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The Warmth of Two Suns

Posted on Wed Apr 20th, 2022 @ 5:52pm by Lieutenant JG Shaille Levine & Ashe Zachariah & Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Rozia & Lieutenant Commander Jason Myers & Linza (Lin) Esni & Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Veznia MD PSyD & Lieutenant Alexis Aenera & Warrant Officer Koh Ottasu & Warrant Officer Callisi Veera & Lieutenant JG Alistair Fletcher

Mission: Lower Decks

The golden sand seemed to stretch for an eternity in either direction, powdery and silky soft, yet firm enough to hold with each step. Beyond the sand the turquoise water shimmered under the rays of the two suns, beautifully transparent, enticing. Even the soft breeze seemed almost intoxicating, gently scented by the flowers blooming around the park.

There was no doubt that the holodeck program was incredibly well designed, the scenery around them was captivating, drawing them in and warming away the chills left from being on the planet.

Even the entertainment had been well planned out, catering to everything anyone could possibly want to do on the beach and beyond, though it seemed the focal point was likely intended to be the tiki bar that was providing a continuous stream of brightly coloured drinks in tall glasses, adorned with brightly coloured and ridiculous decorations.

Abigail straightened the hat on her head and glanced around, smiling as she accepted a drink from a passing server. It was nice to see the crew winding down and enjoying some relaxation time while they were enroute to Tabula Rasa. There was no doubt in her mind at all, they all deserved it.

Veznia wore a lime green slingkini, that she was beginning to suspect wasn't intended for women. It garnered her a number of looks as she travelled to the Holodeck, but it wasn't any concern to Vez. Barely covered, she let herself enjoy the feeling of the sand as she made her way towards the Captain. "This is beautiful!" She exclaimed as she approached. "Wow!"

Evelyn had to do a double-take as she saw Veznia in the... Interesting swimsuit, while she herself was in a far more practical (for women) bandeau bikini top, in gold of course, with a silver-colored wrap covering the matching bottoms, at least on the left side, her left leg mostly bare. A matching silver hat provided shade for her face and indeed, her spots went all the way down, conveniently shown by the general lack of covering cloth on her body, "I agree, in fact, I think if this is anything like what we're heading towards, I may have found the right place to retire to."

Adding to the diversity of the room was the current representative of the other side. Koh walked in down the sandy beach, his broad paws leaving distinct imprints in the sand as he approached the group. A simple black shirt, devoid of insignia or text, and a pair of simple black shorts with a grey stripe on the waistband. "Ladies. Sir." he nodded to the others, then Abigail. As a living, breathing male, he was compelled to admire the forms and contours of those present, but his glance slid from one form to the next with no favoritism or delay.

Joining in behind him was one of the other resident Children of Ts'usugi. Callisi came in behind Koh, sporting a simple red one piece swimsuit with some Ts'usugi script over her left breast. Possibly a brand name, or something else. For those that had ever seen her sign her name, it didn't resemble her name in her native script at all. Anyone that got close enough to really see it was probably too close.

Her standard eyepatch, classic black, contrasted with her red swimsuit choice. Like Koh, the Daughter of Ts'usu was barepaw on the soft sand. Unlike Koh, she took the time to scrunch her toes a bit to feel the sand, to appreciate the sand. He was a fighter pilot, she was a dropship pilot. One of them was more used to feeling the ground beneath her paws. "Two suns. Reminds me of Jerai Three."

"You and I remember Jurai Three very differently." Koh mentioned with a smirk.

Callisi gave a glance around at the others, and simply offered a nod to them. Such a diversity of outfits, some more diverse than others. Her simple outfit covered as much of her as needed to help with her confidence. She was beautiful, but to her own mentality, she was broken.

For some reason, Linza felt self-conscious in her dark green bikini and her hair down for the first time in a while. Why, she wasn't sure. She'd never had issues with her body being shown before. This whole new life of her's was changing her mindset. But, her eyebrow raised once she saw Veznia and decided to not even ask. Instead, she grabbed a drink and just decided to people watch.

Buck had dressed more with the program's simulated environment in mind than his own comfort: board shorts and an aloha shirt, the latter left unbuttoned displaying his impressively muscled chest and the bar code tattooed on his left forearm. As he made his way through the simulation he stopped to scoop up a handful of sand. "Hard to believe its all just forcefields and light." He remarked watching the sand flow between his fingers.

"Is that bar open?" Vez asked, with a wide Denobulan smile. She looked around at her comrades, hoping she wasn't the only one thinking it.

"If it isn't, I can make it be!" Evelyn laughed, a glint in her eye, "And it had better be stocked with pineapple and cherries, because that's what I'm craving at this time!"

"Pineapples are the spicy ones?" Callisi asked for verification. Koh shook his head, "No, those are peppers. Pineapples are the ones that eat you while you eat them."

