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A Little White Lie

Posted on Sun Mar 29th, 2020 @ 1:42pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: sickbay

Sickbay was busier than she had seen so far, something which wasn't entirely surprising given the effect Hell had had on the crew. There was some residual radiation sickness and some general injuries, which no doubt was keeping everyone busy.

Having assured the first nurse that approached her that she was just fine, she glanced around, her gaze falling on Lieutenant Morgan, the very person it was that she wanted to speak with. With a faint smile, she approached, touching his arm lightly. "Lieutenant, when you have a moment, I need to speak with you," she said quietly. "Perhaps in your office?"

Calvin raised one eyebrow at the request and nodded. He put down the equipment he was recalibrating and led the Captain to his office. Closing the door behind them he walked to his desk and leaned on it. "What do we need to speak about?" He asked curiously.

"I'll cut to the point," Abigail said quietly. "Until this situation is resolved, I need you to have our Ts'usugi shipmates declared unfit for duty and confined to sickbay."

She sighed, rubbing fingers against one temple in a slow circular motion as if to relieve a headache. "With everything that is going on, I don't want to take the risk that they might get caught up in it and their status within Starfleet gets called into question."

"You know that's not going to stop them from doing something if they decide to, right?" Calvin replied, crossing his arms and thinking through the situation.

Abigail smirked. "I suspect that they already have," she retorted. "But if they have, then that's on them and their decision. My concern is someone else getting ideas needlessly. I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking it..." she shook her head slightly. "They are our friends, I need to try and protect them, no matter how misguided it might be."

"Well as you know I can't just be going around for any old reason," Calvin replied standing up and walking around his desk. He leaned over and sorted through some PaDDs and miscellaneous things. "Even though it is a contention of pride amongst us doctors that we can yank the Captain at any point we feel it." He said looking up with a bit of a smirk. "Ah," he said looking back down and finding the right PaDD. "However the thought had occurred to me because of Hell they might need to be deemed unfit. It can be used for this situation. It'll be back dated to their admission to sickbay and leave them free and clear of any responsibility since that moment. I can't confine them to their quarters, but I can relieve them of duty and responsibilities as they relate to the uniform."

"Can you keep them here until this is over?" she asked hopefully. "It would definitely simplify the issue."

Calvin sighed, blinked once, and looked off to the right. He fidgeted with the PaDD in his hands. he sorted through different thoughts. He turned without warning to the Sickbay Overview monitor behind his desk and tapped away. "Well, no I can't keep them here. However they can't leave until the last of the tests work their way through the lab. I know the lab was having some problems because of Hell." He turned to look back at the Captain. "I can delay them leaving for a while."

"Let's hope it doesn't take long to get this resolved then," Abigail said quietly. "Thank you Lieutenant, I owe you."

Calvin chuckled. “I stopped keeping track of debts owed a long time ago. It doesn’t serve much of a purpose I don’t think. Don’t worry about it. It’s what Sickbay is here for,” He smiled turning off the monitor and setting the PaDD down.

"It's good to know you're looking out for the crew. It's reassuring," Abigail said quietly. "This crew has been through a lot already. Here's hoping we get some real down time after this, you know, provided you're all still under my command anyway." She shrugged in an attempt to be nonchalant but the darkness in her eyes made it clear she was concerned. "Anyway, I've taken up enough of your time Doctor, thank you."

"If it gets to JAG time, I might have a string or two I can pull for you," He said with a wink. He shut down his desk monitor and walked her to the office door. "Well I guess I should go break the bad news about the lab."

"I'll keep that in mind," Abigail said with a slight smile as she stood up and walked to the door. "I'll keep you updated."


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