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Here we Go again

Posted on Sun Oct 11th, 2020 @ 1:33am by Lieutenant Craig O'Donnaghue


Craig walked into his quarters, more spacey than he was used to he had all of his previous furniture moved over from the Andromeda. Over his sofa was a little black throw that his mother had knitted for him, his books adorned the shelves close to his double bed and on his bed a quilted throw that his sister had sent from the jackdaw all the way out in the gamma quadrent. A picture of him,Ej and Bella sat on his bed side table. He walked over to his desk.

"Computer Personal Log Liutennant O'Donnaghue "

He walked over to his replicator and made himself a cup of tea walking back over to his desk.

"Well here I am the USS Astraea, took a few days in warp to get here from the Andromeda but it was an ok journey, Im glad I decided to leave the Andromeda or more I was reassigned. I was promoted and moved to an akira class and that suits me down to the ground! Smaller ships yield a better relation for me that's just a personal preference"

He took a sip from his tea as he put his legs on his desk

"I haven't met with the rest fo the fighter squad yet, but I will endevor to do so in the morning when I am better rested... I haven't felt this exited since before the break out of the dominion war and that's saying something"

"The war caused me many terrible things, I've seen things id much rather never have... Like my commanding officer get torured for information whilst I sat there powerless to do anything.. It still weighs very heavy on me and I don't think it'll ever go away some nights I have nightmares about it still"

his eyes squnited as he turned away, tears forming his eyes as he recounted the single worst attrocity he had witnessed, he looked over to the picture of he and his siblings, a small but wiry smile formed on the irishmans lips.

"I must remember to check in with Ej before I go to sleep tonight for I fear he is a lot worse of than me...EJ never took aggression well and it was always evident in how he dealt with his own.... I love the boy to the death but he is a worse show than me at times"

"My new commanding officer seems nice and she is very welcoming i hope to learn a few things whilst I'm here, But i need to make an appointment sharpish to see the ships councillor... I haven't seen one since the war was over and i feel the darkness creeping back"

"Computer End Log"



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