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Posted on Mon Feb 10th, 2020 @ 10:50pm by Lieutenant Mica Rue

Days flew by in a flurry and Mica survived them all in a numb state. Her brothers, brought out of the darkness by their significant others and good friends, watched her carefully. One by one they involved her in every event that took place and Mica was dragged around to restaurants and stores and places of work.

Each brother announced her to their world as their baby sister, each one proud to display her as a successful engineer in starfleet.

Mica, for the most part, tried to smile and make a good impression. But deep down, she knew she was failing, even at that.

On the seventh day after the service a shadow cast over Mica while she sunbathed by the pool. The day was hot, the sun streaming down and quickly drying the overabundance of rain they had received. Mica looked in the direction of the person, glancing away just as quick.

Selin sighed.

"You can't hide away from the world forever, Mikey." he tapped her legs, sitting on the lounge chair near her feet when she moved over. "I know mom and dad are gone, and you have to mourn but...this doesn't seem healthy."

The woman scoffed inwardly. "Yolan told me to get out of my room, so I did. Batan told me to leave the house and I came out here. I've met their betrothed lovers, I've gone out with your friends and people I barely know. I'm doing everything I've been told and now you're telling me I'm doing it wrong." she shook her head and sat up, her hair sending out fizzling shocks in the dry heat. "I just lost my parent's, Selin. And I haven't even been told exactly how it happened. Let me mourn and get through it my own way."

"Mica, that's not fair." he stood, clenching his fists. "You're not the only one who lost them. And you hadn't even seen them recently."

The woman laughed, standing as well. "I see how it is now. Is that what this is about, Selin? I wasn't around because my career was elsewhere. You fault me for that? Starfleet--"

Selin spun around, stepping close to his sister. "Yes, Starfleet. You couldn't pick something close, on Trill. You had to chose starfleet. It nearly killed mother, having you go away. And father...he never stopped wishing you'd get over your ridiculous dream."

"Ridiculous?" Mica's cheeks blazed with a heat that had no connection to the sun.

Across the lawn, the door opened. Beyond the heated conversation Mica was vaguely aware of Yolan and Batan and their girlfriends pleading for peace.

"If it was so stupid, then why did YOU take me to the entrance exams? Why did YOU stand by and wait while I passed each one? Why did YOU arrange for my transport to the Academy?"

"Because I thought you'd fail!" the screaming from Selin quieted the others, drips of spittle making Mica stand taller. She pursed her lips, nostrils flaring. Selin continued, "I figured you'd flake out, like so many of the other activities mom put you in. I thought someone would realize you weren't what you said you were and call you on it. Starfleet wasn't supposed to be a career Mica, it was supposed to be a one night stand."

As the echo of his words died in the trees surrounding the estate, Selin backed up, shoving his hands in his pocket. Mica took in a deep breath, her words shaking when they came forth.

"That wasn't your decision to make, whether I'd make it or not."

"You're my baby sister." his shoulders hunched over, the adrenaline from the fight decreasing tenfold. "You still are. And now that I'm head of the house you WILL listen to me, Mica Antaria Rue."

Mica's eyes welled with tears, although she willed them to stay put. "And what exactly does that mean?"

Selin stood tall once more, though his bravado seemed permanently popped.

"It means that I've made an appointment for you to visit the capital's technology center to check it out. If you like what they have to say, I'll pay your way through whatever program you like or support you in whatever capacity they deem fit."

Mica snorted. "You'll pay..."

"Yes, I'll pay. As the oldest, everything fell to me: the house, the money. I get to decide how to spend it. And I would really love to be able to spend some of it on you, Mica." He came closer again, reaching out to bring his sister in for a hug. But knowing it was coming, Mica stepped back.

"So that's it? According to you, my commission is over?"

He sighed. "You've been aimless for a while, Mikey, everyone can see it. You should be close to home now, close to us. Find some nice guy and settle down."

She chuckled to herself. "Find some nice TRILL guy, you mean. I might be your sister, but I'm not from here. I'm not even Trill. And I don't know what's going to happen with Starfleet, but that should be my decision. I've earned that right. But don't worry," She walked backward, distancing herself from the brother she thought she had known but in fact knew not at all. "I'll get dressed nice, show up on time. I smile, I'll ask questions. I'll even consider what they say, just for you. But I won't be pushed into anything I don't want, and I WON'T be bullied by you."


"No," she put up a hand, shaking her head at her other two brothers when they reached for her. "I wanted one thing - to know how we lost both mother AND father. Instead you've told me that it might as well have been me who sent them to their graves. Well that may be true, but I don't accept that they weren't proud of me."

She wiped one hand across her face, finding it wet with tears. "They never once asked me to come home. They never once told me I wasn't living my life to the fullest." Turning, she marched away from her family, past the house, placing her hand on the gate.

"Mica, where are you going?"

"Out." she called back, spinning around and bowing with a flourish of one hand. "If that's alright with you, SIR." she straightened. "Actually, I don't really give a damn."

Pushing the gate open, she marched through, head held high, hearing the satisfying slam of it closing behind her.


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