not have been an easy decision."

Mica looked away and stopped walking. It hadn't been easy, and she wondered what such a bold move would mean for her commission. She didn't know if her CO would take her back, if there would eve be a position offered to her again on her ship. If such an action would taint her record for future positions...

"And then there was your mother."

The Lieutenant's eyes met Yins. "My mother?"

The official gestured to a table within a large sitting area. She sat comfortably in a white scoop-backed chair, crossing her legs. Mica lowered herself into the other, perching on the edge.

"We were all very saddened to hear of Mari Bai's passing." she began, her smile faltering. "She was a wonderful woman, and an excellent scientist. The expedition of the caves was started here, and would have been finished here with her had it not..." she paused, "well, had things gone otherwise." The woman nodded as a server Mica hadn't noticed previously, set down two cups of steaming tea on a gleaming coffee table before them.

Mica's shoulders slumped slightly. "So this job offer is out of pity?"

The official laughed. A boisterous, hearty laugh that Mica loved in the trill. A laugh that Mica knew only came from lifetimes of haughty confidence of a joined trill. "No, Lieutenant. This offer comes out of a need for good engineers like you. When I heard of your mother's passing, I looked you up then. It's true, I wouldn't have considered the option otherwise. But then you were here with no return to your ship scheduled and, I was intrigued."

Mica sat back in her chair. Just a little.

"The offer comes with a tidy compensation, enough for a established home and transportation if needed, and the office and privileges I mentioned earlier. You can make your hours for the most part, and hand-pick your primary team. You would be in charge of them and receive acknowledgement of any and all advancements made first and foremost."

"You don't worry about my...well, to be frank, I AM Enaran."

Yin smiled warmly. "We would welcome you back as a daughter of trill, although no deception of your race would be needed. We would, of course, request that you refrain from any projection of thought or memory on the others and failure to do so would result in penalty."

Mica lowered her eyes. "of course."

"But Ms. Rue, we also have technology that could help you with that and as a member here you would have access to any and all trials and established technology you may want or need."

The Lt glanced up again. Unlimited technology. A permanent home close to her brothers for good. She could have her own place, with a good amount of people around her that would be consistent. She could perhaps find someone to settle down with, eventually have a family as her parent's had wished... The offer was tempting. But as the opportunity swirled in Mica's mind her thoughts travelled back again to all that she would miss out on in space. In Starfleet.

"I can see you'll need some time to consider this, and that is wise." The official nodded. "The offer stands, you only need to send a communique and I can have the contract sent to you immediately."

Mica stood. "It's already drawn up?"

"Of course." Yin stood as well, smoothing her suit jacket. "Ready for you to sign, Ms. Rue."

Doubt crept into Mica's thoughts. The official had stopped calling her "lieutenant" already, she as so sure Mica would take the offer.

"I will consider it carefully and get back to you, Official Yin."

"Trianna, please. First names amongst colleagues."

Mica shook her hand. "Trianna. Thank you."

The lieutenant strode from the building straight-backed, aware that on her was the gaze of not only Trianna Yin but a host of other trill scientists and engineers. And although she knew their interest in a non-trill within the premises was only passing, she wondered if the strangeness could ever be commonplace. And she wondered, accurately, if she could ever fit in, in a place where she neverr had before.

With one last glance at the building, its radiant surface of polished white sides, its swooping window covers like peaks upon a cake, Mica considered her future and the two divides she now faced.


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