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Fire fighting - Engineering

Posted on Sat Apr 11th, 2020 @ 1:36pm by Captain Abigail Laurens & Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Thor & Crewman Telleon Venn

Mission: Dead Moon
Location: Engineering
Timeline: After returning from the Away mission

Chief Ben looked around engineering, things looked surprisingly calm and controlled despite the additional shifts put on to make sure the ship was up for its mission into this volatile region of space and that the shields etc would hold. He had just gotten down from the transporter room after an urgent message from engineering.

"Chief," Venn raised his head from the terminal he was hunched over. "getting reports of a brown out on the power couplings on decks 4 and 5, port side." The Andorian crewmen looked about before continuing. "Do you want me to retask one of teams doing rad proofing to deal with it?"

Ken came running over to the Chief of Engineering. "Urmmm Chief, I might know the reason behind that...something hit us, minor hull breach, blew out the power grid on deck 4 and 5. Some blown out consoles as well." He said, slightly out of breath.

"Something hit us?" Ben started to ask, before cutting off the engineers as they started to respond. "hmmm, yes, yes we better send some Engineers to reroute power, and get those couplings fixed, probably best to request a security detail to accompany them, just encase."

"Right away, sir." Venn replied.

Ben turned more to face Ken, "Did the sensors log any information as to what, hit us?" he said emphasising the what.

"Unknown. Radiations playing havoc with the sensors, although considering the damage, i'd hazard a guess it was some kind of space rock. Nothing hostile, that's for certain." He replied.

Ben muttered a small curse about the sensors not being able to pick up exactly what. He nodded to Ken, and started flicking through a PaDD containing what little information we have on the issue at hand.

Shortly afterwards the alert lighting changed from yellow to a red as sirens started blazing as well.

"Still confident it wasn't hostile?" Ben jokingly suggested to Ken hoping to ease the tension that comes with going into a battle ready state.

"I stand corrected it seems." Ken answered. "I'll take a repair team up, see if we can get it fixed." He said. "I'm sure you'll be needed down here."

=/\= Engineering to the Bridge, Chief Ben reporting in, I am going to stay in Engineering if you need me. =/\= Ben said taping his commbadge.

"Understood," Abigail replied easily. "Keep me updated on the repair status, Laurens out."

Venn looked to Ben. "Orders sir?" the andorian asked.

"For now, all we can do is monitor the situation until Ken and his team get there." Ben replied.


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