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Story of my life

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2020 @ 4:07pm by Lieutenant Commander William Rogers & Lieutenant Tavis Styvek

Mission: Around The World in 8 Days
Location: Counsellor's Office
Timeline: Prior to arrival in Charybdis

The request to book a session had come and gone, as had the reminders, put off with the excuse that preparing for the voyage into the Charybdis took priority. Buck knew it would not work forever and far more quickly that he would have liked the request became an explicit order. And so he found himself outside of the counsellor's office at the mandated time. He did what he could to squash the rising resentment. As was so often the case when he felt uncertain or out of his depth, Buck fell back on the 20th Century way of doing things and knocked on the door.

"Enter Please," Styveck said to the knock on the door. Definitely a human, he thought to himself, so illogical and emotional. As the man entered his office he stood and walked to the center of the room where two lounge chairs were separated by a small table. "Welcome Lieutenant."

"Lieutenant." The reply was coupled with a salute. That it wasn't followed by rigid attention might have been described by other counsellor's that Buck had dealt with as 'progress'. "So..." He glanced around the room trying to get some kind of idea who he was dealing with from the decor but coming up blank. " do you want to do this?"

"Have a seat in the chair," Styveck motioned to the two chairs facing each other in the center of the room, He then sat down and placed his cup of hot tea on the table. "At ease Lieutenant, during our time together counseling, name and rank are not important. Dealing with your emotions and mental health will be our focus. With that being said, let us begin. What brings you to my office today?" Styveck asked hoping to get the man to begin talking.

"That's what you're going with?" Buck shook his head in disbelief, quietly exhaled and took the opposite chair, resting his hands on its arms. When he spoke his words were more resignation than anger. "You know why I'm here: because Starfleet Command ordered everyone involved in the Arg'oshian Incident to have a mandatory physc eval."

Styveck pinched the bridge of his nose, another angry one he thought to himself, he mentally recited a Vulcan mantra before replying in his calm nearly monotone voice. "We are both here following orders, it is only logical that you cooperate in order to complete the initial evaluation Lieutenant Rogers. I do know why you are here today, I asked because I did not know if you wished to discuss the event specifically or discuss another matter sir."

"Don't really wanna talk about any of it." William replied with a casual shrug of his broad shoulders. "The event? Not the worst thing to of happened to me. I managed to get by just fine without help then, figure I can do it again, ya know?"

Styveck nodded as he listened, his fingers were at a point in front of his face. “Lieutenant Rogers, I know you do not feel like speaking of incidents in your past, my job today is to evaluate your mental health. If you are bringing events then maybe it affected you more than you would like to admit”

"You lot always do this." William shook his head, disappointed and slightly irritated. "Twist my words to fit whatever theory you've already come up with. If I'd not mentioned past events you'd have told me I was avoiding mentioning them for the same damn reason."

“My apologies Lieutenant Rogers, I assure you I do not have a preconceived notion. I am afraid I have upset you, how would you feel if we met another time at your convenience?”

"Yeah. Maybe that's for the best."

Styveck nodded, "Schedule an appointment with my yeoman when you exit. Thank you for coming, I would like our next meeting to be more productive."

"Sure thing." Rogers rose from his seat. He doubted very much that the next meeting would be.

"Good Day Lieutenant," Styveck said as he stood and walked behind his desk to write a report of their exchange.

Lt Styveck
USS Astraea
Chief Counsellor

Lt William Rogers
USS Astreaa
Chief Flight Control Officer


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