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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Tue Jul 6th, 2021 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Jason Myers & Commander Ichiko Gail & Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison & Lieutenant Roxa Onaix
Edited on on Sun Jul 11th, 2021 @ 4:35pm

Mission: Pathstone to History

**Docking port**

Will hurried up to the docking port and nodded at the others. "I'm assuming that this is where we're supposed to meet Goki and the Dalacari rep?" he said.

"I believe so." Jason replied. "Unless they changed it last minute, but... Then if they did nobody let me know."

Lieutenant Onaix was on the team that had been tasked with meeting the Dalacari and Ts'usugi delegates. She arrived at the designated meeting place "greetings" the Lieutenant offered those that had already assembled.

The opposite side of the airlock docking assembly had a Dalacari security drone or two standing by. The delegates from the Ts'usugi and Dalacari regions hadn't probably arrived yet. At Onaix's enthusiastic greeting, one of the drones actually waved back. Though, it snapped to attention as the guests of honor made their way to the docking assembly.

Alia Vass, the diplomat assigned to these matters by the Dalacari Republic. She wore a pair of simple, comfortable dresses that managed to compliment each other, while still looking distinct. To her side was Fleetmaster Diasan Goki, a Ts'usugi male dressed in what obviously was a commander's uniform. To the greeting Lieutenant, they each gave a nod over.

"Permission to come aboard." Goki requested. It was their home, after all.

Roxa stood with her hands folded behind her back, silent and watching everything that was going on.

Will realized that no one had really been appointed the group lead for the Astraea team, and it was a toss-up between him and the new security chief as to who technically outranked the other under the circumstances. But since Will was the longer serving of the original Astraea crew, he stepped forward. "Welcome on board the Astraea," he said to the delegation. "I'm Lieutenant Commander William Gunnison, the Astraea's Chief of Operations, and this is Lieutenant Commander Jason Myers, our security chief, and Lieutenant Roxa Onaix, our chief intelligence officer. Our shipmaster," Will hoped he was using the term correctly, "Captain Laurens, has asked us to escort you to the conference room to meet with her."

"It is a pleasure to meet you both." Jason said. "If there's anything you require, we do what we can to accommodate you."

"In Dia's graces, I greet you all as fellow travelers. Alia spoke first, a smile on both of her features. "It's a pleasure to be aboard." as she took the first few steps across the threshold of the craft, leaving the station and entering the Astraea proper. Behind her there was a security drone, who motioned for the dark furred Ts'usugi to proceed next in line. This... was Fleetmaster Diasan Goki.

For those who saw images, vids, or heard descriptions, he was shorter than expected. Even including the ears. He looked young. He looked fresh. He took the step across the line of the airlock docking assembly, and then took a breath of the ship's air. "On behalf of the Three Dawn Accord, your welcome is accepted. Thank you." a pause, "We look forward to any future meetings. If you would please, lead the way." he was soft spoken, gentle in tone. Where Alia was excited at the prospect of meeting new people, Goki's tone was almost that of familiarity, as though he were just meeting an old friend after years of silence. A good trick to keep the nerves down, to quell anxiety.

"As do we." Jason replied. "If you would kindly follow me, I will escort you to our conference lounge and we can commence our meeting." he added. All things considered, they seemed a rather friendly bunch.


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