Lieutenant Daniel Ellis

Name Daniel Edward Ellis

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 1.79 meters
Weight 76 kilograms
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Dee is well built as a part of his intense training and years on the streets of New Sydney. He has excellent physical fitness and good upper body strength. His complexion is average. Dee has a long scar on his left forearm as a result of a knife fight with a rival gang member. He has another scare just below the left collarbone from a bullet wound at age 15.


Father Patrick Ellis (deceased)
Mother Claire Ellis (deceased)
Sister(s) Jessica “Jessie” Ellis, 26
Other Family Andrea MacGregor, 93, Grandmother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dee is an easy-going, go-with-the-flow kind of person. Yet, he likes to be in control of the situation. He is often reserved and takes every kind of precautionary measure possible. This is done in love to his sister; their childhood bond still keeping them strong even with hundreds of light-years separating them. Dee can lose his temper easily if he becomes agitated or when things may not go his way.

Personal History Dee was born to parents Patrick and Claire on Starbase 59, home of the Saber-class USS Navajo. Ever since Dee could walk and talk, his parents soon realized he would be too much for them to handle, considering they both had extensive careers in Starfleet. Their immediate solution was to produce another son to keep the other company. Their solution turned into a five-year project, but produced a girl instead, his sister Jessica.

Both Patrick and Claire were highly dedicated science officers and typically mission specialists, they decided that it would be inappropriate to keep the children on board a starship. Luckily for them, the Navajo operated out of the starbase and maintained an average assignment duration of three weeks. The kids were left on the starbase while the Navajo went on its mission. Dee and Jessie always remained eager during these times to see their parents again. They would always be sneaking to one of the lounges near the docking bay and would have their eyes glued to the window, waiting to catch the first glimpse of the Navajo.

Dee and Jessie were waiting on that fateful day in 2372 when the Navajo did not return. One of the first Sovereign-class starships, the USS Ark Royal was dispatched directly from drydock to find the Navajo. Unfortunately, no trace of the starship was ever found. The kids were then shuttled to New Sydney where they resided with Grandma MacGregor. She was unable to effectively raise the children in a world so buried in crime, so Dee was forced to grow up early. He joined a local gang in order to gain protection over his grandmother, and especially his younger sister. Little Jessie disapproved of his actions from the start, mainly because of the fear that she would lose him too.

Three days before his sixteenth birthday, tensions between Dee’s gang and their rival gang had risen to the breaking point. A raid was planned that night into enemy territory by Dee himself, a raid that would end all conflicts. He, and a couple other comrades, conducted reconnaissance all day to make sure everything would go as planned. Jessie eventually caught wind of this. Not wanting any part, she packed a single bag, took her grandmother, and left town, heading west. It didn’t take long for Dee to learn of his sister’s departure, and immediately he was torn by loyalty to the gang, and to his sister. After much debate, he took off to find his sister, angering his own gang in the process. The gang, now down one member, initiated their raid on enemy territory.

In the morning, the local news service delivered a story about a massacre in a nearby neighborhood. What appeared to be the final battlefield between two rival gangs left no survivors on either side. Dee did not learn of this until he found his sister and brought her home. His grandmother, for a few moments, shed decades off her skin as she ripped Dee a new one, threatening to abandon him entirely if he remained on his current path. After seeing the psychological damage that he had caused to them, Dee vowed to live his own life more productively.

The three of them pooled their resources and booked passage on the next passenger liner leaving the planet. A full month later, the three had found a new home on Earth, just outside San Francisco. Dee threw himself into schooling in an effort to stay out of trouble, which soon proved to be a wise decision. His grades excelled, and he got involved in every extracurricular he could. As graduation from high school approached, Dee began looking for vocational work that would keep him out of trouble (his sister’s lectures had a lot to do with that). His search led him to Starfleet Academy, where he completed four years of Advanced Tactical Training. Despite his sister’s pleading to not go into Starfleet, Dee shipped out for the USS sh’Paveress for a one-year assignment as a security officer.

Somehow, his career (mundane at the time) had inspired his sister to join Starfleet as well. She is currently in her second year in her Counseling training. Dee himself moved on to the USS Colburn as a brig officer. Following a promotion to Lieutenant of the Junior Grade, he was also transferred to the USS Ashland as a Tactical Officer. The Ashland found itself along Starbase 59’s old routes, and Dee found himself with a lot of bridge time. It was a humbling experience, especially once the wreckage of the Navajo was finally discovered.

Dee transferred to Starbase 158 shortly after, taking an assignment as a Strategic Operations Analyst. He found his duties quite engaging, and while he had gained a lot of exposure in the surrounding sectors, he felt stagnant. Two years later, Dee found himself a promotion to full Lieutenant and a transfer back into the field with the USS Delphinus as a Security Officer and the supervising officer of gamma shift. The Delphinus had to put into drydock in under a year due to damage sustained in a conflict. Dee, like the rest of the crew, found themselves reassigned.

His new assignment, the Armitage, gave Dee his first taste of the Delta Quadrant. His position was the same as it was on the Delphinus, and Dee found himself with more and more bridge time, the first since the Ashland four years prior. After a couple of years, Dee was ready for new horizons, and a promotion. He bet it all and applied for a transfer for the USS Astraea… and was accepted!
Service Record 2385: USS sh’Paveress, Security Officer
2386: USS Colburn, Brig Officer
2387-2388: USS Ashland, Tactical Officer
2389-2390: Starbase 158, Strategic Operations Analyst
2391: USS Delphinus, Gamma Shift Security Supervisor
2392-2393: USS Armitage, Gamma Shift Security Supervisor
2394: USS Astraea, Asst. Chief Security Officer