That moderately blew Callisi's mind, "You're serious?" and Koh nodded. That clinched it, Callisi had a mission, "Okay so now I really want to try something pineapple."

"I suggest you try a 'Painkiller'," Shaille replied with a grin as she stopped next to Koh. Her own choice of outfit was a purple and black bikini with a black skirt and a pair of black flip flops. As always, when she wasn't on duty, the necklace Koh had given her hung around her neck. "If that isn't your speed, try a simple pina colada."

Abigail laughed listening to the conversation. The way the Ts'usugi always confused something that seemed so straight forward to her was always amusing. It was something she experienced often with Ichiko. "The bar is open. Ashe and Lon are behind the bar with a combination of real and replicated alcohol. Lieutenant Fletcher and Ensign Rajeo have offered to man the grill. I hope you all enjoy."

The sun reflected off of Rajeo's bald head as he winked in the the Captain's direction. "We've got veggie dogs, soy burgers, and tofu skewers." He declared proudly for everyone to hear. "And meat too if that's more your speed."

"A drink called a Painkiller." Callisi mused with a smirk. A smirk that didn't quite make it to her eyes. Eye.

"The only problem with a drink that takes the pain away..." she started. Koh offered a smirk, "Itami ga modoru." he responded. "Now, go get your pineapple on, or whatever it is the Alphas would say." he snickered, and she followed suit and made her way to the bar. Koh gave a smile over to Shaille, his smirk at Callisi evolving to something purer, more than just a response. An expression. "Black looks good on you." the black furred Son of Ts'usu mentioned, then paused, "That... I meant the outfit."

He shook his head, "I'll go die of embarrassment now."

Shaille laughed, sliding an arm behind his back. "Well, we can find out exactly how good black looks later," she quipped.

Buck leant on the bar as he watched the crew milling around. "Can I grab a beer?"

Ashe grabbed a beer from a fridge behind the bar, opened it and set it in front of him before offering a grin. "Got them special for you," she said brightly. "Just been holding them til I saw you again. Careful, it's the real stuff though!"

As she approached the bar, Abigail took the hat off her head and rested it on the surface. "Slidewinder please?" she requested politely before turning to Buck. "Commander," she said with a smile and a nod.

"You're too good to me, Rainbow Bright." Buck smiled broadly as he picked up the beer. "You should probably save these for someone who'll feel the buzz though." When he heard Abigail he turned to face her and raised the bottle. "Captain! Good to see you."

Ashe grinned. "Oh you hush, there's plenty to go around. Enjoy them!" she responded before she turned to serve another crew member.

Abigail nodded in response to Buck. "And you Commander," she smiled warmly.

Jason showed up, looking around at the beach. "Well this is a lot better than the last place!"

Veznia shifted her straps slightly. "You can say that again." She rubbed her hands together. "I want something sweet, but very alcoholic. Any suggestions?"

"Dirty Pina Colada?" Evelyn asked from where she was sipping from her own frosty glass, a slice of pineapple perched on the edge, several cherries dotting the top of the drink, one vanishing as she reached in and popped it into her mouth, "These things are good!"

"That sounds good!" Veznia exclaimed. "Make mine a double." She was excited to sample the drink, which she assumed was from Earth.

"Two if you can, please!" Jason said. "God maybe an extra for me. Can we, uhhh.... just stay in the holodeck?"

Abigail laughed. "The holodeck will stay online until we get to Tabula Rasa," she replied. "Make the most of it while you can."

"I'll leave the alcohol to the others I think. I've...done some bad things when I've had that," Linza said somewhat quietly. She liked being around people who weren't afraid of her or what she'd do, but at the same time, knew what alcohol could lead to.

Koh gave the security officer a nod, "There's no shame in wanting to keep control of your faculties. Drown out your senses too much, and you're inviting trouble." the Son of Ts'usu consoled. It looked like Callisi was going to offer some advice or council of her own, but instead remained silent. "He's right." is all she added, nursing something pineapple'y.

"That flavor really does just overpower everything, doesn't it?" she asked. "Pineapple, I mean."

Veznia spoke with her tongue outside of her mouth. "I think the pineapple is making my tongue feel weird."

Koh motioned to Veznia, then looked over at Callisi, "Told you. Pineapple eats you.

"Pineapple is awesome!" Evelyn pointed out, her own tongue tingling from the fruit, then plucking one of the several cherries from her drink and popping it in her mouth to chew on it briefly, "But I do believe I hear burgers calling my name, and let me assure you, they won't eat you if you eat them first."

Abigail smiled at Evelyn's enthusiasm. "I think I'll join you Commander. They smell delicious." With a nod back to the rest of the gathered crew enjoying their pineapple cocktails. "Enjoy your drinks."


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